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Story Thyme....

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Jinay sat outside for a while, thinking over the conversation she'd had with Momos, hesitant to go back inside. When the bleak grayness of dawn finally rolled around, she felt someone thunk down beside her and turned her head to see Phoenix, sitting with her head on her knees and still in her pajamas, looking over at her.

When the green-haired girl noticed Jinay's glance, she smiled sadly and said, "You and Momos had an argument, didn't you?"

At the other girl's shy nod, she looked out towards the sky and said, "I thought so. You and Momos together have a misery so thick you'd have to cut it with an ultra-strength steel chainsaw to be able to move around at all."

Phoenix shifted to lying down with her hands under her head, "Momos and I have always connected too easily with others, considering what we are."

Jinay looked over at Phoenix, confused and said, "What do you mean, 'what you are'?"

Phoenix sighed, sat back up and said, "The people in The Organization, including Momos and me, we're aren't exactly normal either. We call ourselves GBs, or Guardian Beings. We're here to find the EB and RB (though normal people may help us out with that part,) and put the RB in the EB's place in case something happens to the EB, but that's not all we do."

The green-haired girl shifted and took a breath, continuing, "We're also here to stop anything from happening to the EB or RB in the first place. As you can see, it doesn't always work. We also have special abilities that help us do our jobs, though most of them are specialized to each GB. For example, Momos has an unimaginable amount of strength and cat-like reflexes, while I am able to go extremely fast and can blend in basically anywhere, green hair or not."

Phoenix looked down at the ground a sad look in her eyes, and said "Though there is one trait that all GBs have in common, which makes it completely unacceptable for a GB to bond with anyone except another GB, and that is-"

A voice came from behind the two girls, interrupting Phoenix, "I think you've said just about enough for today, Phoenix."
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Jinay and Phoenix turned around, a man with snow white hair stood above them.

“Grandfather,” Phoenix jumped to her feet, “what are you doing here?” The man started walking back to the house, Phoenix followed.

He stopped, “You should leave.” Then he continued on his way. Phoenix looked back at her and motioned for to leave with her eyes. Jinay got up, “Bye,” she whispered. She ran to her house and changed into her school uniform.

“Was if fun at your friends house?” Her mother asked her just as she was stepping out the door.

“Ya, it was… fun,” Jinay sighed, “I got to get school, I will talk to you later.” Jinay stepped outside and went down her regular path.

“Hey, Jinay.” Tsuyko Dyruuni ran to catch up with Jinay, “what’s going on?”

Jinay smiled, “So you are going to talk to me now?”

“Sorry about that, it is just weird, you know?” ‘You don’t even know the half of it’ she thought.

“It’s fine I understand.”

“Good, so I was thinking,” Dyruuni hesitated, “do you want to go to Juniara Café?” Juniata Café was a desert café a few blocks away from the school.

“Sure I guess I could.” Jinay blushed

“Good, do you want to go after school?”

“That sounds great!”

“I thought you would say no, so I wasn’t going to ask but I deiced to take a chance.”

Jinay laughed, “That is brave of you.” The both approached the school and Jinay saw Momos and Phoenix, she blushed. “I will see you later.” Jinay rushed inside. She did her best to avoid Momos.

“You want to eat lunch together?” Dyruuni asked her.

“Sure...what is up with you being so nice to me lately?”

“I don’t know I just… I can’t help it, it is like something is pulling me toward you.” Dyruuni smiled at her, the nicest smile she had seen, except for the ones from Momos. Eating lunch with Dyruuni was fun, awkward, but fun. She laughed a lot and barely took a bite of hr food.

“Hey I have to go to the bathroom I will be right back.”

After she got out of the bathroom she saw Momos, she quickly turned around and walked in the opposite direction.

“Hey,” Momos ran over to Jinay, “can you can stop avoiding me?”

“I’m not…”

“I know you are.”

“Really I’m not, I have been-” Momos cut her off.

“Busy? The only thing in this direction is a wall; do you have some business with the wall?”

Jinay slid in front of him, “You don’t have to be just like her you know!” She turned around. “I’m not like her!” Momos fist clinched.

“Leave her alone.” Dyruuni yelled.

“Dyruuni?” Jinay whispered.

“Stay out of this!” Momos voice was full of rage.

Dyruuni grabbed her arm, “I don’t want you with this guy he has a bad temper.”

“Let her go!”

“Dyruuni… Momos?”

