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Story Thyme....

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Okay, chicas.
We are going to start a story.
You read what we have so far, and then, you add to it. Capiche?

I guess I'll start......

Jinay used to be a normal 16 high school student. She used to have normal friends, do normal things, at normal times. But now, she had moved. Moved to a teeny tiny town that nobody had ever heard of before. the town that every other community had pitied. She was now part of it. She felt sick to her stomach. "Why does dad's job have to control our whole family??" she had complained oh too many times to count. "Now I wont have any friends or anything because I'm the weird new girl, coming to a new school in the middle of the year... I hate my life." Little did Jinay know, what great memories, dramas, and adventures her future awaited her....

Character Pictures:






Jinay and Hanakira:

Jinay and Dyruuni:

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As she approached her new school an eerie feeling overcame her. Her heart began to pound against her chest.

"Hey get moving!"

She turned around and saw a tall guy standing behind her with a pissed off look on his face.

"Oh, I am sorry..." She slid aside to let him pass.

He mumbled something and walked ahead of her. He looked back at her once. He looked shocked. "Great way to start the first day of school." She mumbled to herself. She took her seat in her first class. Boring, like every other school. When class was over she walked down the hall, alone.

"Watch out!" Jinay turned her head, but to late. A girl with shot light blue hair that hung loosly at her chin ran into her. Jinay fell to the floor.

"I am so sorry!" The girl said getting off of Jinay. She looked at Jenny shocked but shook the look off her face.

"It’s fine." Jinay said.

"My name is Kaira, whats yours?"


"Cool, so you must be new."


"We don’t get a lot of new kids here since well....." Kaira trailed off.

"What?" Jinay asked intrigued.

"My next class starts soon; I have to go." Kaira ran off. What was up with these people she thought. They all gave her such a weird look.

"Hanakira?" Jinay turned around again.

"Hanakira! I thought you were dead!" A girl hugged her.

"You must have me mixed up with someone else." Jinay said.

"Oh, I am sorry you look a lot like someone I used to know; who died."

The girl blushed and smiled at Jinay, then walked off. So this was why everyone was looking at her weird she looked like a girl who had died. Just who was Hanakira?
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She looked back down at her schedule, trying to figure where she was supposed to go, when she heard someone scream, "WATCH OUT!!" and then crashed to the ground, someone on top of her. When she finally got her bearings, she noticed the girl who crashed into her (and also happened to have green hair) was already back on her feet, brushing herself off.

"Heh sorry about that," the green-haired girl apologized, looking up "I didn't mean t-" The girl stopped talking and stared at Jinay as if she was seeing a ghost.

'Uh oh, she's going to freak out!' Jinay thought nervously, 'She probably thinks I'm that dead girl, too!' So, Jinay got up from the ground then smiled timidly to the girl and said, "It's fine, I'm not hurt. I was just trying to find my first class around here, since I'm new. My name's Jinay, and yours?"

The girl's eyes widened, then she smiled and said nervously, "Yeah, sorry about that. It's happens a lot when I'm racing around with these on," she gestured to rollerblades on her feet, "Though it also is one of the quickest to travel in the school, too. Anyways, my name's Phoenix. You said you're new around here, right? If you show me schedule, I can show you around to your classes, if you want."

Jinay smiled brighter then said, "Thanks!" and handed her schedule to Phoenix.

When Phoenix looked at her schedule, the smile slipped off of her face and was replaced with a thoughtful. Jinay could just barely hear her mutter to herself, "...Just like Hana's..."

Jinay looked at Phoenix, acting confused and said "What?"

Phoenix quickly looked back up, then grinned nervously and said, "Oh, nothing! Anyways, you wanna get to your first class right?" Jinay nodded and Phoenix finished by saying "Well then, we better go!" and then grabbed Jinay's arm and rollerskated/dragged the poor girl along, and leaving her with even more questions.

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As she entered her second class she heard people whispering and could feel them staring at her. “She looks like Hanakira,” Couldn’t these people think of anything else? She sat in her seat and tried to pay attention to the class.

She felt a pair of eyes burning a hole in the back of her head. She turned around and saw the boy form earlier that day. He look so… discussed. Jinay did her best to give him a warm smile but his face stiffened and he looked past her. ‘What a jerk’ she thought.

When class ended she quickly gathered he books and ran out of the classroom. When she was walking down the hall she bumped into someone. (again)

“I am sorry,” she looked up and saw “him”.

