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Story Thyme....
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She forced her feet to move, small steps a first, but they soon became wider and faster. She took out herself cell phone and dialed nine- one- one. She told them about Phoenix and snapped her phone shut. She wasn’t going to let Phoenix rot there. Her breath became ragged but she soon approached the bus stop, a bus waited patiently at the stop. She quickened her speed so she wouldn’t miss it; she mounted the bus and let out heavy sighs. The bus started and she closed her eyes.





That was all she could see, the blood covering Phoenix sinking out of her. Would this haunt her forever? The bus came to stop and she jumped off. Then suddenly something came over, a strange awareness, to everything. Phoenix was right Hanakira would guide her. The walked seemed to last forever, she was deathly tired and it took everything to keep herself from falling asleep. But something inside of her kept her going, or someone.

Then she reached it, the Organization.

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Jinay blinked, and wondered if her instincts were wrong. The building in front her looked like all of the other buildings she saw on this street, only a few floors tall and completely average in every way that she could think of. No lights were on inside, and there was "For Sale" sign in one of the front windows of the building. 'No way this place can be it!' she thought, and yet her instincts were telling her to go inside. She sighed and decided to go inside, if only to make sure The Organization wasn't here (even though she was already pretty damn sure of that). Slipping through a side door, she ended up in what seemed like a normal room. Looking around with her flashlight, she'd searched almost all of the building when she heard someone say in monotone, "You forgot to check this room."

Jinay turned around quickly, gasping, and saw a girl pointing to a door (that was almost impossible to see because it blended in that well) beside her. Slowing her breathing to try to her calm herself down, she said, "Wh-who are you?"

The girl before her had long, black hair, making the white headband on her head stand out. Her face was completely blank, even as she responded to Jinay's question with "I am known as Usesaru. Phoenix called and told me that you would need help, and to help you out if she did not make it." Opening the disguised door by pressing her hand beside it, she walked inside and let Jinay follow her in before she closed the door behind her.

Inside the room, it looked far different from the rest of the building that Jinay had seen. Almost all of the space was taken up by a large control panel and also a screen that showed views of all the room that Jinay was just searching through. As soon as she got in, Usesaru started tapping different buttons on the control panel, leaving Jinay standing there. She swallowed, feeling uncomfortable in the silence and "So, you were one Phoenix's friends?"

The black-haired girl shrugged and responded while still doing things with control panel, "Friends would not be the correct way to describe us. We were more like acquaintances, really. She helped me out of a tough situation once, and I am helping with this because I felt it will even out the balance, so do not expect me to help out again." after tapping a few more keys, the floor beside Jinay began to slide away, revealing a set of stairs going down into the ground. Turning around, finished, the girl nodded towards the stairs and said, "There you go," and then simply turned and walked back out the hidden door.

Jinay turned and looked down at the stairs, then sighed and said, "Well, here I go," and walked onto the stairs, descending deeper and deeper with each step.

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With every step it became darker and darker; soon Jinay was surrounded by darkness. She sat down, her feet were sore, she sighed. She had almost lost all faith, how long had she been walking? It seemed like forever. She grabbed her knees and brought them to her face, hot tears streamed down her face. She was so tired she felt like she had not slept in three days, he closed her eyes prying for sleep. Then she saw Phoenix again, and she remembered the note, she had so much faith in her and she was giving up? She stood up and continued down the stairs. Several minutes passed until she approached a dim light she started to run. Was Momos ahead?

She stopped at a door, a dim light shone from the bottom of it. She reached her hand out and opened the door. She stepped inside, and saw Momos, he sat alone on the floor. The room was bare, only white walls, no windows. Momos hair was messy, unwashed, his eyes were closed and he had dark circles under his eyes. His shirt was off and you could see his perfectly scalped abs with dry blood on them. Below him was a puddle of blood.

"Mo- Momos" Her voice shook.

Momos eyes opened and he looked shocked. His eyes were blood shot, and only half opened. "Jinay? What are you doing here?" He attempted to get up but winced in pain and sat back down. Jinay ran over to him hesitating to touch him. She slowly brought her hand to his face. He gave her a weak smile.

"Oh, Momos, what happened?" He said nothing, "Momos are you ok?" Of course he wasn’t, what a stupid question to ask, she thought. "Momos you need to talk to me, I need to know everything will be ok." Nothing. "Momos!" She yelled.

