│TOPIC│is it ok that Politicians show themselves on TV?
Posted 10/27/08 , edited 10/28/08
Is it ok to see a politician in TV commercials or shows?

for me, it's not ok..they must respect the position given to them by the public..

it looks disgusting to see a politican endorsing a product, acting on a drama series, or even having their own tv show..

they must give it to the real actors/actresses coz we all have different positions in the society..

ang ikinabubuhay ng mga artista ay ang pag-arte sa harap ng camera..

ang ikinabubuhay ng politiko ay galing sa mga boto ng mga tao..

they are politicians given such responsibilities to serve the public, esp. those who are in need.. hope they'll focus their attentions to it coz many people are suffering nowadays..

they are not one of those "SHOWBIZ PERSONALITIES"..

over 5 million children under 8 die in the third world every year, mainly because we don't share enough of our wealth. Movie stars spend $2m on a wedding, world leaders spend more on one bottle of wine at their dinner, than they give to feed hungry children.
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