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DGM story spin!

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26 / M / Hmm.. somewhere l...
Posted 2/11/09 , edited 2/11/09
Then cross came in all the sudden. Allen gave him a 'i thought you were dead' look. Cross ignored it and replaced Kanda, whom willingly gave his seat away. Cross, somehow, being the demon he is managed to get allen and Tykki down to their boxers. The two were humiliated... lavi was already... without any clothes on him.
Posted 2/14/09 , edited 2/14/09
Lavi starts to whine again...."Where the hellz have you been Cross???" and cross says "Why would it matter to you anyway, no-clothes??"
And that, coupled with the embarssment from having no clothes, sends Lavi into a rage! "C'mere You! I dun care if you r a gereral! I'm gonna Killlll you!" but before Lavi can make a move Kanda and Allen stop him..."Your SUCH an idiot........." sighs Yuu. "I thought you left....????" Lavi pouts."Canyou guys quit arguing long enough to see who iz gonna win??" Allen scoldes everyone. "Fine,lets go one more time.Just you and me,My Idiot Apprentice!" Cross taunts Allen.
Posted 2/14/09 , edited 2/14/09
Tyki, Lavi, and Kanda watch the final show down between re-appeared basta- I mean, master and arrogant student. After Cross lays out a new deck entirely, Allen uses all his cheating techniques he's picked up from Cross's debts and the ones he taught himself. He's counting cards, but when they finish and lay down their cards, Cross wins! Allen's like "what the hell?" Allen gives up his bow tie, gloves, and shoes and socks, starting a new round, but all rounds after are just the same! Allen ends up loosing all his clothes (sans the boxers cause Cross complains since he isn't a woman he rather him not be totally naked in front of him).

Tyki smirks from the sidelines, "The Trickster looses a game at last." Lavi woots that Allen's "Dark-side" has finally been deminished and jumps the closets person to him in a hug, which happens to be Kanda. Kanda didn't like that so he shoved the "baka usagi" off of him with a sharp jab of Mugen in his ribs, making Lavi fall over on Tyki's lap. Tyki blinks down at him, unamused, and pokes his nose. Which twitched like a rabbit's after doing so...

Komui barges into Allen's room, catching the scene of all five of them, and he....
Posted 2/14/09 , edited 2/15/09
Amazed beyond words....."What the hell is going on in here????" "And y the Hell arn't you working??"... "Crossss??? Uh......Ur not dead?????" Komui askes in disbelief. "Nope! That was...just..a vacation..of sorts! Centeral was breathing down my neck a little more than i was comfortable w/....ahaha" Cross laughs deviously. 'Oh..i see..." Komui answers. "we will have a more IN DEPTH talk later." He glares at Cross. "Then his eyes roam around the Room...."oh, Lavi...I did not know you were like that..especially not w/ a Noah. Cuz i mean if you were LIKE THAT i would expect it to be w/ Kanda.." but O well! "And with no clothes either...tsk, tsk this is coming out of your paycheck...ALL OF YOU! NOW LAVI, ALLEN,KANDA, CROSS IN MY OFFICE!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone elese GET OUT AND GO.....WHERE EVER YOU WANT, BUT NOT HERE!!!!! Komui schreeches as he heads to his office............TBC Tht one was alot harder!
Posted 2/15/09 , edited 2/16/09
(lawl, but it seemed so like a parady-Komui; whoops, I tried not to hint at Tyki/Lavi too much, but my sub-conscious wanted me to; I love that pair >.>)

Lavi blushed and scrambled out of the Noah's lap, Tyki also standing and brushing off invisible dust and gathers his clothes. Feeling like taunting the rabbit a little more, he whispers strange Portuguese in the other's ear, making him turn tomato red. He leaves right after, transporting himself to...well, where were the hell he wants to. Kanda 'che's at the two of them and pokes Lavi with Mugen again when Tyki's gone. Lavi looks at Kanda, a slow smirk coming into place, remembering what Komui had said.

"Jealous, Yu-chan? It's just that my Seme is hotter than my would-be Uke."

Kanda 'che's again, turning away, slightly blushing while the author of this little piece is noticing how the DGM story spin is becoming a shonen-ai.... Not that she has any complaints, mind you. It's all terrific... Ahem.

Cross randomly hits Lavi, Kanda, and Allen over the head, commanding that they all get dressed so he won't have to look at their nakedness any longer (or simply because he doesn't want to have to witness a yaoi pile if the thought comes into the three boys' mind). He turns to Komui with a frown, "Where's Maria? She went missing in chapter 169... The fans don't know for sure if I took her with me or not."

