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Playstation 3?
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Posted 12/8/08 , edited 12/9/08

darkoff wrote:

Dnawar wrote:

darkoff wrote:

Ps3... LOL.... That's all you need to know.

Oh yeah it's a waste of cash also.

Go away lil troll

O yea...Did you have your third or fourth red ring of death yet LOLz


man1: Who cooking?
man2: No one, it just that troll carrying his over heated xbox
man1: Oh.......
man1&2: "Laugh"

troll: Why Microsoft....WHY?!?!

I've had the Red Ring Of Death just one time ever since i got it last year and i play on my 360 reguarly (i don't know if it's spelled right)


360 has way more games and better titles/games as well, a bigger online community (little kids yes but i do not care) and a better support than ps3 imo.

Ps3 has shitty games the only games i'd get for that it LBP/MTGS4/Resistance/One of the newest FF games (not the one that's also coming for the 360)

To sum it abit,
360 > Ps3
360 Game Titles > Ps3 Titles
360 Online Community > Ps3 Online Community
360 Support > Ps3 Support
Ps3 DvD player > 360 DvD player

Stop feeding me moar now.

lol is that all you got to say?
it true that ps3 didn't have much game because xbox 360 came out 1 year ahead....and it going to have more game ._.but not any more in 2009 and so on

all you guy have is halo and more remake of halo ._.
gears of war 2 use 80% " i believe " of xbox 360 and yet it still lag like hell when playing online and it still look the same but with a lil bit more shadow and light. Who the hell would pay $50 for a online service that give you ads and yet brake down your console over and over......

your 360 support lol give me a break you guy have people that cant even speak English that well and would hang up on you guy after some point most of the time you will be talking to that bot "Sam" all day

360 online community is a joke 70% of them are either racist because there are people that live in another country or doesn't speak English that good so they decide to talk crap about them or bunch of lil kids the other 30% are mature

majority of the ages that own a xbox 360: 9-16
ps3 : 16-18+

your quote on xbox have better game/title and ps3 have shitty game lol?
are you kidding me? The only reason why xbox have more game is that it was "Easier" to make than on the ps3.If you listen to almost all the developer that do xbox/ps3 they will 80% most likely say "It was easy to make the game on the xbox 360" but when they say about the ps3 it would be like "There so much more you can do with the ps3 once you get the hang of it, we could of added more thing or made the graphic even better and etc..."

any way when the new xbox come out it going to be a downgrade version of the ps3
microsoft should just stick to software......

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Posted 12/9/08 , edited 12/9/08

What you just said is totally true, but there's just one thing i have to say that the online community is imo rather good for the 360 and yes there's alot of kids that owns a 360, but you wanna know why? because the PS3 costs a shitload of cash while the 360 doesnt.
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Posted 12/9/08 , edited 12/9/08
I like the 360 over the PS3, but it's true that the PS3 seems to be more powerful of a machine than the 360. The problem is that most of the potential of the PS3 isn't even possible to achieve yet. That is why most games still look like crap program-wise (not graphics) compared to the 360. There is also the problem of the PSN and the XBox Live; been the latter obviously superior, and popular, which is sad. The price is the biggest problem. Unless there were better games that will make it worth so. I can only think of Resistance and LBP. =\

People might speak shit about the 360, but their argument about Halo been the only good crap on it is totally wrong. There are good games of every genre, at least one, popular ones to say so.

The low points about Live is that the network is infested with pubescent booger-eating brats that care more about insulting and showing off ignorance, and idiocy to others with the hope of become 'somebody' online rather than the little shit they are in real life. It's like a disease so that is also painful about playing online on a 360, not in all games though, but in the most popular, i.e. Halo3 & CoD4.
Posted 12/9/08 , edited 12/9/08
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