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Posted 10/28/08 , edited 10/28/08

First of all. i'll only recruit 5 mods.

What do mods do?
-mods have the power to edit forums. BUT. they should edit it wisely. And they have the power too to make edits if they want to. Or if they have the skill.

Second, i need 10-15 makers

What do makers do?
-makers are the one who take the request and do the editing things. But..They don't have the privilege to edit forums like mods do.

Third, i need 3 checkers

What do checkers do?
-checkers checks if the group members met the requirements. They have the privilege to edit one of the forum's thread which is the -Members List-. They'll be the ones too who'll check and tell me if the members violated any of the rules&regulations. Then i'll be the one who'll think of the consequences Of all the officers of the group . i have to choose carefully on the checkers.

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