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22 / F / love drunk city
Posted 8/8/09 , edited 8/8/09
well heres mine....
name: Kouri Shadow

Age: 14 {i like mine to be older then rest}

Details {wont put as much as u guys xD..}: She always seems to be thinking of something, or writing it down in her journal. She hasnt become friends with any1 yet, including the gaurdia. She always gives every1 the cold shoulder and the mean looks. She pretends to be mean, but she is just truly scared of making friends then having to move away from them like in the past. She has blue hair and likes to just wear the school uniform around.

Gaurdian characters: has 2 but they are still eggs.
{will put pic later of her}
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F / with carmen sandiego
Posted 8/20/09 , edited 8/20/09

hop_step_jump_shugoshugo wrote:

Name: Shinako
Age: 12
Personality: Shy and quiet.
Background: Her parents fight a lot. She lives in a world of hate. She's an only child who goes to a terrible school. She prays to have courage and to stop her sad world, and frinds eggs in her uncomforable cot!

Chara's Name: Hishoka
Personality of chara: Has the ability to stand up and help others
Ability of chara: is great at preventing bullying, etc.
Character Transformation's name: Standing Tall

Chara's Name: Yume
Personality: A quiet and kind cat-like girl
Ability of Chara: Is great at singing and can use singing power to put things to sleep
Character Transformation's name: Little Kitty

i made this on another group too
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