"She's dead isn’t she?" He finally spoke.

"I-I'm sorry, I-I couldn’t save her."

"It's not your fault, its mine I should have protected her." His voice was weak.

"No, it's not, don't say that."

"You need to leave Jinay it's not safe here."

"Your coming with me Momos."

"I can't, I have to stay here until yo- until you forget about me."

"Forget about you?" Jinay gasped.

"When you forget about me, so I won't harm Hanakira's reawaking. I can't interfere or else Phoenix-" He sighed, 'You need to leave now. Before they notice that you were here."

"Why are you doing this?" She cried.

"Please just leave." He looked away from Jinay.

"But I lo-" Momos caught her off, "Don't sat that! Get out of here! Now!"

Jinay stood shaking her head. “I-I love you!"

"No you don't! You don't love me this all jut an illusion, everything, you don't love me! Leave me alone," he hesitated, "I never want to see you again." Jinay cried out, she ran to the door and started running, running away, she wasn’t coming back, she was leaving Momos.

When Jinay was long gone Momos whispered to himself, "I love you too."

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Jinay ran as fast as her tired feet could go. The only thing on her mind was to get away. When she was finally at the top of the stairs, she frantically looked at the display of bottons. 'I thiiiink....' she thought. 'Usesaru pushed this one last!' She pointed to a button labeled 'Open/Close.' Then she hit it. The passage to where Momos was kept closed. 'Yes!' After that, Jinay booked it right out of that place. She ran and ran as far as she could away from the Oraganization's building. She didnt know why she was running, or what gave her the need to run. She just needed to. She didnt like this shallow, knee-deep feeling that only seemed to effect half of her being. What was it...This feeling? 'Rejection,' her heart told her. Due to Jinay's already-limited strength, she slowed down, and finally stopped near a fountain, in the middle of a green park. The sun was just coming up. Jinay sat on a bench, exhausted. 'What is this...?' She asked herself. She had nobody else to ask. 'I come all the way out here... I see him... After all that I felt for Dyruuni, I still said....' Jinay began to cry, silently. Although, it wouldnt have mattered if she had began to cry loudly, and obnoxiously. Nobody was around to see or hear her. 'What made me say that...? Cant I just make up my mind?? Why dont you just go with Hana's feelings, Jinay? Idiot, stop being so stuburn!!'

Jinay, eventually, stopped crying. 'So, I'll welcome Hanakira's feelings from now on.' Jinay got up, and began to head towards the bus station. Luckily, she had run in the correct direction. She bought her ticket, and boarded the bus. There were only three passengers. Herself, a middle-aged man, looking extremely beat, and a young woman, reading a magazine. 'I'll sleep until my stop, by then I can sneak back in my house, and sleep. I should be there by 5. Oh, I'll tell my mom that I'm sick and need to stay home. Then I'll sleep the whole day.' Jinay layed down on the back seat of the bus, and fell asleep.
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"Hey Miss is this your stop?" A deep male voice awoke her from her dreamless slumber. She looked up and saw the bus driver turned around looking at her. She peered out the window and saw the bus stop she had ran to catch a bus to save... Momos. The name hurt, it stung her heart.

"This is it, thanks, “She got up and slowly walked down the alley. There was no one in the bus any longer and dawn was just starting to break. Her legs ached and she was still tired. She walked home slowly; she was definitely skipping school today. When she finally got home, she slipped into bed; her parents didn’t notice her absence. Thank God. She slipped into her father’s shirt once again and emerged herself in her bed. Slept quickly over came her, still another dreamless sleep. Later, her mom knocked on her door and entered.

"Jinay, it's time to get ready for school." Jinay sighed and said quietly, "I'm not feeling well, could I skip today?" Jinay must have looked pretty bad because her mom said it was okay right away. Once again she fell to sleep. When she awoke again she saw the sweet face of Dyruuni.

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"Hey, you!" He smiled at her a good-morning. "How are you feeling?"

"Oh..." Jinay thought about it. "Not the best." Dyruuni frowned.

"We cant have that......"

"Yeah, well...." Jinay ran through all of last night occurrences. "......shit happens."

