Dbsk's Changmin Talks About His " Family ", aka his four band mates. Fan made story
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i have read a fan made story..................and i will share it to you................

here it is.................

Dbsk's Changmin Talks About His " Family ", aka his four band mates. Fan made storyPosted Nov 29, 2007 at 6:41 PM, Last Edited Nov 29, 2007 at 6:51 PM

"Hello Everyone, My name is Changmin, Nice to meet you all~"

"This is my family, my handsome Daddy Yunho, Gorgeous Mommy Jae (best
thing about her is that she cooks so darn well); my pretty unnie Junsu
and my brother-in-law Micky"

"We are normally a very happy loving family, but lately they've been getting on my last nerves.. here are some reasons why.."

"First off, Micky Hyung always fight me for my good, he would eat
disgustingly in front of me and give me that evil smirk whenever I
stare at him.. chi.."

"Then he would give me this innocent face after he had gone and ate all of my food.. WHATEVER! "

"Whenever I tell him please don't eat my food, for I am still a growing
boy, he would say : Grow? what? you're already taller than me, you
don't need to grow anymore".. well Micky Hyung.. you're old.. you have
wrinkles when you smile. so take that!"

"This is what he does when I ask him to help with house chores.. ugh. what a slacker"

"He's totally got the wang-ja-byun sydrome too, constantly checking himself out.. even with the back of a CD.. aigo."

"Now my unnie SuSu is the cutest, but he does this cutesy expression too much.. I'm bored with it."

"But I gotta say his deadly curve is rather envy worthy.."

"Unnie and Hyung often display a mean case of PDA.. well lame too, look at their sad Titanic attempt!"

"Don't they know I'm too young to see stuff like this???"

"Umma JaeJoong is the best, he's pretty and he cooks for me "

"Not to mention he has a killer waist line that most girls would
probably start starving themselves when they find out umma's real waist

But umma JaeJoong likes to steal my hamtori PJ.. yeah I know it's cute.. I BOUGHT IT!"

"Umma also likes to go topless a lot...."

"Would also ruin a perfectly good vacation, we're tanning here. what the heck is umma doing hanging over the edge? "

"Of course, Appa Yunho is the best!"

"But he often ignores everyone and everything when Umma and him are together.. esp Micky Hyung..."

"Look at that! everyone is so fed up with their mushiness they're leaving the stage!"

"They often would lecture me together. how mean is that?.. fine. I'll behave."

"But I got appa's big chest and umma's slim waist.. thank god for good genes!"

".. hmm I guess I complained a lot about my family huh?


credits: baidu + dbsk forum + I like jelly @ soompi

ohhh....its so cute........
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LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG you won't believe how hard I was laughing!!! LMAO!!! I laughed so hard I started crying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG I seriously need more of this, I haven't laughed hard like this in SO LONG, LOL! By the way where did u get this? It was seriously hilarious & so CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!! XOXOXO ^_^
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That was awesome, Micky was the best in the story, lol.
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