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Posted 10/26/08 , edited 10/26/08
Translated by Initial E @

Vanness Wu's manager Lan Jun Tian who has superstar looks, looks almost exactly like him. Recently F4 was in Japan holding a concert, and Vanness arranged a 'reflection' trick that let japanese fans see how similar the two of them look. For only a few minutes, Vanness manager got a taste of being famous - when he got down the stage, he got mobbed by about 200 fans.

Lan Jun Tian is a boss of a Hong Kong company, but he followed his good friend Vanness Wu to build a music company, he himself is moving towards the entertainment circle. When Vanness and the other F3 were in Japan to hold a concert, Lan Jun Tian came along as well, even going upstage with Vanness to perform a mirror reflection trick - two identical people jumped out from a mirror, the effect was marvelous. Backstage, the two of them agreed that one would leave long hair, the other short, to show a difference.

Lan Jun Tian revealed that while organising, he already asked Vanness to think of an idea to let him go on stage, later on they would use the mirror trick, having stage effects and bringing out Vanness's dance team. This also had the effect of letting him be mobbed by Vanness's fans.
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