Komui rolls his eyes and reaches into his pocket and pulls out Judgement. I don't know how he did it, but he did. He tosses the Innocence to the ex-(still) General, and they nod to each other, the same thought coming to mind: Time to kick major Central ass.

"Yo, idiot Exorcists." Cross says to the other three Exorcists. Fully clothed with no gay thought (sans Lavi who's always thinking of hot people, girl or boy) in mind look at Cross expectantly. Timcanpi falls on top of Cross's hat as he says, "Take down any Central offical you see, but leave Hitler to me."

Lenalee comes into the room, looking for her brother with an empty coffee mug in her hand, "Nii-san, Komurin XXX drank your coffee, too, but this time he's attacking Link..."

Komui nods in acknowledgement, the cattish grin coming into play, and grabbed the nearest floating golem that convientently happened to be in the room at the time, and announced into it, "All Exorcists and Science Departments in my office immediately! Leave Komurin alone!! Oh, and watch out for any falling plaster!"


A quake went through the building.

(um.... Too much?)
Posted 2/19/09 , edited 2/19/09
Aahahah ur genius misster_cackles! And i definately dun mind the shonen ai! Bwhahahahah Okie on w/ the story!

"Wat the hell wuz that ???" Komui yells. "Everyone all right? Report!" "Um....alrite here...OW, ur sitting on my leg Kanda" said Allen. "Che, get over it bean sprout!" Yuu retorted back. Lenalee yells from across the room " I'm ok nii-san! i'm just trying to help Cross-san.....He is...stuck under the coffe table!" "Be careful my Lenalee" Komui says. "Uh, anyone seen Lavi?" Allen said anxiously. "....." "He was just here!" Kanda said unhappily. "Where could he have gone?"............."HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Everyone jumped at the sound of Lavi's pained voice. He was stuck in a small corner of the room where a piece of old plaster slid down from the ceiling, leaving that whole corner closed off from the rest of the room. "Oh my gawd, I think i am going to die! It is so cramped in here! Help me yuu-chan!!! Lavi yelled pituffly."I'm.....Trying....but this stupid old damn plaster won't budge!!!!!!!!!!" Yuu said breathlessly. "Hey nii-san.....we have a problem!" Leanalee yelled. "What?" asked Komui while trying to unsuccessfully drag Cross out from under the table. "We are kinda......locked in here! The whole doorway is blocked w/ plaster, debris, etc! Lenalee cried. "I left the tea on too!....................... " "*sigh* What next......."said Komui.

Posted 2/28/09 , edited 2/28/09
(Hello, Vinny-chan. XD)

Then Lavi couldn't take it anymore. The pressure was too much for him that he cracked. Everyone twitched in horror as they saw in the corner of their eye--Lavi taking out Tessei, his Innocence, from his uniform bag. The red head then started to swing the small hammer.

"Don't worry guys! I'll take care of this." Lavi grinned. "Odzuchi! Kodzuchi! Man-man-man!"

Everyone gaped their mouths and some started to scream out in horror. "No Lavi! Not the hammer!"

But it was too late. The hammer increased twenty times in size and Lavi had done the horrible deed of swinging his hammer. And as everyone in the Black Order knows, it was never a happy ending when Lavi activated his Innocence indoors. Debris started flying everywhere, and some blocks of the wall flew right into Komui's head, who was trying to protect Lenalee from the apparent danger.

The people who survived started coughing and covered their eyes, for the light from the outside blinded their eyes. Lavi's grin was still plastered on his face. He started to laugh. "Haha! I did it! See!" He turned around to look at everyone. "I told you I would take care of this!"

But his smile soon faded, for what he beheld was not smiles and cheers of joy and appreciation, but eyes narrowed in disgust and anger. Mouths turned upside down in furiosity and anger. Komui was the one to speak up first.

"Lavi! You almost hurt my Lenalee! Allow me to give you the gift of being my experiment if I ever need a guinea pig." Komui started to laugh, his apparent insanity glowing in his eyes.

Kanda tilted the tip of Mugen to Lavi's face. "This is the time that I gut you till your intestines spill out." Lavi trembled under the samurai's glare of doom. He looked towards Allen, hoping for a little light of hope and support from the white-haired boy.

"Allen? You're not mad at me...are you?"

Allen smiled.

