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Post Reply REQUEST ☆ your Banners
Posted 2/11/09 , edited 2/11/09

olympia08082008 wrote:

written:Forever Lover
Lee Jun Ki (blinking)
Instructions:Make it for Valentines, lovely
Moderator Request:anyone
Crop Size:Banner size , big enough but fitting in my page
Specific font:any
Specific brush:don't know, up to you. My av now is pink and purpleish, could you please match that, thx

done Iksha

srry for the late reply.. ^^ just in time for valentines.. srry if its too plain =[
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Posted 2/11/09 , edited 2/11/09
Iksha, thanks very much for AV, i appreciate your time, Hugs
Posted 7/12/09 , edited 7/12/09

Moderator Request [You can request a moderator to do your request]:Any1! ^^
Crop Size:banner size!
Specific font:no
Specific brush:no
Words:can u take away that word and put gackt in white joint wrighting and add a backround pattern plz
Have you paid?:Yes
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21 / F / Singapore.
Posted 8/15/09 , edited 8/15/09

What you want written: Super Junior♥ 13eyond Your Imagination~
Instructions (like, what you want us to do): make it style(: . The words take turns to appear .
What do you want on it? (Er... decorations, animation, etc): Anything stylish .
Pls make sure that for each request you are required to upload three photos.


Moderator Request [You can request a moderator to do your request]: any .
Crop Size: signature size .
Specific font: any.
Specific brush: any .
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