He stared down at her, and then offered her a hand. She was surprised but she took it.

“This is probably the 5th time I bumped into someone today.” She laughed scratching her head nervously. He mumbled something and then quickly walked past her. Jinay sighed and continued on her way.

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'I'm really not doing very well with the people at this new school....' Jinay thought during lunch. She was sitting under a tree eating alone, watching people stare at her as they walked by. 'Even teachers look at me strangely....' Jinay was completely baffled why they all found her so different. 'I didnt offend them or anything, did I?' Then she remembered. 'Thats right! Some people that I had ran into in the halls had said that I resembled someone....what was the name.....Hana-something...?' She stopped her thoughts to look up and smile at the rude boy who seems to act especially snotty to her. She had decided to be as friendly to him as possible, and see if his attitude changed. Jinay had even gone out of her way to listen carefully to what his name was. It was Tsuyko Dyruuni.

Jinay found it a very unusual name, but she couldnt talk because everyone found her very unusual. Jinay smiled to herself. 'I know!' she thought, 'I'll be sure to call him Dyruuni instead of Tsuyko. I will be super friendly to him. He can no longer be cold to me if I'm as sweet as can be....!' She looked over at where Dyruuni was sitting with friends and found that, sure enough, he had been looking at her. It wasnt a glare or anything like what he had been giving her all day. More of a very puzzled expression, mixed with something that Jinay couldnt put her finger on. Of course, he looked away as soon as Jinay caught his gaze but, it gave Jinay hope to know he didnt seem like a total jerk all the time.....

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"Hey Jinay!" Kaira placed her plate down on the table and gave her a warm smile. "I found you! I was looking for you all over the place."

"Really?" Jinay asked surprised. She thought people would want to avoid her.

"Yep, so how are your classes?"

"They fine; but I wanted to ask you who he was." Jinay pointed toward Tsuyko Dyruuni. Kaira sighed.

"That is Tsuyko Dyruuni, his family is a big shot money maker but he really nice. Why?"

"He has been giving me some pretty intense stares; and not in a good way."

"Oh...." Kaira trailed off. She had a knack for doing that. This must have to do with Hanakira. She wanted to ask someone, anyone about her but whenever she got a little bit of courage she thought of the way everyone looked at her: shocked and sad. Hanakira must have meant alot to everyone.

As Jinay worked her way home she found her self longing for her friends from her home town. Oh how she missed them. The walk was long and quite, too quite. Memories flashed inside her mind; but they werent hers, these wernt her memories.Painful and lovely memories. Tears fromed in her eyes, she fell to her knees, cluching her chest begging for them to dissapear.
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'Wha-What is this??' she managed to get a thought through her scrambled mind. 'I feel... sad. Totally miserable. And these memories... they... hurt? Why?' She saw a flash of a memory of laughter, and smiles. But in an instant it was gone and replaced with a painful, heartbreaking image of people around her weeping. She recognized one as Kaira, and another as the guy she bumped into in the hall that day. The memory, of course, wasnt very clear, and was gone the very next instant. Then her sight blurred and everything went black....

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A few hours later, Jinay felt herself being shaken awake, and she heard someone calling out desperately, "Jinay, Jinay, are you alright? Come on, wake up!" She then heard the person sigh and say remorsefully, "Please, not again already..."

It was about then when Jinay started actually reaponding, mumbling and opening her eyes to a blurry picture of someone with green hair, so Jinay mumbled, "..Phoenix...?"

The person laughed, relieved, "Good, you're awake! And you're thinking of my twin sister, not me. I'm Momos. You're Jinay, right? Phoenix told me about you." Momos (who she had just realized was a boy) held out a hand for her as a hand up.

She replied, "Yes, that's me," then grabbed his hand and pulled herself up. After she finished dusting herself off, she took a better look at Momos. Unlike his sister, he didn't wear rollerblades on his feet and also wore rectangular-rimmed glasses, making him look sophisticated. Other than that (and the fact he was not wearing a girl's uniform and didn't have her figure), he looked almost exactly like her, having an almost feminine quality about him. She noticed that she was staring and quickly looked back up into his eyes and asked "What happened?"

At the question, the green-haired boy frowned and said, "You fainted, I should think." His smile then came back and he laughed, "Well, either that, you decided that the middle of the road was the perfect place to take a nap." He then gestured gestured out into the middle of the street where he had found her.