"Well..... the twins weren’t in today either. What, did you guys stay up late, partying or something?" Jinay sighed, and buried her face in her pillow.

"No...." She mumbled into it.

"Hey.....!" Dyruuni gently touch Jinay's shoulder, and she brought her face out to look at him. "What's up? You act as if someone died."

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Jinay closed her eyes, feeling tears start to form, and muttered just loud enough for Dyruuni to hear, "You hit the nail right on the head." 'As well as he can, at least,' she thought.

Dyruuni went pale, and said weakly, "Wh-what?"

Gripping the pillow tighter, tears started trailing down her cheeks and the only thing she was able to say through the tears "Phoenix.."

The boy gasped "Oh god.." he then pulled Jinay into a tight hug and started rocking both of them back of them back and forth gently, whispering to her comfortingly, "It's alright, everything's going to be fine, I'll help, I'm here.."

She gripped his shirt tightly, soaking his shoulder with her tears, and feeling, if only just a little bit, better now that he was embracing her.

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When her tears dried up and there was nothing left inside her Dyruuni whispered a goodbye, kissed her on her forehead and walked out. She laid down on her bed and closed her eyes; questions filled her mind. ‘Had the police found Phoenix? Did they know who did it? Did they know that she was there?’ and the questions went on and on.

Later that day when her parents went away for work, Jinay snuck out her window and ran to the park. She had to know, she had to make sure they had found her. She expected to see yellow tape allover the area and policemen asking people questions.

Jinay saw none of this; the park was in fact there was only a couple walking around the park. She ran over to the spot were she had found Phoenix, nothing, not a spot of blood or a strand of Phoenix’s beautiful hair. She gasped, what was this, did no one know about her death other than Dyruuni and herself? Then something inside of her disappeared, just a tiny thing, but she could feel it. It stung her heart as if someone was grabbing hold of it and trying to rip it out of her. She clutched her heart and felt a sudden wave of darkness fall over her, knocking her cold.
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When Jinay opened her eyes, she was still at the park. The sun was high in the sky. Jinay sat up, hungry. 'Why am I here.....?' She looked around. 'Weird..... I guess I'll grab a bite to eat.' She walked a couple blocks to her favorite burger joint. She ordered her burger and fries, and waited. 'I wonder how I got there..... what was I doing....? Did someone take me there?' Jinay's mind filled itself with questions. 'What did I do laaast......?' She thought back to when she was in her room with Dyruuni. 'He came to see me...... And I...' She remembered wetting his shirt. 'Crying....? No, more like weeping. Why??' It was really starting to bother Jinay that she couldnt remember what had happened. Her order arrived. She took a large bite of her burger.

'Wait, Dyruuni came to my house today..... because I skipped school. Why did I skip school?' She devoured a fry. 'Oh! I was tired! Exhausted..... because I....' Jinay snapped to attention. 'I went to the next town, to save Momos..... I was alone.... but something else happened, before I left for the next town....' She reached deep into her mind to try to grasp what that horrible occurance had been.... But it was just out of reach. She knew it was a sad, aweful thing that happened. It had crushed her. 'Why, would something that mattered to me so much, be forgotten so easily??' Jinay called over a waitress.

"Yes, miss?"

"Could I get a chocolate shake, please? Jumbo?" Jinay said. 'Sheesh, I'm ravenous. I didnt eat all day. I didnt eat last night either.' She turned her thoughts back to trying to remember what happened, as she continued to eat her fries. 'Did it... happen at the park? Is that why I was there? Why cant I remember....?'
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Jinay then felt someone thunk down beside her, interrupting her thoughts, and looked up to see the girl who helped her last night, Usesaru. The black-haired girl said, face (and voice) as blank as ever, "It seems that you made it out of that building in one piece. Did you succeed in your goal?"

Jinay sighed, thinking about Momos still being in that room, and shook her head, "No, I had to abandon the plan when I got some new information at the last minute." she looked at Usesaru strangely and said, "Anyways, didn't you say that that was the only time were going to help me out?"

Usesaru replied, "I see. And as to your question, there is a distinct difference between 'helping a person out' and 'talking with that person'. I happen to be only doing the second, at the moment."

