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~Most Epic Game~

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Posted 2/23/11 , edited 2/23/11

Awesome story, awesome characters, gameplay, music, graphics, adjustable difficulty, alternate endings. Any words I can think of won't even do Mass Effect 2 enough justice. If you haven't played it, then just stop what you're doing and go buy the game. NOW!
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Posted 2/24/11 , edited 2/25/11

The old ones are always the best.
Posted 3/2/11 , edited 3/2/11
Rune Factory 3!!!
Story : About a monster who had amnesia and founded by a girl in the storm.Then the monster is change into a boy.Then the girl(who dont know the boy's the monster that she help last night) give him a farm.Then, The story about fighting ,farming and catch a girl from a lots girls is begin!
Gameplay : RPG and Harvest Moon in one pack! Dreaming about fantasy world,when you can fighting at dungeons,Upgrade your weapon,Upgrade your level,Searching for irons, farming like in harvest moon,sell your crops and marrying a girl
Grapics : Awesome! ANIME graphic as the basic! The girls SOOO CUTEE~
Audio: SEIYUUS as the characters's voice.I mean..Yui Horie as a elf girl? Wonderful *0*
Difficulty : ^^ Not too easy,not too dificult.Not too easy that made you felt really bored.but not difficult untill you said " ARGH..i cant this anymore"

Posted 4/22/11 , edited 4/23/11
New super mario bros wii. But only with 4 players.
Posted 4/23/11 , edited 4/23/11

EJBlue wrote:

Personally, Okami amazed me. I loved playing every minute of that game; the unique graphic style, the music, the concept of the celestial paintbrush, and the many fun adventures!


Kingdom Hearts was very epic. It was the first game to make me cry. The story is excellent and the characters are frickin great. Also it has Disney Characters which is just epic...
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28 / F / The Land of Hyrule?
Posted 4/26/11 , edited 4/26/11
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, I could play that game over and over again.
I'd also like to mention Eternal Sonata, though I haven't finished it yet, the game is very beautiful.
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Posted 4/26/11 , edited 4/26/11
Gunstar Heroes on the Mega Drive is a true action epic in my opinion, especially when you fought the bosses. Absolutely amazing game, that! Also, though I didn't play it that much, Shadow Of The Collossus on the PS2 certainly qualifies as well. The sheer size of the creatures in that game was mind blowing.
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30 / M / Worlds largest Sa...
Posted 4/27/11 , edited 4/28/11
FINALLY SOMEONE WHO UNDERSTANDS!!!!! T_T why do they all seem to love the fanboy cookie cutter shit
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33 / M / Where the future...
Posted 6/17/11 , edited 6/17/11
Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, Halo and Mass Effect. The only games I've ever played where I was completely drawn in from the beginning.
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Posted 6/18/11 , edited 6/18/11
Close call between Xenogears and Chrono Trigger.
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28 / M / Look out your win...
Posted 6/19/11 , edited 6/19/11
There is only one game that comes to mind here. I don't think I need to explain it.


Plus the 3DS version is just as awesome.
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