Jinay laughed a little at his joke, then said, "Well, thank you for waking me up, then." She then turned around and started back to her house, "I should be going now, my parents are probably worried sick about about me."

The boy grinned and bowed while adjusting his glasses, "You're quite welcome, I am here to serve. At least, until I get bored and don't feel like it anymore. Also, you're sure you can make it home without that happening again, right?" At Jinay's nod, he smiled, waved and started walking in the opposite direction from her, ending the conversation with, "Okay then! Hopefully I'll see you at school!"

Jinay didn't hear his good bye, though, because she was already thinking hard about what happened before she passed out. 'What was that?' she thought, confused, 'It was almost as if they were someone else's memories. Could it have anything to do with that girl that used to live here?' As she kept on thinking, she started running through the memories in her mind. She stated unconsciously connecting faces she'd seen at the school with faces in the memories she could remember. As she got closer to her house, she thought she could recognize almost everyone from the school as people from the memories. By the time she got to her house, she'd realized there were only really two people from the school that she couldn't find in the memories. When she went inside her house, she walked up the stairs right into her room, not even noticing the her parent's cries of anger, curiosity, worry, and relief. She laid down on her bed and thought out loud, "But, why? They acted smilar to all the others when I met them, so why does it seem there's no recollection of those two?

Why is everyone there but Phoenix and Momos?"

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Jinay woke early again the next morning. 'Today...' she thought 'I will find out what is up with all these bazaar happenings!!' She gave her image in the mirror one last glance before heading out the door.

On her way to school, she saw Dyruuni walking a little ways ahead of her. 'Perfect chance!' she told herself. She gathered her courage and caught up with him.
"Ohayo, Dyruuni-kun!" she yelled as she approached. (At the last moment, she had decided to through the 'kun' in there, just to be daring. She was unusually confident today.)
Dyruuni turned and saw Jinay. He first looked surprised, and then almost.... smiled? But he stopped himself, and his expression turned into an annoyed one. 'How weird....' Jinay thought without changing her greeting smile. 'He almost smiled at me...but he wouldnt let himself. Why does he go out of his way to be cold to me?'

"You take this route to school too?" Jinay inquired, in the friendliest, most composed voice she could manage.

"Yeah...." he mumbled. "So?"

"Well...." she replied "It'd be nice to walk to school together, dont you think?" Jinay wasnt giving up that easily. But Dyruuni gave her a suspicious look, and Jinay countered it with a look of sweet innocence. 'I'm not half bad at this.' She thought.

"Why would we do that?" Dyruuni said. Jinay was discouraged by his attitude, but maintained her uneffected expression. In fact, Jinay smiled even brighter, which seemed to throw Dyruuni aback. 'Ha!' she thought 'I'm getting better!' Jinay stepped in front of him, standing in his way, and looked him straight in the eyes. Jinay wanted to put him on the spot as much as possible.

"Because.... wouldn't you like to be friends?"

Dyruuni was extremely thrown aback now. Jinay held her intense (but soft) gaze. To her surprise, he didnt look away from her eyes. Not at all. At the same time, in his eyes, she saw amazement, wonder, and...... longing? 'He's probably seeing that Hanakira girl....' This made Jinay frown on accident. But it was too late, the disappointment was on her face. So she decided to roll with it:

"So.... you dont?"

Dyruuni was still in slight shock, but after just a moment, he... smiled!!? It wasnt a grin, or smirk, but a small, sincere little smile. Jinay noticed that when he smiled, his eyes smiled along with his mouth. It was a great smile. 'He should smile more often....' Jinay thought. 'He actually looks very cute when he does....OH! Nice line! Say it!'

"You should smile more often!"


"You look much cuter that way." Jinay finished off with a quick wink, and she smiled again.

Dyruuni gave her that look again, and whispered, barely audibly, "She's so much like her...."

"Hmm?" Jinay said, pretending she hadnt heard him. "What did you say?"

Dyruuni smiled his soft smile again. "I said that, if you want to be friends with me," he started. Then he brought his face very close to Jinay's, only inches away. It made Jinay blush, but she didnt know why. "You have to tell me if you're really her or not."

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“I’m not.” she said flatly. She turned away from his face, her fist clenched. “Who was Hana to you?”

“Don’t call her that.” He snapped at her. “You don’t know her; you don’t have a right to call her with such…”

“I’m sorry.” She cut him off.

“You know what I think we shouldn’t walk to together.” He pushed past her and never looked back. Tears began to fall from her eyes. These aren’t mine, she thought, there hers. She turned around and took a different route to school.

