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Post Reply Blade, Path and Clash?
Posted 11/15/08 , edited 11/16/08
blades were made to kill because that's what men do to survive, we kill
now a days blades are used mainly for trivial tasks like cutting paper, opening boxes, etc. but many carry blades either for protection or for taking aggressive action on another, maybe like a school stabbing, a street brawl, or holding up a convenience store.
today blades should be used for the everyday tasks listed above and for protection
yea ive used a blade, ive cut stuff training and accidentally cut myself a few times, ive also cut paper and opened boxes, ive carved into wood, just some basic things.
my philosophy on the nature and correct use of blades are a little extensive so ill just say that blade use outside of the ordinary should be handled with the utmost care and respect. and don't wield a blade if you're scared of being cut.
Posted 1/20/09 , edited 1/20/09

Ice_Blue_Eyes wrote:

Depends on what you mean by blades. A blade is just a cutting tool. It can be used to cut a number of things. Though I believe the context here would be as weapons. Blades are weapons and thus are created to injure, defeat, or destroy an entity. Why? Because tools to assist the overcoming of an opposition are needed sometimes.

They use blades [in the context of weapons] to assist in the harm of an opposition. Why? Because that's what weapons are designed to do and a weapon is defined by it's designated purpose.

Exactly what it is meant to do; to assist in the harm of an opposition./green]

Yes. To injure a person who was trying to harm me.

A blade [in the context of a weapon] is used for one thing and one thing only; it's aforementioned designated use. However why a person inflicts damage on a person is broader topic. In kenjutsu, one either wields a katsujinken or a satsuninken. The katsujinken is a sword that gives life. For example; if a man is murderous in his intent to kill many, the act of killing said individual will thus save the lives of many. This case is justified as katsujinken. Another side of katsujinken is the application of tsumeru and the principle of seigen or restraint. The satsuninken is the sword that takes lives, signifying unjustified motives for taking one's life.

i do not mean to say i am as smart as ice_blue_eyes is but i must say i couldn't have put it better
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