Jinay frowned, "Oh." 'I still don't get why she's talking to me in the first place, though.' she sighed, and then said to break the strange silence that always seemed to hang around the other, "Soo.. Why did you help me out last night, anyways, if you said you're never gonna help me again?"

Usesaru glanced at Jinay, an almost nonexistent dusting of confusion and annoyance in her eyes as she replied (her voice still completely neutral), "I told you last night, didn't I?"

The dark purple haired girl furrowed her brow, confused, and replied, "I don't remember you telling me..."

Usesaru entwined her hands together and rested her chin on them, still looking over at Jinay, "I came because Phoenix asked me to in the case that she didn't make it, and I felt that it would be the best way to repay my debt to her and make us even."

"Huh?" Jinay was even more confused now, "Phoenix? Who's that?"

Usesaru's expression finally changed as she narrowed her eyes intently at Jinay and said, "You never remember meeting a girl named Phoenix?"

Jinay shook her head and said "No, never, and I think I'd remember someone with that name."

Usesaru's face became blank again, understanding just barely falshing through her eyes as she said, "I see.." she then muttered to herself, just barely loud enough for Jinay to hear, "It seems that Kali from the Organization strikes again..."

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Usesaru got up without a word to Jinay and mumbled something, Jinay could only make out " to Kali..." When Usesaru had left Jinay thought about what she had said, Phoenix, just who was that? Jinay paided the bill for her milkshake and started to walk home. Her parents were not home next so she turned on the televistion, she closed her eyes, and sleep overcame her.

A girl with green hair was deathly pale, and to have a huge wound over her stomach, a puddle of her own blood under her.

"Ji-Jinay? Are you there?" Her voice was thin and pushed, almost as if she using all of her energy just to talk.

Jinay swallowed thickly, forcing herself to brave, and went back through the bushes and asked shakily, "Phoenix? What happened to you?"

Phoenix coughed weakly, and then responded, "Let's just say that The Organization wasn't happy with me, and wanted an example of what happens to s-someone who goes against their orders." She shifted weakly, and pointed to a duffel bag that was thankfully outside the pool of blood, "You've g-got to k-keep with the mission. All you'll need is in there, I p-put a l-etter for you in there in c-case s-something happened to me. R-read it, and f-f-follow the inst-structions in th-there. Good l-l-l-l-luck."

A chill came over Jinay, "Y-you mean you're not coming with me?"

The bloodstained girl laughed weakly, a frail sound, "I kn-kn-kn-know when I'm out of c-c-commission, and I c-can... t-tell that th-this is g-g-going to be... perm-manent. 'sides," She smiled the best she could at Jinay, her eyes becoming glassy, "you've always been more im-im-im-im-im-por...."

Jinay woke up, tears streaming down her face, she jumped of the coach and started running to the park. ‘That was were I was in the dream.’ She thought. When she arrived at the park the dream disappeared almost immediately. Was something at the park making Jinay forget about Phoenix.
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Jinay heard someone snicker nearby and looked around until she found a girl sitting on a nearby bench. Just as Jinay came into her view, the other girl smirked at her and said, "Aggravating, isn't it?"

Jinay blinking at the girl and said, "What are you talking about?"

The girl's smirk widened as she said, "I'm talking about having pieces of your memory missing. Knowing that some things happened to you at different times, but not being able to remember exactly what. For example, do you remember how you got to your first class the day you began school here, or how you learned about BG's? Or maybe even what happened last night before you got to the other town that made you so determined and yet, at the same time, so sorrow-filled?"

Jinay's eyes widened in shock, "How do-"

"-I know all this?" the girl laughed, "That's simple, I'm the one who took them away in the first place. I mean, that is my duty in The Organization, after all. To use my ability to erase memories whenever it's needed. Of course," she gave Jinay a sly smile, "sometimes people's minds are just too powerful to hack into to get to their memories."

Jinay stared hard at the other girl, "Let me guess, you're the 'Kali' that Usesaru was talking about, right?" at the girl's nod, Jinay continued, "Well, then how can you be sure the rest of The Organization won't figure you're lying if you actually do give me back my memories?"

Kali chuckled, "Well it actually has happened that people's minds are too strong for me, and since you're the RB, they'll easily believe that what I tell them. Plus," her smirk came back onto her face as she continued, "Even if they did suspect otherwise, I'm too important and dangerous for them to try anything on."