Lavi sighed in relief. "Oh, thank goodness Allen. You still believe in me."

Allen's smile grew wider. He walked closer to Lavi and patted his right shoulder. The red head suddenly sensed something wrong.

"Lavi," Allen said. His smile was so bright that Lavi wanted to put on shades. "Of course I believe you. You're my friend aren't you? And you know what friends do when the other friend believes in them? The friend who trusts in you, will definetely believe that the friend that is believed will pay back his poker debt." Allen smiled again. "Right?" Lavi shrieked in horror as horns grew out of Allen's head.

"No! Not Black Allen!" Lavi thought in horror. "Anything but that!"

Everyone crept up closer to the poor rabbit, having every intention of having him for dinner. The murderous intent glinted in ever pair of eyes.

Lavi screamed. No! Someone save him!

"What is going on here?"

Everyone turned their heads to see Link, holding a burnt up beret. Komui recognized the poor head accessory.

"No! My Komurin! You monster! What have you done with Komurin!" He cried out floods of tears.

"That contraption was a hindrance to Black Order's regularities. So I had to erase it in order to keep to the rules." Link then frowned at the people and the huge hole in the wall. He was disgusted at what he saw. Almost naked men? Use of Innocence without permission? Playing cards? This was entirely unexcusable. He started to scribble something in his black notebook.

"Inorderly Conduct." Link said. "I will report all of you to Inspector Leverrier. "Then he will penalize you as he sees fit."

Then everyone gaped as Link's body dropped like a cannon ball to the ground. Allen winced in mental pain, as he saw Cross stroking his hammer.

"Hmph. You dirty bastards are annoying. All of you stay away from me." He looked around, then apparently seemed to change his mind. "Oh. Except for the young lady over there, all of you just rot in hell."
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24 / F / The dark forests...
Posted 2/28/09 , edited 2/28/09
then all of a sudden there was another explosion!!! AHHH!!! and jasdero and debitto entered komui's office!!!
Posted 2/28/09 , edited 2/28/09
Lenalee was for once glad that General Cross had an affinity for woman. Though she would never voice that thought aloud.

Turning to the group of stand-still men, she flashed then one of her more innocent smiles, waved, and skipped away.

At least she had the decency to wave.

(Er... I'm confused as to what's happening, so that's all i'mma doin' for now XD

Much ♥~)
Posted 2/28/09 , edited 3/1/09 guys have so confused me so i am going back to the part w/ the explosin and jasdero and debitto ok??? eheheh (btw HEYY SHIRO-CHAN!!! *waves*)

"Hahahah lookit there faces Jas!" Debitto laughed! "I know! They rlly can't believe we're alive!~" laughed Jasdero!
The exorcists all stared in horror for some seconds until Lavi w/ his inoccence already invoked, rasied his hammer at the intruders.
"What the HELL are you doing here?" he screamed as he lunged toward the noah.
"Ehahahaheheheh! We're here because the Earl-Sama has a message for the little excorsists!~" Jasdero laughed before dissappering, only to reappear right behind Lavi. "Take that you little twerp! Maybe you'll learn some manners next time!" Jasdero laughed before slamming Lavi through at least two walls.
"LAVI!" Kanda and Allen screamed before they both turnes meancingly toward Jasdero and Debitto.
"Your going pay for that.." Kanda growled while activating Mugen.
"Komui, take Lenalee and the others and get out of here. Link go and help Lavi, that hit was pretty hard. I'm afraid he's hurt." Allen yelled before turning back to Debitto and Jaspdero. Without turning back around he said,"We have a score to settle!"

<-------Wat Lavi should look like rite about now.
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31 / M / Middle Earth
Posted 2/28/09 , edited 3/2/09
Debitto and Jasdero said angrily: "we also have a score to settle!! Where is that bastard Cross? How dare he make us pay for his debts?"
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29 / M / in bed on compute...
Posted 3/5/09 , edited 3/6/09
then outta nowhere chuck norris came and round house kicked every1 then left....
Posted 3/18/09 , edited 3/18/09

dragonk1ller wrote:

then outta nowhere chuck norris came and round house kicked every1 then left....

um...................totally random much??????

Posted 3/18/09 , edited 3/18/09
Lols that did totally ruined the whole dgm story eh?
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Posted 3/19/09 , edited 3/20/09
i think so.

(to baka cross: i believe u cheated in cards just now... thats how u won me, idiot.
and im just gonna use this acc once here and there, cuz its been hacked liao. so dun care that much.)
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