Phoenix cam running, “Momos!” The all turned around, “Momos get out of here. Before you get…”

“Don’t say it!” Momos was getting angrier.

“Don’t let your temper get a hold of you Momos!” Phoenix pulled Momos away and dragged him down the hall.

Phoenix turned around. “I’m sorry Jinay.”

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Jinay just sort of stood in the hallway, until she heard Pheonix and Momos' dialogue cut off by a door shut. A moment passed, and then Dyruuni came up and touched her shoulder gently from behind. "Jinay?" he said with obvious concern. Jinay turned around to see his worried eyes. They were full of compassion. 'Now I see why Hanakira fell for him....' she thought. Jinay didn’t know exactly what to say to Dyruuni, so that’s what she told him.

"I.... I don’t know..." Jinay sighed, and looked back into the direction that Pheonix dragged Momos. "What was.... that about?"

"That dude is trouble. He is always sticking his nose into other people's business and getting pissed about them for no reason." Dyruuni's arms went around Jinay, and he said, "Please be careful, okay?" Jinay looked up at him. She didn’t feel the least bit uncomfortable. She felt like she was supposed to be in his arms. 'I wonder if this feeling is mine or Hana's.....' she wondered as she put her head on his soft shoulder. 'I- It feels like mine..... I think.... I think it is....' Jinay slowly brought her arms up to hold Dyruuni too. 'It feels so right...' she shut her eyes. The two stood silently in the empty hall, holding each other gently. 'His touch is so warm and caring....' Jinay couldn’t stop a smile from creeping to her lips. Then something occurred to her. She looked up at him.

"You're not going to go back to being cold to me, are you?" Jinay wanted to make sure this wasn’t a one-time feeling. Dyruuni smiled his smile that Jinay had grown to love.

"I may tease you sometimes, and I might try to pick a fight with you one time or another, but I wont ever be cold to you again," He gently pushed a lock of hair from Jinay's face. "I promise." He held Jinay a little closer. He was looking deep into Jinay's eyes now. "I won’t ever let you go." Dyruuni stared into her eyes for a moment more, and then started to bring his face down to Jinay's. Jinay was slowly bringing her own face up, to welcome his kiss.....

BUT THEN...!!!

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The school bell rang, causing students to flood into the hall and effectively splitting up Dyruuni and Jinay quite well. As the school day wore on, Jinay's mind kept on focusing on three different topics, the first being what Phoenix was talking about this morning and the interference of Phoenix's grandfather, the second being Momos' temper tantrum, and the last, she added with a blush, being what happened between her and Dyruuni.

As the school day finally dwindled to an end, she couldn't help but be excited to go to Juniara Cafe with him. As she waited for Dyruuni at the front of the school, she noticed Phoenix sitting at the same picnic table where they first talked about the memories, the green-haired girl's head resting on her chin and staring brokenly off into oblivion.

Curious as to know why, the other girl walked over to the picnic and sat beside her and asked worriedly, "Phoenix? What's wrong?"

At the Jinay's voice, the girl looked up at the other and smiled slightly, then said, "Oh hi, Jinay." as if just hearing the other girl's question , Phoenix shook her head then said, "It's nothing, really."

"Doesn't seem like nothing to me. What is it?"

She sighed, and then said dully, "The Organization found out about what happened yesterday and with you and Momos. They're thinking about sending him away to a special place just for GBs so nothing else can happen."

Her voice started to shake, "What they don't seem to understand is that even though he's not supposed to, he's bonded with you, the RB! If they take him away now, he'll start dying inside again, probably even worse than before."

Jinay could actually see some tears now starting to drip onto the picnic table, her voice now holding far more sadness and desperation in it, "I don't want that to happen to him. If it does, I don't think anything will bring him back to normal!" Jinay, seeing that Phoenix was breaking down, gave her some tissues from her backpack and rubbed her back soothingly until she calmed down.

After the green-haired girl was done crying, the Jinay smiled at her reassuringly and said "There now. Feel better?"

The other smiled back at her and replied, "A little, thanks." She then got up and put on backpack while saying, "Well, I'd better be going. Hopefully, I'll see you tomorrow."

Then , just she started walking off towards her house, she turned around and said while smiling, "Also, here's something you might find interesting: even though Momos always supposedly 'hated' Hanakira, his anger problems only really started up after she died."

Turning back around, Phoenix presumed her walking and said "Bye then!"

As Phoenix got lost from her view, she heard someone say, "Jinay! There you are!" Jinay turned and noticed it was Dyruuni walking up to her, "Ready to go?"