When she got to school she was late and no one was around, no one, no one to see what she was about to do next.

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Jinay was just fed up! 'What an idiot....What makes him think he has any right to be so rude??' She still felt sad inside. She didnt want to, but she did. 'I was answering his question totally honestly, just as he asked. Sheesh, that guy has a major attitude.'
Jinay walked quietly to the school office. 'I'm gonna get to know this Hana girl a little better.' The office was empty. 'Thats right, the secretary is in the principle's office, making the morning announcements by now.' She glanced at the file cabinetes. 'Perfect.'
She walked over to them, and read the labels on each drawer. She came to one that read 'Former Students.'
'Bingo!!' She flipped through the names, until she found one with the title 'Kenashino Hanakira.' Jinay grinned. "Found ya...!" she whispered to herself. She quickly slipped the file into her backpack. 'I'll read it at lunch, and bring it back after school.' Jinay gracefully slipped out of the office and walked to her first class. 'I'll be fashionably late, I suppose.'
She opened the door right as the secretary was saying the finishing line of the announcements, ".....and work hard and study diligently."

Everyone stared at her, but she was used to it by now. So Jinay, remaining composed, gave her teacher and classmates a bright smile.
"Gomen. Something came up, so I was late."
"Take your seat please, Han - Err... Jinay" the teacher said. This same teacher had already almost called Jinay Hanakira 3 different times, so she was also used to that. Jinay walked to her seat, and as she did so she smiled (not the same bright, big smile like this morning, but smiled) at Dyruuni. He looked back out the window, ignoring her completely. 'Heartless jerk' Jinay thought. But even when she thought the words, her heart ached for it. 'Why the hell does this happen...?' she complained. 'And why me, anyway??' Her teacher was going on about something that happened in like 1820 or something. Jinay tried her best to pay attention, but Dyruuni's stare was burning holes in the back of Jinay's head, she could feel it. 'Oh, I know....' she thought with a grin. She raised her hand high in the air.
"Yes, H- Jinay?" the teacher called on her.
"Could you please tell Dyruuni to stop staring at me, it's making me uncomfortable" Jinay said sweetly, without even turning around. She heard some muffled laughs and thought 'Just a little pay back from earlier.'
Jinay couldnt help but smile as the teacher told Dyruuni to please focus on the lesson, and not the opposite sex. Jinay was surprised, though, that the feeling that was nagging her for thinking bad thoughs about Dyruuni had faded into a feeling of pure enjoyment. 'Maybe that was something Hanakira would have done....'

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When lunch came around, Jinay sat down by a nearby tree with her lucnh and her back pack. Just she was about to take out the folder on Hanakira, she heard someone call, "Jinay! Over here!" Looking over, she noticed it was Phoenix was calling her sitting at a picnic table. Phoenix continued, "Come sit down! Wouldn't you sitting at a picnic table to the cold, lumpy ground?"

Jinay, remembering the question she had about Phoenix and Momos, came over and sat across from Phoenix and said, "Konnichiwa, Phoenix! What's up?"

Phoenix smiled at the other girl and said, "Nothing much," her smile switched to a frown, "Well, except for the fact that you met my twin brother by passing out in the middle of the street." Tilting her head, confused, she finished, "What happened?"

Jinay looked down at her hands, trying to find the words for what happened, then replied, "I was... bombarded by memories. At least, they seemed like someone's memories. They weren't mine, and yet I still somehow could tell these were things that had actually happened to someone that were, somehow, going through my mind. After awhile, I passed out from the pain these memories were for some reason causing me," Jinay clenched her hands, "What was even stranger that I realized after I returned home was that everyone from this school was in my memories, except for you and Momos." She now looked up into Phoenix's eyes piercingly, "Do you know why?"

The question slid by Phoenix, who now staring off, half-amazed and half-thoughtful, into nothingness, muttering just loud enough for Jinay to hear, "How can it happen so quickly? It never has before.." When Phoenix finally noticed the other staring at her, narrowed her eyebrows and said calmly, "I think you're owed an explanation by now." Taking out a pen and a slip of paper, Phoenix quickly wrote down something and handed it to Jinay while saying, "Meet us at the address on there at sunset. We'll tell you everything we can." Phoenix then got up and rollerbladed towards the school doors, leaving Jinay sitting by herself.

