Far Cry 2
Posted 10/26/08 , edited 10/27/08
Honestly this game reminds me of the problems with gaming today. In fact it decides it want's to take all the problems almost and shove them in a room to kill each other but they all decide they want to be friends except "griddy graphics" so they kill griddy graphics then are over that.

I was seriously disappointed, I started the game on my pc only to be introduced to a pain in the ass rootkit called Securom which is a pain in the ass to get out of your computer, so if your a pc gamer play this on a virtual hard drive or something. Anyway after that little nuisance I got ready for a awesome game, and I had just got a new graphics card so I was ready for some pretty graphics. Wasn't disappointed. I was running it on high everything 2x AA and 16x AF. Looked fucking sweet, the bloom, HDR, the vibrant colors, storm effects, everything but the water effects were awesome. To bad the controls are sluggish and the game is trying to be realistic in the most idiotic ways.

Ok, first off, you have fucking malaria which basically amounts to your screen sometimes deciding to go all blurry until you take a pill. Not only does Malaria not require you to pop pills every 20 minutes, but this is retarded. I WANT TO PLAY A FUCKING GAME NOT FIGHT DISEASES. Second, your guns Jam. It's not realistic first off for a gun to jam ever 2 shots, people don't USE weapons like that, even in Africa. In Africa, people use AK 47's which never jam, to bad they missed the fucking memo on that so somehow your AK will magically jam in the middle of a fire fight just to piss you off. That is when your actually FIGHTING. Because in this open world game you will spend most of your time driving, comparable to riding your horse in Oblivion, only with prettier shit to look at. But after a while, you get it, it's PRETTY, the tree's almost look like tree's. But if I just wanted to see realistic tree's, there's this great thing called outside that has like DX a billion graphics.

So yeah, you won't get to have a ton of action anytime you want, you got to drive to find it. And when you fight it? You get about 5 guys to kill if your lucky. That's right, drive for what seems like forever and you can kill 5 whole people! And you'll want to kill everybody you see, even your friends, because there SO DAMN BORING and unattached that you will feel like there needless extra's who only's purpose is to give you missions...which that's all the amount to. Hell you can kill them if you want. Now I know FPS aren't the greatest at story's and such, but this is just ridiculous, boring characters and story that make's Gears of War look like Bioshock, WOW. Not to mention all the voice acting is comparable to FF10's infamous laughing scene.

And to put icing on the cake, the controls are so slow it hurt's. I'm using my PC to move my gun fast as hell, not to chug chug chug along. So in all honesty, if I had to rate this game, I would give it a 6/10. Uninspiered story and characters with horrible voice acting, boring gunplay, but pretty graphics!

There is also a map editor that is really powerful and multiplayer, in which just go play something funner like CoD4 or whatever. The map editor on the other hand is probably one of the best parts of the game, because you can make some crazy shit. So when the best part of your game is a map editor....that could be a problem....
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God how did these guys screw this up instincts and preditor was great but this just makes me cry yeah it looks good and has good physics, but the shooting stinks, driving stinks, and no matter where I go there are enemies.
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