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Posted 10/27/08 , edited 10/27/08
Coming Soon
This movie will be released in Thailand at 30/10/2008



What’s the scariest part of a horror movie?
Is it when the ghost catching you off guard?
Or when you find out that the ghost is actually one of the actors?
Maybe it is when you come home alone and discover that the event in the horror film gradually become reality.
Chain, a young projectionist, decides to join Yod’s mission to illegally film a new release horror movie. Chain falls asleep during the screening and wakes up to find out that Yod has already disappeared and left his camera behind. Chain is starting to feel the fear creeping inside him.

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Posted 12/2/08 , edited 12/2/08
I want to see this movie ö.ö
seems intresting
Posted 4/30/09 , edited 4/30/09
This movie is good!

but nobody can replace Shutter as the scariest
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