Jinay glanced suspiciously over at the her and said, "Well, then.... Suppose I want those memories back?"

Kali laughed a humorless laugh, for Jinay found nothing funny here, at all. "Yeah, suppose you do. So? Who wouldnt?" She smiled. "Just because you want something....." her smiled faded, and she looked deep in thought now. Her voice got quieter as she continued, "Doesnt mean you'll ever get it...." Jinay almost asked Kali what it was she had wanted, and not gotten. But she decided otherwise.

"Look, Kali...."Jinay sighed, making Kali snap back to attention. "I know that these are vital memories that you took from me. I want them back!" Jinay was getting impatient. As was Kali, for she was standing now, facing Jinay.

"You....? You want your 'precious' memories back?!?! Why should I give them to you! It's because of you that he...." Her voice trailed off, and when she spoke again, it was barely a whisper, ".....doesnt love me......." Jinay's eyes widened. 'What....?' Kali looked up at Jinay again, true pain in her eyes. Jinay was about to ask her what she ment, but before she could Kali swiftly left.

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Jinay was left standing there for a few minutes. 'What the hell??' was all she could think. She couldnt even make sense of this sad excuse of a life that she was being dragged by. Jinay shifted her glance to look at a bush, a few yards a way from her. She slowly walked to it, and examined it carefully. 'This bush means something to me....' she thought. 'I had a dream... It told me something. But I dont remember it....' She felt frusteration building up inside her.

"DAMN!" She said a little louder than she should have. She dropped to her knees. 'It's important, I know it! Remember! Even if it brings back pain! Damnit, Jinay, you idiot! Why cant you remember!?!?!' She felt the tears coming, but didnt want them to. 'No! No crying! No more giving up, and being weak. Jinay, think about this carefully....' She swallowed the lump in her throat, almost choking from it. She crawled through the bush. 'Here.....' She felt the earth there. 'Something happened HERE.....' Jinay looked around. 'But what the hell kind of important memory could I have made here?!??' Jinay could feel her frusteration coming back. 'No. Okay. Breathe! Oh, Hanakira, if you were any good at keeping calm, please give me that character trait now!' She paused to compose herself. She closed her eyes, and thought of all the people she loved, and when she first met them. She thought of her loving parents, full of love and care for her. She smiled when she thought of how cold Dyruuni had first been to her, how unwilling he was to accept her, and how quickly they fell for each other. Then she thought of Momos. 'Yeah..... I met Momos. When I first met him.... he said something... he....' Jinay focused her entire being on that day she met Momos. 'He knew someone.... that I knew.... he was close with' She paused. 'Her. Yes! Yes, a girl! This person was... a girl....' Jinay stood up, and began to walk home, absentmindedly.

'Girl. She was a girl.... Friends with... Momos? Hmm....' She was nearing her house now, about to pass Momos' house. 'No, not friends..... they... the two were... were....' She heard in her head, what Momos had said that day. "Yeah... Phoenix told me about you!" faded through her head, ever-so quickly. 'Phoenix.....?' Jinay knew that she knew the name, quite well. 'Who is she...??' Momos' voice was in her head again, "Yeah, she's my twi---" The thought was gone. 'Twi--....?? Twi.... Momos'....' Jinay walked by Momos' house. She paused, and looked at their yard. She looked closely at the big tree in it. 'Something..... there....' She remembered something had happened there at that tree. Jinay walked to it, and touched the ground beside it. The image of a smiling, green-haired girl sitting there, hit Jinay like a truck.

This image was followed by a timeline of images. One of Phoenix on her rollerblades, speeding down a hallway. Another of Phoenix standing next to Momos, looking with concern in her eyes. The next of Phoenix crying on a picnic table, in front of the school. 'Oh.... Phoenix.....!' Jinay wanted to reach out and hug her friend, but the memory left without saying good-bye. Another one came. This one squeezed Jinay's heart, making it hard to breathe. She saw Jinay, on the ground, behind the bush at the park, bloody, dirty, and dying. "Jinay.....Is that you?" The words faded in, then out of Jinay's ears. Then the image left.

"Ph- Phoenix!!"
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She felt a hand slide over her mouth that pulled her away, "I will not allow you to remember." Jinay’s mind went blank; everything she had tried to hard to remember was erased. When Jinay was released from her hold, she saw Kali; she was in her room, on her bed. Jinay studied the girl.