As Jinay studied the address that was on the paper, she heard something thunk down beside her on the bench and saw Momos just letting go of her backpack and holding onto the folder on Hanakira. "You know," he started his voice just as serious as Phoenix's, "Next time you're have a stolen document in your backpack, you should make sure not to accidentally leave it by a random tree." He then grinned at her, and started running to catch up with Phoenix while yelling back to her, "See you at sunset!"

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The school day was almost over and she still had not read Hanakira's file. She was sure that they would notice if her file was opened, so she slipped back into the office and put it back. Maybe another day. When she stepped outside the wind stung against her skin, she pulled out the slip of paper, and read the address out load.

"Yankir Street 76434" This was only a few streets away from her own.

When she finally arrived Momos jumped out of the shadows and covered Jinay's mouth. He pulled her past his house and behind a thick tree. Jinay struggled to get loose; Momos was stronger than he looked.

"Shhh, my mom will hear." Momos put his finger to his lips still holding her down. He uncovered her mouth and allowed her to speak.

"What are you doing?" Jinay said out of breath.

"Do you think my mom would be ok with some girl coming over to my house at sunset?"

"Sorry, where is Phoenix?"

"She is coming in a little, she in the shower."

"Ok so what do you have to tell me?"

"I should wait tell Phoenix gets here."

Jinay was uncomfortable, it was sunset and she was alone with a boy. The wind blew harder and Jinay shivered. Man she should have brought a jacket. Momos slid his arm around her and pulled her in close. Jinay blushed.

"Best way to conserve body heat." He smiled at her. Jinay blushed even more, but she was warmer. They sat there silently waiting for Phoenix.

Phoenix appeared from the shadows, "I'm out." Momos quickly pulled away from Jinay "Lets get this over with."

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Pheonix led Jinay in through the front door, while Momos went around and went in through the back. 'He's probably upstairs already,' Jinay thought. 'He is always so to-the-point.'

Pheonix did a quick introduction. "Mom, this is Jinay. Jinay, this is Mom."

"Good evening, Mrs. Kahi--" Jinay started to formally greet Mrs. Kahiniwa, but was cut off by Pheonix who was already at the top of the stairs.

"Just call her Mom, and drop the formal crap, would ya Jinay?"

Jinay smiled at "Mom" and then followed Pheonix into a spacious room. Jinay could tell it was Pheonix's. Stylish clothes (clean and dirty) were strewn about, and at least 3 different pairs of rollerblades had been attempted to be stuffed under the bed, but were sticking out quite obviously. It was a very Pheonix-style room. Momos was, like Jinay had predicted, there waiting for them. 'OH! How did I know...!'

"First things first," he said. "Call your parents. Let them know you are spending the night." He tossed Jinay their house phone. She caught it with ease. Jinay was actually very athletic and good at sports, but has been a little too timid to really put herself out there. She had always been secretly afraid of failure.

"B-But I didn’t even bring clothes!" Jinay argued. The idea of sleeping under the same roof as Momos made her uncomfortable. 'I don’t want to replay a scene like that one outside again.' She thought,

"Wear mine," Pheonix said, and at the same time, Momos said "Wear hers," and pointed to Pheonix. 'They are really good at being twins,' Jinay thought.

"Well.... I- I guess......" Jinay gave in, and dialed her mom's number. Jinay explained how she had been invited to a friend's house for the night, and would go to school with her in the morning. Her mother was ecstatic that Jinay had made a friend, and was already close enough with her to spend the night.

When she hung up, Jinay looked up to see both Pheonix and Momos giving her different intense looks. Pheonix was looking very seriously into Jinay's face and Pheonix was studying Jinay closer than Jinay was comfortable with.

Jinay finally cracked. "What??" she said a little loud than she meant to, pulling both of them back to reality. "What is this?? What is going on?" Momos and Pheonix looked at each other with looks that said, 'No, you go first.' Pheonix finally started.

"Jinay. We need you to tell us about every strange experience you have had since you have moved here." she said, in a very not-Pheonix tone. 'Okay.' Jinay thought 'This isn’t too bad so far.'

"Well...." Jinay started, a little hesitant. "The first time it hit me, was when I was walking home on the first day of school, was fit by painful, sad, and sweet memories, then fainted. When you helped me." She nodded in Momos' direction. "And some other times, I had said to and thought some things about a guy that made me feel unexplainably sad. But other times I would do something, and that feeling would melt to utter enjoyment and peace." She remembered the time she had embarrassed Dyruuni, and her melancholy feelings for thinking badly of him. "Other than that, there haven’t been many odd feelings or happenings." Jinay was not willing to express her unnatural uncomfortably when Momos had his arm around her. 'That would hurt his feelings, and I'm sure that it’s an in insignificant feeling.'