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"Y- Yeah!" Jinay said with a smile, pushing what Phoenix had just said to her away from her mind. 'I'm determined to have a good time!' she thought. "Let’s go!" They started to walk, but after a moment, Dyruuni spoke, a grin on his face.

"Race ya!"

Jinay smiled. "You are ON!" And then they were off. After the couple blocks it took to run to the sweet cafe, Jinay arrived before Dyruuni, just barely.

"Y- Your fas-faster than you look!" Dyruuni said, catching his breath.

"Oh! S- So you're say-saying that I come off as slow?" Jinay grinned.

He laughed and said, "No of cooourse not!" sarcastically. Jinay gasped and gave him a kick in the butt, and he trotted away into the cafe. When he was in, he held the doors, so that Jinay couldn’t get in. She gave him a look that said 'Oh, come on!' and put her hands on her hips. He eventually opened and held the door for her. As she walked in, with a jokingly sophisticated walk, he wink at her playfully. They walked to a booth next to a window, and sat down, one of them on each side of the table. They placed their orders, and started to wait. Jinay felt led to apologize for earlier.

"Umm.... S- sorry about earlier today..." She managed. Dyruuni smiled.

"What are you sorry for?" He replied. Jinay thought, but couldn’t think of what exactly she was apologizing for. When she hesitated to answer clearly, Dyruuni continued. "Are you sorry that we didn’t get the chance to kiss, is that why you’re sorry? Sorry, because you think I'M disappointed, or because YOU are disappointed??" Dyruuni said this and only grinned bigger. Jinay gave a small gasp, and kicked him lightly under the table. "Ow...!" He said.

"That didn’t hurt!"

"What if it did?!?!"

"But it didn’t!"

They smiled together and laughed. 'Is this what... love is like?' She wondered. She didn’t get an answer from herself, because Dyruuni spoke.

"But, yeah... I'm sorry too....."

Jinay looked up, and met his gaze.

"...That we didn’t get to kiss." Then Jinay blushed a little and looked down.

"I never said that I was sorry for not getting to kiss YOU....!" Jinay teased. Dyruuni brought his face much closer to Jinay's now.

"Well, are you...?" he asked, a little bit of mischief in his eyes. 'My, he is so straight-forward....!'

"I... um...." Jinay stammered. "I guess... you could say that....." Jinay said this and looked up from the table to his face. He was smiling. Then he went in to kiss her....

But before their lips met, the waitress arrived with their coffee. "Here you are." She said, setting their drinks on their table. Jinay and Dyruuni were startled and pulled apart. The young waitress hadn’t noticed the situation until the two pulled back. The waitress then blushed... "Gome-" she started to apologize, but couldn’t finish because she scampered off, embarrassed. The two looked at each other. Jinay blushed. Then they both laughed really hard.
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Jinay noticed that the cafe had a karioke stage.
"Come on let's try it out."Jinay said
"Well, uhh, all right."Dyruuni said
So they got up on stage.
"How about this one?" Jinay asked pointing to a song near the bottom.
"I Got You Babe? Are you sure we're there yet?"Dyruuni said.
"Come on please?" Jinay asked.
Dyruuni grinned.
"All right."
So they sang
HER: They say we're young and we don't know
We won't find out until we grow
HIM: Well I don't know if all that's true
'Cause you got me, and baby I got you

HIM: Babe
BOTH: I got you babe
I got you babe

HER: They say our love won't pay the rent
Before it's earned, our money's all been spent
HIM: I guess that's so, we don't have a pot
But at least I'm sure of all the things we got

HIM: Babe
BOTH: I got you babe
I got you babe

HIM: I got flowers in the spring
I got you to wear my ring
HER: And when I'm sad, you're a clown
And if I get scared, you're always around

HER: Don't let them say your hair's too long
'Cause I don't care, with you I can't go wrong
HIM: Then put your little hand in mine
There ain't no hill or mountain we can't climb

HIM: Babe
BOTH: I got you babe
I got you babe

HIM: I got you to hold my hand
HER: I got you to understand
HIM: I got you to walk with me
HER: I got you to talk with me
I got you to kiss goodnight
I got you to hold me tight
I got you, I won't let go
I got you to love me so

