Married,with a Kid...What else could be Better?
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Title:Married,with a Kid...What else could be better?
Genre:Romance,slice of life,Mystery
Summary:26 Year old May Wilder is enjoying her life with her husband Natsume/Kazune and her young 5 year old daughter Karin.But what happens when their happy life starts to be currupted when May discovers something that either Natsume/Kazune isn't telling her or either he doesn't know.What will happen when his life is at stake,along with hers,and her happy dreams for Karin?
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intresting.. O.O
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F / In the middle of...
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kyahikaru wrote:

intresting.. O.O

lol of course
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Chapter 1-Congrats

"Cangragulaions Marble onee-chan!"Karin chimmed as she ran towards Marble who wore a beutiful silk dress,and had her arms locked with Kukaii's

"hehe arigato Karin"She smiled brightly at the young girl who had her hair in big locks of curles,and was dressed in a puffy purple flower girl dress

She smiled back brightly,her cheeks glowing a light pink

Marble turned to me

My eyes felt wet,and my throught felt tight and hurt

"May"She smiled,her eyes wet as she walked forward to me and hugged me,I hugged back

"Congrats"I whispered,my mouth full of the strands of her hair that stuck out from her buned up hair

"May,its not like I'm dissapearing from he face of the earth,I'm still here for you"

"With more work,to take care of two people now"I laughed lightly to myself,tears burning to run down my cheeks

She laughed too

"Beside's your going to have to go far away on your hunny moon,to get away from us annoying fokes right?"I laughed

She frowned "You know that,thats not true"She whispered

I frowned too "I guess I do..."She pulled me out of the hug

"You sure as hell do"She growled,tears no longer on her beutiful face

I smiled,and nodded

She smiled back pulling me back for a hug

"May"I heard a voice say,inturupting our little mopping moment

"Aren't we going to get going to the reception"Natsume stod their,weaing a black suit and tie

His blue eyes showing that he wasn't trying to be ruid but was caring

I nodded,rubbing my tears away.Hoping he didn't see

Kukaii stod next to him,holding Karins hand as she gleamed at me


"You ok May"Whispered Natsume in my ear

I nodded,turning to his weary face

"Don't give me such a look"I laughed lightly,pressing my hands to his face,and kissing his lips lightly,flushing at how close we had gotten over the years

"Mama,papa I wanna dance"Karin said,tugging on the ends of our shirts

I nodded,smiling at her and looking away from Natsume and at Karin

A grin on her face as she pulled me in the direction of the giant speeker system

For hours and hours we danced till their wasn't much energy left in me

And when I finally stopped,with Karin craddled in my arms asleep I looked over and saw Amu and Ken slow dancing

Her head on his shoulder,his arms around her waist as they turned to the slow music

Many couples aunts and uncles of Marble,and Kukaii's

And in the center of the dance floor were Kukaii and Marble


And smiling

Why did it seem that they seemed so close

Was it because of all this soul mate stuff?

Why wasn't I like that with Natsume then?

A puppy dog in the palm of his hand

" 'Cause your different"Said a voice,as I felt someone's hands around my waist

Pulling me into someones chest,Natsume's chest

"Different?"I repeated,sounding stupid

"You have strong control of your will"He said simply

I was silent for a second

"I like that about you"He whispered in my ear

His breath smelling metalic

Had he been drinking alcohal?

"WE like you this way"He corrected himself

I felt Natsume's hand start to move up and down my thigh when I finally got what he was thinking without Kazune even saying anything

I pushed out of his chest "Natsume!"I gasped in a gush

"Your drunk,we should go home"I whispered in a rush

My face flushed

"Even if I am,it doesn't make a differance"He whispered,his words blending togeather

His hands regained their hold on my,but instead of grabbing my waist he pulled my shoulders,making me face him and look up at him

Before I could say another word his lips were over mine

Making it unable to breath

Which was annoying since whenever this happened he passed out and I would begin to smuther

But this time he was rougher,and seemed to know what he was doing since he moved in the derrection of he wall,pushing me against it so I had no escape

My eyes began to close without meaning too,as his tounge got into mine

But when I felt his hand brushing against my thigh my eyes opened remembering were we were

Where had Karin gone as well?

