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Posted 10/25/08 , edited 10/25/08
Hmm well it'd be a lot easier if everyone knew how to do the word linking thing so I'm posting it here. This is taken from cr's page that actually shows you how to do this.

You have to type [*link url=""] (put the address between the quotations) (now type the words you want to see) [*/link]

So if you want to link to the Underdogs, it'd be...

[*link url=""]The Underdogs[*/link]
(Take out the asterisks)

And it'd look like this: The Underdogs

For how to do the rest (timers, etc.) go here:

Hope this helps! :D
Posted 10/29/08 , edited 10/29/08
yer too sweet !!! *kisses*
ill off frm work fer abit ill try to edit as many links as i can ^_^
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Posted 10/30/08 , edited 10/30/08
i heart blackmagic,.
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