BOTH: I got you babe
I got you babe
I got you babe
I got you babe
I got you babe
The cafe cheered.
"That was fun!" Dyruuni said.
"I knew you'd like it."Jinay said grinning.
After that Dyruuni took her behind the cafe.
"Okay I'm getting impatient." Dyruuni said.
"What do you mean?" Jinay asked.
"I mean that well..."
Then suddenly almost as if Jinay knew what he was going to say she wrapped her arms around him and gave him a passionate kiss.
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Jinay kissed Dyruuni with all her heart. 'It feels so great!' she thought 'So right....!' Dyruuni, of course, held her close and kissed her back. They stayed that way for more than a few minutes, just kissing. When Jinay slowly pulled her face away from Dyruuni's, he leaned forward to try to keep his lips to hers. This made Jinay laugh, and break free from his arms.

"Silly...!" She said.

"Hey...!" Dyruuni grinned, "What if I wasn’t finished...?"

"What if I was??" Jinay threw back at him. This began a chase. Dyruuni chased after Jinay all around. Jinay loved the feeling of playing happily with him. When Jinay finally slowed down, the two of them were at the park. When Dyruuni reached her, he held her tight.

Out of breath, he said, "G-Got ya...!" His smile didn’t fade. To Jinay's surprise, he didn’t try to kiss her again. Instead he just held her close, and gently touched her face, looking into Jinay's eyes. Jinay felt like she could get lost in Dyruuni's eyes forever. Lost in a never-ending world of deep green...

"D- Dyruuni...?" She said. He didn’t looked away from her eyes.

"Yes? What is it?"

"What do you like about me?"

Dyruuni thought a moment. Then smiled and said, "Everything."

"Oh, come on!"

"No really!" He exclaimed. "Everything!"

"Fine, then give me some examples."

"Hmm." Dyruuni considered his answer. "You are incredibly fun. You are independent, and don’t seem to need anyone to lean on. You are athletic, and playful. Competitive. You say whatever is on your mind and don’t hold back when you give something a try. You are lovely singer and...." He paused to smile. " are incredibly beautiful...." Jinay looked away from him, blushing. 'He notices so many things about me...'

"Also," Dyruuni continued, "You have a very slight, distant sense of mystery about you. That is one thing that draws me to you so intensely: the want, the need, to solve, and know, that mystery."

Jinay brought her gaze back to his. "A- And what exactly, are your feelings for me?" She asked, cracking a smile.

Dyruuni smiled again. "I can be myself around you, and not worry about what to say. I warmed up to you extremely quick, and I get an incredible sense of peace and joy whenever you are in my arms." He touched his forehead to Jinay's, but not their lips, even though their faces were very close. 'This is insane....' Jinay thought. 'Who would've thought that I would ever feel this way around him....?'

"And....." Dyruuni drew Jinay out of her thoughts. ".....and I love you....."
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Jinay lay in bed thinking of her day, well the end of it. She giggled, and then sighed. She wore only her father's shirt which was huge on her. 'I wonder if everyday will be like this.' She thought. She closed her eyes preparing for sleep when she heard a thunk on her window. She got up and looked out her window, Phoenix? She tiptoed down the stairs and slowly shut the door behind her. She was cold wearing only a t-shirt; she stretched it as far as it could go. When she approached Jinay her head was down and you could not see her face.

"What's wrong?" Jinay said concerned.

"They took him, they took Momos." She lifted her face, eyes were red, she looked like a mess.

Jinay gasped, "They can't he could die."

"What am I going to do? Without him I'll-" Phoenix stopped herself, "You have to help me!" Jinay said nothing, how could she help her?

"Please you have too."

"I-I'm not s-strong enough, I c-can't." Jinay stuttered.

"I can feel him; it is a bond we share as guardians, as family. He is alone, he is already dying, it is happening so fast. And he is hurt."

Then Jinay saw it, blood was leaking from Phoenix's side.

She gasped once again, "Phoenix you are... bleeding!"

Phoenix looked down at her side as if Jinay had said there was a simple juice stain on her shirt. She set her hand on her side and winced in pain. "We have to save him Jinay before it's too late, before he... I won't stand by as my brother dies!"

'I know I love Dyruuni....' Jinay thought, 'But I still care about Momos, and he needs my help.''

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Jinay nodded, having made her decision, and said, "Alright, I'll help. What do I have to do?"

Phoenix started pulling a messenger bag out of the other girl's closet, then placed it on her bed and said, "Pack up anything that you think might be useful. Like the type of things you would bring with on a hiking trip: some food, flashlight, an extra pair of clothes just in case, that type of thing. Also," Phoenix surveyed Jinay's pajamas, "You should probably change into something more durable. It'd be best if it was black, though it doesn't have to be. Also, do you have a pair of rollerblades?"