"What guy was this?" Momos asked.

"Tsuyko Dyruuni." Jinay answered automatically. At the name, Pheonix's and Momos' eyebrows shot up in unison. They gave each other a look that Jinay couldn’t read. They didn’t say anything for a short moment.

"Jinay," Momos said, "What is your relationship with that guy?" He said this in a very business-like tone, but Jinay couldn’t help but wonder if he was actually worried as well as wondering.

"I... um..." Jinay actually wondered how to answer. 'What is my relationship with Dyruuni....?' She asked herself. Pheonix noticed Jinay's look, and probably knew what she was thinking. Jinay thought Pheonix would say something, but she didn’t. She just sat, waiting for the answer, and little more curious than serious. "I just.... I suppose..." Jinay tried to find words for her feelings for and relationship with Dyruuni. "I'm.....He...." Jinay kept herself stuttering and not finishing anything she said. "Well... I think..."

"Do you love him?" Momos and Pheonix said in unison. Neither of them flinched as they asked the question. Jinay went immediately red.

"Wh-What?? N-No, of course not." She stammered. 'Of course I don’t, the nerve! How could they both be thinking that!?!?' she was ignoring the feeling inside her (they same kind of contradictory feeling she got those times....) that not only felt like she should consider the question, but say something more like yes. Jinay didn’t want to deal with those kinds of feelings now. She did her best to push them back down within herself as much as possible. "H-how could either of you think that, let alone both of you!!" Jinay added when their expressions were that of suspicion.

"Listen, Jinay...." Pheonix began "listen very carefully. I'm about to tell you what is happening to you." she took in a deep breath, and went on. "Kenashino Hanakira used to live here. She used to go to our school, she was our age, she lived in that house that you live in now, and her room is now the one that you occupy." She paused for a tiny moment so Jinay could catch-up, and comprehend this news. Pheonix went on: "Along with all those things, you have inherited her memories and feelings. The good, the bad, the painful, and the joyful. She pretty much lives inside of you." Another pause. "They are all inside you, but only a tiny fraction of them have hit the surface. Momos' and my own observations of you tell us that you are definitely becoming more and more like Hana, and quite rapidly. You have her characteristics, physical, and personal. Momos and I have observed and tested you in various ways. For example, when Momos through the phone to you, he was seeing if you would catch it. You did. Hanakira could also catch, and play sports. You look as if you are her identical twin, and I often forget that you are a whole other person entirely."

"You even laugh and smile the same as her." Momos added. Pheonix nodded in agreement, and cracked a teeny smile, most likely remembering Hanakira a little. All three of them sat in silence for at least two minutes. Jinay tried thinking this through, tried to find the reason this was happening. 'Why??' she thought 'I think I understand what is happening now, but why is it happening, and to me of all people!!' She then finally thought of a question to ask.

"H- How do you tow know all of this?" Jinay inquired. Momos look at Pheonix, and she gave him a look that said 'Your turn!' Momos gave a small sigh.

"Our parents are part of a secret organization that monitors the people of Earth extremely carefully. They do this because, every 50 years (about the average life-time) an Extraordinary Being is born into a normal family. This Being is very unique, and has the ability and characteristics to touch a Normal Being's life in an extremely amazing way. They create bonds between them and their peers that are so intensely strong and....." Momos paused to find a word "unbreakable." Pheonix jumped in, as if Momos had just handed her the relay button.

"An Extraordinary Being can be a male or female. The organization we work with observe every individual of every generation extremely carefully. When an EB is found, the organization goes through its records to find the EB's RB."

"RB?" Jinay wondered out loud.

"Replacement Being." Momos answered. "You." Pheonix nodded and went on.