My eyes circled the room searching for the child and finding her in a near by chair,near the stario

My body relaxed but tensed once again when I found my eyes closed again

Without my recomendation

His lips finally left mine,our breaths tangled togeather,and his lips inches away from mine

For some reason it was thrilling,and it made me sick to think this

To enjoy it

It was in a public area though

"N-Natsume"I whispered,breathlessly

Nobody seemed to notice our absence but just the thought of someone seeing us made my mind boggle

"See"He whispered "You enjoyed it,your breathless"He said,breathless himself

"I-I did not!"I gasped,a smirk apeered over his face,was he REALLY drunk?

Soon his lips attacked mine again and the room seemed silentthough I didn't hear anyone's voices nor the music,in fact no one was looking they seemed to disapear....
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In a public area! oh no1 at least go in a locked room of something!
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kyahikaru wrote:

In a public area! oh no1 at least go in a locked room of something!

LOL!Natsume's a bit drunk but is mostly faking it to get addvantage of her lol!
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Chapter 2-Acting Strange?

Soon I pushed out of his hold and tryed to step back,remembering that I couldn't when I hit the wall behind me

He almost seemed scary

"Natsume,I'm scared so please-"I was cut off once again by him nibbling my ear

Which was really annoying since I mouned

I glanced over in the direction of the dance floor,trying to think through my closing eyes

'What should I do,What should I do'Words repeated in my head as he placed his hands on my face and brushed his lips against mine

'Wait!'I practicly gasped as I remembered something

Natsume had always said that Ken and I were soul mates too,and that he could here my thoughts when it was important (not all the time like it was for me and Natsume)

This WAS important!

'Ken!If you can here me'I tried to think of the right words to say 'A little help over here!!'I gasped

My eyes closed as Natsume kissed me once again

"hey!"I heard a voice inturupt us

"Natsume!What the hell are you doing"I heard the voice growl

I opened my eyes slowly to see Ken standing their,Amu behind him

Looking concerned

After all,me and her husband WERE soul mates,it must have hurt her every time she saw us togeather

Natsume's lips left mine and I soon heard him growl

As he turned to poor spectators Amu and Ken

"Non of your buisness!"He yelled as he threw a punch at Ken,punching him in the face

"Natsume!What are you doing!!??"I gasped

What WAS he doing!?

He had NEVER been a violent drunk,he had been rather a cuddly one

(which I kinda didn't mind... >////<)

"Dammit Ken!If you weren't around-"Natsume growled,and I knew were this was leading

I didn't want Amu to see,or hear this

I motioned towards Natsume,grabbing onto his shirt and pulled him to face me

He seemed tense as though he were waiting for more backup for Ken

As though everyone were against Ken

"I'm sorry about this Natsume"I whispered,as I grabbed a plate from a table beside me and hit him in the head with it

I heard gasps all around the room,and the music get cut

I fell to my nee's and quickly placed his head in my lap

"Amu-chan,can you get some ice for Natsume,and Ken please"I murmured,eyeing her

She stared for a momment,her face paler than usual making her pink dress no longer match her,but nodded

She ran towards the bar and began to descuss what had happened while Ken and I sat their with Natsume's head in my lap,and may speactators murmuring in horror to one another

This wasn't going to be good to win the hearts of Kukaii's family..

"What happened!"I heard Marble gasp as she walked towards me,leaning down at me

"Natsume got dunk- I think,and Ken was trying to help and got punched by Natsume.And I hit Natsume with a plate to nock him out"I said in a rush,trying to make it sound like a big deal while it still did.

She stared at me with a sarcastic look on her face which soon truned into a grin,and began to laugh

I guessed to lighten the mode

"haha,thats so like you May!"She laughed,tears building up in her eyes

I smiled back weakly

"It WAS the closets thing i could find"I laughed

She smiled while others began to laugh too

Mayble their was still hope...?

Amu soon came back with ice for Ken and Natsume and handed a bag of it to me as she tended to Ken

"Sorry Amu-chan,Ken-kun"I grimaced apologetcly

Amu smiled

"Its no problem May-san,it happens right?"She laughed

I smiled at her,and nodded

I soon decided to leave,it would be best if I didn't make anymore surprises at Marble and Kukaii's happy day

I carried Karin in my arms,while Natsume was carried to a taxi by Ken,Kukaii,and Darley while Danial found one for us

"Thanks for coming May"Marble smiled

I grinned back at her "Un"

We soon left,leaving my friends behind,knowing I wouldn't see Marble and Kukaii for 2 weeks since it was going to be their hunny moon

And probly hang out with Amu during the summer (a/n:It was summer now)

But most of my days were probly going to be with my small family,Karin,nd Natsume...
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