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Posted 10/26/08 , edited 10/26/08
Ok its almost time for the most interactive PPV of the year and time for another Vyrus Prediction and lets see if i can get it right and if any of you agree with me ...

World Heavyweight Championship: Chris Jericho (c) vs Batista
Chosen Referee: Stone Cold Steve Austin/ Shawn Michaels - This vote is probably going to be very close with a possible 5 - 10% difference so i can't guarantee who it will be...but i know Randy Orton isn't going to be close lol
Result: Chris Jericho retains the title somehow

Intercontinental Championship: Santino Marella (c) vs....
Chosen Opponent: Honky Tonk Man (this is ovivious after all the hype with this "Honky Tonk o meter")
Result: Honky Tonk Man wins by count out or DQ so Marella leaves the IC champion

WWE Championship: Triple H vs...
Chosen Opponent: Both (its the best looking match in my eyes and maybe Jeff Hardy best chance to finally win the big one but then again Vladimir Kozlov does seem to be the new Brock Lesnar and will one day without question become a world championship)
Result: This could go either way with Hardys Speed, Kozlovs Power and HHH experience but on this night i will say HHH will find a way to either Stop Kozlov or use his strength to his own advantage...if he can't then i can't see Kozlov leaving Cyber sunday without the world title on his shoulder

Kane Vs Rey Mysterio
Chosen Match: No Holds Barred (this will be vicious to Mysterio but this is probably the match he is after against be able to use weapons as well as his Superior speed will with luck give him that edge needed to finally Silence the big Red Machine but then again this Match will favour Kanes power so if he can catch Rey...its all over)
Result: Look for Rey mysterio to pick up a shocking win over Kane tonight

Undertaker vs The Big show
Chosen Match: Last Man Standing (this is another ovivious choice because the other two matches SUCK...i still dont see the difference between Last man standing and a KO match :S...but anyway this match will be brutal and look forward to a whole lot of carnage in this match)
Result: The Undertaker will win either with a chokeslam through the table or choking the big man out with his Triangle chokehold

Diva Halloween Contest

Pick a tag team match
Chosen Match: The Miz and John Morrison vs Cryme Tyme (i would pick this match simply to have this rivalry come to an end plus to be honest the other two match don't really shout out for some reason so this is the choice that will be made)
Result: Cryme Tyme to score a victory over the Longest reignest champions in WWE history...BE JEALOUS!!! Word

ECW Championship: Matt Hardy (c) vs ...
Chosen Opponent: Evan Bourne (this kid is an excellent talent and worthy of all the fan fare his received in the time he has been one ECW/ WWE and i think he is another person who in the future will be a champion in the industry...possibly IC champion would be fantastic for him
Result: Match thrown out due to interference by Mark Henry and Tony Atlas but a excellent High flying match too

United States Championship: Shelton Benjamin (c) Vs...
Chosen Opponent: R Truth (This is going to be a interesting match with Shelton Benjamin a amazing talent and all rounder with a multitude of Championships under his belt whilst R Truth is most noted as being a former NWA world heavyweight champion (TWICE) and a multiple tag team champion)
Result: The Truth will set that US title free and bring the title home...if you feel me stand up say whats up


thank you for reading and please comment too i like to hear your opinions on my predictions too :D
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Posted 10/26/08 , edited 10/27/08
Very nice Vyrus! Was busy with the polls so for the big SURVIVOR SERIES coming up will open up a thread next for that for predictions like yours. Take care!
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Posted 10/27/08 , edited 10/27/08
Ok here are the results of my predictions...

This ones i got right was
Stone Cold Steve Austin to be chosen as the special referee for the Chris Jericho Vs Batista match
Honky Tonk Man to be chosen as the Challenger for the IC title against Santino Marella
Honky Tonk Man to win by DQ
Triple H to retain the WWE title
Rey Mysterio Vs Kane to be a No Holds Barred match
Rey Mysterio to defeat Kane
Undertaker Vs The Big Show to be a Last man standing match
Undertaker to win the match using the deadly triangle chokehold (i deserve 2 points for that lol)
The WWE universal to pick The Miz and John Morrison Vs Cryme Tyme as the Tag team match
Evan Bourne chosen to face Matt Hardy for the ECW championship
R Truth to be chosen to face Shelton Benjamin for the United State Championship

Not bad i think guys...out of 16 predictions (not counting the diva Halloween costume) i got an impressive 11 right and on two occasions i even predicted how to match would be ended correctly (Honky Tonk/ Marella and Taker/ Big Show)

i look forward to do this again at the next PPV Survivor Series...
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