Jinay shook her head, "No, though I'm pretty good on them. Why?"

Phoenix nodded, "I'll get one of my pairs, then." She started pacing, "I'll get some stuff and do some things to prepare at my house, maybe call in a few favors, then we'll meet up at Kurogane Park and go from there." she looked up and Jinay, "That sound good to you?"

Jinay furrowed her brow and nodded, looking worried, "Alright, but," she pointed to the wound on the girl's side that she seemed to have forgotten about, "What about your wound?"

Phoenix looked back down at her wound, almost fully closed now, and said, "I'll take care of it at my house." The green haired girl then turned and walked over to Jinay's window, "I'll see you in two hours, alright?" At the other girl's nod, she opened up the window and climbed onto the down the tree, and yelled to Jinay "See you then!" and then disappeared out of sight.

As soon as she couldn't see Phoenix, Jinay began filling the messenger bag with all of the things she thought she would need and then got dressed in a Blue sweater and grey sweatpants. Seeing that it was almost time to go meet up with Phoenix, Jinay grabbed the messenger bag and sneaked out of her room to the front door.

Just as she thought she was home free, the light turned on and a voice said, "Jinay, where do you think you're going?"

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Jinay was startled, and slowly began to turn around. She saw a man, sitting on the chair on her porch, his hand had just flipped the porch light-switch. Jinay, very slowly, walked nearer to him. Then she was close enough to see his features and recognized him as the man who had inturrupted Jinay and Pheonix's conversation early that one day. 'P- Pheonix and Momos' grandfather?' The man repeated his question.

"Where do you think you are headed so late, Jinay?" Jinay was hesitant. She felt a terrible gut-feeling near this man.

"H- How do you know my name....?' she asked

"It's my job to know your name." He grinned, sending a shiver up Jinay's spine.

"I- I have to be somewhere" she said to him, and turned to walk away.

"Oh, I'm afraid you dont" he said. "Pheonix will not be able to meet you at Kurogane Park." He paused to chuckle at Jinay's fearful expression. "Although, you will be meeting her. Come with me."

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"No, I don't want to go with you," Jinay took a step back from him.

"I'm afraid you have to." He took and step toward Jinay and quickly grabbed her wrist.

"Let go of me," Jinay said as bravely as she could.

Pheonix's and Momos' grandfather eyes suddenly turned black and he released her wrist, "As you wish." Jinay ran down the stairs on her porch and stared at the man from a distance, he was blanking out. Then the color returned to his eyes and he shook his head in confusion.

"What the..." He looked at Jinay and frowned, "what did you do?"

"I-I..." Jinay took off, she ran as fast as she could. 'What just happened.' Her heart pounded so hard she was sure it was going to fly out of her chest. Her vision started to blur and her feet collapsed under her. It took every ounce of strength left in her to get up. Something was making her weak, draining the life right out of her. She continued running until she got to Kurogane Park, she searched for Phoenix, but she could not be found. Jinay heard the bushes next to her scrape together; she slowly approached them her knees shaking not from fear but from the lack of energy.

“Phoenix is that you?” Jinay whispered when she was reached the bushes she peaked behind them.

“Oh my God!” Jinay screamed and fell backwards.

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What Jinay saw behind the bush was what she expected, and yet not at the same time. She expected for it to be Phoenix.

But she didn't expect for Phoenix to be deathly pale, have a huge wound over her stomach, and a puddle of her own blood under her.

"Ji-Jinay? Are you there?" Her voice was thin and pushed, almost as if she using all of her energy just to talk.

Jinay swallowed thickly, forcing herself to brave, and went back through the bushes and asked shakily, "Phoenix? What happened to you?"

Phoenix coughed weakly, then responded, "Let's just say that The Organization wasn't happy with me, and wanted an example of what happens to s-someone who goes against their orders." She shifted weakly, and pointed to a duffel bag that was thankfully outside the pool of blood, "You've g-got to k-keep with the mission. All you'll need is in there, I p-put a l-etter for you in there in c-case s-something happened to me. R-read it, and f-f-follow the inst-structions in th-there. Good l-l-l-l-luck."

A chill came over Jinay, "Y-you mean you're not coming with me?"

