-GuiLun FanFiction 4-
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Posted 10/26/08 , edited 10/27/08
The four of them, WangZi,Yatou,GuiGui and Aaron decided to head for a near-by mall where they can have their lunch and spend their time.Despite being elated about going out with WangZi, GuiGui unknowingly seemed to have forgotten his presence and continued to cling onto Aaron, joking and teasing him.It seemed that GuiGui only had Aaron in her eyes,abandoning WangZi aside for a while...

GuiGui:(holding his hand and jumping up and down)Ah Bu! Pi Li MIT is going to be aired!!! I really hope the ratings will break 5!If it does i going to be the world's happiest girl! Haha! Do you know why?!

Aaron:(Looks at her,pursed his lips slightly)Hmm...Dunno...Because you will earn more money in this way?

GuiGui:(Glares at him and shouts) HEY!YAN YA LUN! Do I look like a money face?!The only reason I want it to break 5 is so that you will have to keep your promise and ride a donkey NAKED! AHAHAHA~

Aaron:(Smiles while frowning) Hey, when on earth did I say that i am going to ride a donkey?I said i would ride a motorcycle.

GuiGui:Nah, it's a donkey....

As the duo continued to argue,WangZi watches them from the back.He was burning with jealousy.He couldn't understand how GuiGui could be so close to Aaron...Wasn't him the closest guy friend GuiGui had?As he thought, Yatou seemed to understand and grabbed his shoulders gently,trying to reassure him...


Yatou:Must we watch the horror film?I think the cartoon-liked movie is more interesting!

WangZi:(Puts his arms around Yatou)Don't worry, if you are scared, you can come to me...(turns to look at GuiGui as he speaks)

WangZi was pretty upset about GuiGui ignoring his presence and only talking to Aaron.He felt angry at GuiGui and wanted to get back at her by being super nice and sweet to Yatou.Perhaps, this was the only way to get GuiGui's attention....

GuiGui was shocked as she looked at WangZi as he spoke.She then slowly turns to look at her feet, not uttering a single word...

Upon seeing this, Aaron puts his hand around GuiGui's shoulders, bends down to look into her eyes and said

Aaron:(caring)You can hide in my arms if you are scared...You can hug me really tight too...BUT, you cannot bite me like you always do...

GuiGui's head shoots up quickly as she protests

GuiGui:(Laughing) I don't bite anymore!

Aaron:(Looks away and laughs) Oh really...(Mutters)Whoever believes you is really stupid...

GuiGui:(Slaps him on his back and laughs) Oi !!! (Pauses, looks at the floor and smiles) Thank you...Ah Bu...

WangZi's eyes burnt with anger and jealousy again.He really really wanted to break GuiGui and Aaron apart.He didn't want to lose GuiGui...
Yatou also didn't want to lose WangZi, she felt that since GuiGui had Aaron, is wasn't wrong for her to have WangZi.She looked at WangZi and determination burnt in her eyes.She was going to win WangZi's heart!She was going to keep GuiGui away...The only way she could do that, was to get GuiGui to start liking Aaron...

Yatou:Lets buy some popcorn and drinks! We will buy 2 sets.GuiGui you can share one set with YaLun.

GuiGui:(Eyes wide open) Ha? Why do i have to share with him?I can't share my drink with him.I don't want to taste his saliva...Who knows if he brushes his teeth?!

Aaron: Hey hey hey...It isn't like i want to share with you either! I brush my teeth EVERYDAY...But, i know that you don't..

GuiGui puts her hands on her hip and was ready to start arguing with Aaron when Yatou interrups

Yatou: You two shouldn't be complaining, beacuse....You both have kissed lip to lip before right?During the filming of Pi Li MIT?

Instantly, GuiGui and Aaron faces went red as they tried to argue with Yatou

GuiGui + Aaron : (Hysterical) I don't remember kissing him/her ( stares at each other and continues) I wouldn't have kissed him/her if the director didn't ask me to! ( stares at each other again and looks away quickly)

Upon seeing this, Yatou bursts out laughing

Yatou: I didn't ask any of you to explain...I was just stating the facts...

GuiGui couldn't bare the embarrassment any longer.For unknown reasons, her heart was beating very quickly as she covers her cheeks with her palms and said

GuiGui: (whining) Yatou...Don't continue, don't bring up such...such topics...

WangZi could no longer stand the scene.He storms away with his arms akimbo, saying

WangZi: Yatou, don't be so nonsensical.Lets go and get the drinks and popcorns.


As the horror movie progressed, GuiGui got really frightened.She started to inch towards Aaron...

GuiGui:(Whispers in agony) Ah Bu, lets not watch it anymore...I am really really scared...

Aaron:(eyes glued to the screen) But it's really interesting...try to watch it...

GuiGui: ( Whines) Ah Buuu....

Aaron simply ignores her, so GuiGui doesn't have a choice but continue to watch the movie silently.Then, when the scary part approaches, she shrieks and dugs for Aaron.She grabs onto his arm and buried her face in his arms.

GuiGui:Eeeeeeeek! Ah Bu!!!!! Ah Bu, i don't want to watch anymore!!

Aaron laughs and responds by taking her into his arms.

Aaron: (smiling) Don't be silly...

So, for the rest of the movie, GuiGui stays in Aaron's arms, shutting her eyes tight and holding him tighly whenevr she is afraid.

When Yatou saw what was happening, she giggled and whispered to WangZi

Yatou:Those two are really sweet...

WangZi didn't say anything.He knew he had to do something in order to keep GuiGui's heart with him...But what?Even if he wanted to date GuiGui, he couldn't.If they dated, both of them would be violating their contract and their careers would be destroyed...


GuiGui: Aiyo! Who is the one who decide on that horror film! So scary! You know my heart was like THUMP THUMP THUMP alllll the way

WangZi:(muttering angrily) Was your heart beating so fast because the movie was scary or was it because HE had his arms around you...

No one heard what WangZi said.

The four of them entered a empty lift. However, as the number of people who wanted to use the lift was numerous, the lift soon became very crowded.GuiGui and Aaron were both pushed to a corner,their faces were barely inches away from each other.They looked into each other's eyes for a moment at immediately looked away.

GuiGui gulpped as she pretended to look elsewhere.However, her heart was thumping wildly.Never had she been this close to Aaron.Similarly, Aaron's heart was beating so fast that his chest hurt.He tried to look elsewhere but he simply couldn't ignore the fact that he and GuiGui were leaning so close towards each other.

GuiGui:(Softly and shy) Haha...the lift is really crowded...

Aaron:(softly) Yeah...Ahem...

to be continued

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Posted 10/27/08 , edited 10/27/08
woaahh..i really like the part when yatou brought up the kissing topic....whoever the person is,must be feeling so embarassed...hahahha
keep up^^
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Posted 10/27/08 , edited 10/27/08
waahhhh!!:)) this is the best.
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aw....how cute
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Posted 10/28/08 , edited 10/28/08
NICE!!! xD
<3 this episode most..^^
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Posted 10/31/08 , edited 10/31/08
AHHHHH!!!! can twait to find out wt happen next!!! up dated more plz!
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Posted 10/31/08 , edited 11/1/08
hope u will upload soon
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