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*Poll* Whats your favorite anime genre?
Posted 12/6/08 , edited 12/7/08
Heh heh, yeah - It's a tough decision all the time!! ^_^
Posted 12/8/08 , edited 12/8/08
Posted 12/8/08 , edited 12/9/08
I do love Romance but when i read manga and it don't have smut in it i might not read it!!!!
Posted 12/9/08 , edited 12/9/08
Haha! It's the same with me!! ^_^
Posted 12/11/08 , edited 12/11/08
*raises eyebrow* And yet you were the one who was going to write descriptive smut in the story, Mom.
Posted 12/11/08 , edited 12/11/08
I like romance...but i like fantasy both i guess
Posted 12/26/08 , edited 12/27/08
Well,romance with alittle comedy.Those are always fun to watch!
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Posted 1/6/09 , edited 1/6/09
nyaa i like romance alot....i love seeing ppl fall in love ^^
Posted 1/7/09 , edited 1/7/09

See? Oro knows, Oro KNOWS! ^_^
Posted 1/7/09 , edited 1/8/09
To be honest i like stories that are well rounded...but my most fave genres are Action,Comedy,and Fantasy....and a splash of Romance....the best combination^^
Posted 1/7/09 , edited 1/8/09
Action is nice. But not one of my favorites. ^_^

Comedy can totally make an anime or a manga though, and I love it. ^_^

and Fantasy is just.... awesome. ^_^
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