She had droopy violet eyes. Her luxurious, straight, hair that was the color of dying roses, was worn in a style that reminds you of a trailing ribbon, falling down to her heals. She was short and has a lean build, very skinny. She had skin china-white. She wore a white dress that was lacy it stopped a few inches above her knees and had sleeves that went long past her hands, almost a lollita style, fish netted tights that were also white, with black high heels.

Kali was staring off into space, tears fell from her eyes. Jinay rose from her bed and Kali’s head shot around to look at her. She whipped the tears away and stood.

“I see you are awake, have you forgotten Phoenix?” She questioned Jinay. The name no longer even rang a bell to Jinay.

“Who?” Jinay cocked her head sideways. Kali smiled, “and Momos?” Jinay thought but the name meant nothing to her, “what are you talking about?” Kali took a step toward Jinay’s door, “do you remember anything about the Organization?” Kali’s hand was on the handle to the door. “No, please tell me what you are talking about!” Jinay jumped off her bed. Kali opened Jinay’s door and took a step out, “stop!” Jinay yelled. Kali immediately stopped and turned to face Jinay. Her violet eyes blank, “as you wish.” She spoke like a robot. Jinay had control over Kali.

“What are you talking about?” Jinay asked firmly.

“I am not at liberality to tell you, as of the code 143564 of the GB’s handbook.”

“Who are these people you talk to me about, Phoenix and Momos, what meaning do they have?”

“I am not at liberality to tell you, as of the code 143564 of the GB’s handbook” Kali said once again, her voice still robotic.

“Will you always give me the same answer?” Jinay’s voice grew angry.

“Yes.” Jinay’s mind became weak and she lost control of Kali, Kali’s eyes became lively again and she shook her head and murmured something, “you will pay,” but Jinay could not hear this. Kali walked out of the room and Jinay collapsed on her bed.

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When Jinay finally came to, it was dark outside. 'W-Whaa....?' She felt extremely groggy, like she had just got back from the moon. 'I... Um.... What happened?' Jinay didnt know what happened before she fainted, she couldnt remember. 'I... I guess I was just tired...'

"JINAAAY!" Her mother called up to her. "PHOO-ONE!"

Jinay flipped her long hair out of her face, and reached for the home phone-line beside her bed. "Hello?"

"Hey, beautiful" said Dyruuni's voice. "I didnt have your cell number, so I looked you up in the phone book." His voice made Jinay smile.

"Hey, hey! Whatcha calling me for, anyway?"

"I wanted to go somewhere with you!" He said. She could hear the smile in Dyruuni's voice, and it made her smile widen.

"Sure, since tomorrow is Saturday, we totally coul--" Jinay began, but Dyruuni cut her off.

"No, no, no..... Tonight! I cant wait all the way till tomorrow, thats too long! I havent seen you all day!"

"Tonight?!?!" Jinay looked at her reflection in the mirror. "B- But, theres no way I can get ready fast enough!"

"You know I'll wait for you!!" He said. Well, she just couldnt argue with a line like that.

"Okay, fine. Where, when?"

"My house, ASAP."

Jinay's eyes went wider than ever. "YOUR HOUSE???"

"Yeah! What? Dont worry, my parents arent here or anything."

"Exactly why I am worried."

This made Dyruuni laugh, which, in turn, made Jinay smile.

"Chill, chill! We wont do anything you dont want to do."

"And what about what you dont want to do?"

"Jinay, I'm willing to do anything, especially if its what you want." He paused. "You know I love you!"

Jinay smiled, remembering the day he had told her so. "Yeah..... Yeah, I know." She bit her lip, excited, and nervous.

"So, do you want me to come pick you up? I dont like the idea of you walking around, alone, at night."

"Yeah, thanks. I should be ready in about..... 20 minutes?"


"See ya soon." Jinay hung up, stood up, and went to her closet. 'How far AM I willing to go with Dyruuni...?' She wondered as she picked out an outfit. 'I... love him. Hmm...' She took her outfit, and headed for the shower. 'Come to think of it, I havent even told Dyruuni that I love him yet!' Jinay smiled. 'I will though, tonight!'
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