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Naruto Uzumaki is the son of Minato Namikaze the fourth hokage and Kushina Uzumaki a former ninja from the land of whirlpool. During his childhood he is a mischievous boy who have Kyuubi the nine tailed demon fox sealed inside him by his own father, Kyuubi had killed so many people in the village including parent of Iruka Umino Naruto Uzumaki teacher or sensei twelve years ago, he is shunned by the parent and adults in Konoha for this reason. Before he was aware of about this, Naruto Uzumaki is orphan and living alone in his house eating his favorite ramen cup noodle, he always get other people attention by being a brat. He once painted the face of all Hokage that was sculpture in the mountain making fun of them. He even made fun of his ninja apprenticeship classes by inventing stupid ninja skills known as Sexy no Jutsu where he turn into undressed girl rather than transforming his appearance to look like his teacher. Naruto Uzumaki is very good at his ninjutsu ability name kage bunshin no jutsu clone illusion techniques that he learned from a secret forbidden scroll when he was tricked by Mizuki into stealing it. His kage bunshin no jutsu differ from the normal clone illusions that other ninjas used, the kage bunshin no jutsu produces multiple shadow clones duplication of himself in which each of these clone can physically attack and dealt real damage to opponents. Naruto Uzumaki believes that the only way to have villager and people of Konoha to accept and respect him is by becoming the next Hokage. This is his highest and ultimate goal that he determined to achieve it no matter what. Naruto Uzumaki may be a head strong but due to his guts and power, it can produce a surprising results for example when he first learned kage bunshin no jutsu shadow clone technique, mastering it by only half day. Having Sasuke Uchiha as a teammate in team7's, He consider Sasuke Uchiha as a rival and push harder to win each other. Naruto Uzumaki doesn't really know that he have more chakra potential than Sasuke Uchiha and even Kakashi Hatake one of his teacher or sensei. The reason is that the spirit of the Kyuubi the nine tailed demon fox is still resided within him and the Kyuubi dark power is draw out when Naruto Uzumaki pushed over his limit or in dangerous situation. He always keep the Kyuubi power sealed deeply inside him because he know that the Kyuubi uncontrollable power can cause much problems for him. Naruto Uzumaki found out about the Kyuubi nine tailed demon fox sealed inside him when Iruka Umino his former teacher or sensei was fighting with Mizuki for the Konoha secret forbidden scroll that Naruto Uzumaki steal in exchange for obtaining higher level ninja ranking. Mizuki is shout at Naruto telling him that about the fact that everyone hates him because of the Kyuubi that was sealed inside him. However, Naruto Uzumaki doesn't seem to believe Mizuki at first and acts like he had never heard of it. jiraiya naruto uzumaki teacher.jpg Naruto Uzumaki learns from Jiraiya sannin one of the three legendary ninja his new teacher or sensei on how to do a summoning jutsu techniques. He learns how to summon a frog name Gamma Bunta and his son which is usually carried around like Akamaru on Kiba. After training for two and a half year Naruto Uzumaki finally return to Konoha but his ninja ranking will still be a Genin while his friends ninja ranking become Chunin and Jounin already, it is because Naruto was training with Jiraiya during the period of examination. But At present Naruto ninja ranking should already be a Jounin meaning that he have the potential at Jounin level. The same case for Sasuke Uchiha that he should already become a Jounin but he decided to walk his own path by training with Orochimaru one of the three legendary ninja.
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