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your top 5 strongest team /w their ace players

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Posted 7/9/15 , edited 8/6/15
No one can beat Maki's Leadership. He have Experience, Strength, Speed even handling the ball, Athleticism, Basketball I.Q. and most of all qualification to be Captain specially to be an Ace or to be a no. 1 player, but i dont know if he can make a 3 point shot like Rukawa,Fujima and Sendoh.. But i think he can..
but 5v5 is a bit difference.. hes too much for High School basketball.,.

if Kainan's have Formidable Center like Akagi, Uozumi, Hanagata or like Beast Masashi the Kainan's team will being Unstoppable.. that because of Kanagawa's King of Kings Shinichi Maki.
He can play PG, PF or Small Forward whatever..

Sawakita is Impressive.. and maybe Rukawa Beat him Someday..
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