"Hanakira was an EB, and Jinay, you are her RB. The Orginaization found you and recognized you as such. They pulled some strings and made sure your father's job transferred him to this small town. A Replacement Being's purpose is to fill in the place of the Extraordinary Being if anything happens to one. The Orginization has noticed that when an EB dies before the normal time that age permits, the people that had the intense bonds with the EB, start to emotionally die. Internally eat themselves. Their hearts lose motivation, from the loss of such a key person in their life. The EB has such characteristics to form these bonds, and once they are formed, the lives of those touched by the EB are never the same. That is why an RB is necessary." Pheonix paused for breathe. "Just as the EB comes every 50 years, it seems an RB is almost always provided and recognized as well. They always look the same as the EB share at least half of the characteristics, and always have the same birthday. August 21st?" Pheonix went to confirm this, and after Jinay nodded, she went on. "The Organization has to put the RB in place of the EB within a year of the death of the EB, or the people who knew and were close to the EB, soon internally lose it completely. After moving into the town, school, class, home, room of the EB, the RB soon begins to take on the characteristics of the previous EB, and the RB becomes the new EB. Our parents are part of the Organization, and after the news of who the EB was and that she was here I our town, and were the same age as Momos and myself, they told what they did, and that we needed to help them observe Hanakira. They said to try our best to not get to close to Hanakira. They didn’t tell us why until after Hana's death, and by then it was too late. Momos and I had become extremely attached and close with Hana, and were crushed by her loss. Until recently, we have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the RB." Momos' turn.

"I, myself, was skeptical as to if the RB would even compare to Hanakira. But you do more than that, Jinay." He smiled. "I see Hanakira in you already, and it brings a true smile to my face, and heart." Pheonix smiled too.

"Yeah, we really are glad how alike you are to Hanakira. It's...." Pheonix choked up a little. "It's like seeing my best friend alive again." She wrapped her arms around Jinay. Jinay slowly hugged her back. She saw Momos still smiling.

"So...." Jinay started once Pheonix finally pulled away, "What were Hanakira's relationships with everybody?"

Momos took this explanation over. "Pheonix and I have decided to leave that to you to realize. We want the memories and feeling of Hana to gradually show you her relationship with each and every one of us. It's as if you are to pick up where she left off. But as you get new feelings and memories, if you have questions about them, or how to deal with them, you can ask Pheonix or myself. But neither of us wants to just tell you what to feel or what happened in Hanakira's short life, but to let you 'remember' them as they come."

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After Jinay's discussion with Momos and Pheonix they had gone straight to bed. Momos and Pheonix shared a room and Momos had offered Jinay his bed, she declined and set up a bed on the floor. She lay there awake thinking of what she had just heard. She was just a Replacement Being; she meant nothing to these people. They didn’t know her; they only knew the side that was Hanakira. Jinay started to cry, 'I got to get out of here' she thought. Jinay stepped bed, she looked around and saw a huge window, she opened Momo's and Pheonix's window, and started to climb out.

"Where do you think you are going?" Momos grabbed Jinay's hand stopping her from climbing out of the window.

"No where." Jinay whispered trying not to wake Pheonix.

"What do you call that?" He glanced at Jinay body half way out the window.

"I'm sorry." Jinay pulled herself out of the window. Momos quickly grabbed hold of her and jumped out the window. He covered her mouth and silenced her scream. He landed softly of the ground even though they were on the second story. ‘Forgot about that’ Jinay thought. He walked her over to the spot were he had held her and sat her down.

"I know it's hard to hear all of this suddenly but this is best for everyone, Tsuyko Dyruuni was already dieing inside. He didn’t talk, he never smiled, he was so close. He loved her, more than anyone you know, and you feel it, that she loved him back." Momos clenched his fist. "You will love him, just like she did, you have to. Everything will go back to the way it was and no one will suffer."

"What the hell!" Jinay yelled, realizing how loud she was she lowered her voice but continued. "This is my life, my life. Then you come in and say I have to live hers. Did it ever occur to you that maybe I don't like this Tsuyko Dyruuni guy, or I don't want to be some stupid replacement?" Tears were streaming down her face and they were still coming. "I want to love who I want to love, and it's not him! Some place in side of me yerns for him, but that part is not me it’s her! Momos I love you! Then you tell me I have to love some other guy!" Jinay just cried no more words just tears.

"You can't love me. You have to love him, no matter how much your feelings for me grow you have to love him, and you will. If you don't...." Momos looked off in the distance. "Jinay this world is complicated and big and I need you to know that you are no longer a small part in it. Everything you do, everything you say it affects the lives of the people around you. Whether they live or die. You have to be her, you have to." Momos looked at Jinay, then grinned at her "Only once." he whispered. He took her face in his hand and brought her in slowly, there lips met, her heart stopped for a second.

"You can't love me and I can't love you." Momos stood and walked back to his house.

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