The bloodstained girl laughed weakly, a frail sound, "I kn-kn-kn-know when I'm out of c-c-commission, and I c-can... t-tell that th-this is g-g-going to be... perm-manent. 'sides," She smiled the best she could at Jinay, her eyes becoming glassy, "you've always been more im-im-im-im-im-por...."

As the life fully drained of the girl's eyes and everything turned limp, it wasn't hard to tell that Phoenix was dead.

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Jinay saw the life go from Pheonix's once bright, lively eyes. She could feel a mixture of distress, rage, and regret welling up inside of her. The sobs crept their way into her throat and she had to gasp through tears in order to breathe. 'N- No.' was all that Jinay had in her mind. 'N- No! NO!' Jinay wanted to die. To go with Pheonix, so that neither of them would have to be alone. Jinay shook Pheonix's limp body. She unconsciously thought maybe Pheonix would move, or say something. She didnt. Pheonix's body was empty and lifeless.

"N..." she whispered through sobs "N- No...." She put her fore head on what used to be Pheonix's shoulder, not caring that it was soaked in blood. 'W- Why....' Jinay couldnt get a full thought through her head, for her sorrow was too thick. That was all Jinay was feeling. A complete, and utter sorrow. A sorrow so much deeper than a normal sorrow, of one person grieving for a friend. Jinay felt the sorrow and grieving of TWO different beings, both of which had a tormenting feeling of internal pain, and loss. It was an immense, deep mourning, that she couldnt run away from. 'W-Why is this happening?!' she thought. 'No, Pheonix.' Jinay held what used to be Pheonix's hand. It was cold, and pale, and bloody. 'Pheonix....'

"COME BACK!!" she shrieked through blurry vision and painful torment. "Pheonix!! PLEASE!" Jinay's heart was overflowing with one not-so-simple emotion: utter heartbreak.

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After awhile of crying, Jinay still felt deep sorrow at Phoenix's death, but it cleared enough for her to hear a small voice in the back, 'There's someone out there who is probably feeling even worse than you do now, remember?' After thinking over what the voice said, it suddenly clicked and she thought out loud, voice raspy from sobbing so much, "Momos..."

'Momos is her twin, and they were also really close because they weren't allowed to connect with anyone normal. They seemed to have an almost telepathic bond with each other.' She slowly started wiping stray tears from her eyes and began to compose herself more, 'Not only that, but he was already dying inside before this.' She sighed, now far calmer (but that doesn't mean any less sad), and whispered, "I can't even begin to imagine how bad he's feeling right now..."

She looked up, purposefully ignoring Phoenix's body so she wouldn't burst into a new round of tears, and stared at one of the only things that strangely wasn't bloodstained there: the duffel bag. Weakly getting up and walking over to it, she sat down next to it and placed her hands on it. Taking a deep breath, she slowly opened the bag and looked through what was inside it. It had all the same stuff that she packed, plus a first-aid kit, rollerblades, an ominous black box that she didn't dare to open (she got a bad feeling from it), and a few other things. After searching through the bag, she found an envelope that was sealed shut with the words on the front, To Jinay- in the case that I die.

Hands now starting to shake a little, she opened the envelope, unfolded the pieces of paper inside of it, and started reading the first one.

Dear Jinay....

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" Dear Jinay

If you are reading this, I'm no longer with you. And I know its hard, but you really need to be strong. I know you have that strength inside you. What with your own courage and strength, and Hanakira's strength lying dormant within you, I know you will always press on, and succeed, even if I'm gone.

There is absolutely no time to waist, Jinay. I, unfortunately, dont know any exact directions to the nearest of the Organizations' buildings. But, Hanakira went there once. And if all that I have learned about EBs and RBs and the transfer of feelings and instincts and such, one thing I'm sure of, is that Hanakira's memory and instincts can help lead you there, from a certain spot. You have to head to the 167 Bus Station on the North end of town, take it all the way up to the 183 Station in the next town. When you're there, I'm fairly certain that Hana's memory will kick in. If it doesnt then..... then I guess I'll be seeing Momos very soon. But that wont happen. With your own perseverance, Jinay, and all that is left over from Hanakira, I know you can do this, even without me. When you see Momos, give him a big hug from me.

Love and Good luck to BOTH of you,


After she had signed her name, she had put a tiny smiley. It made Jinay smile. 'I dont know why all of this happened, Pheonix' she thought 'But I'll figure it out, for both of us.' Jinay's smile melted away into a look of determination. 'I wont let this loss go to waist.'

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