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Story Thyme....
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A door slammed and Momos lifted his head, there stood Kali. She held a bucket of water a sponge, and a set of clothes. “You smell terrible Momos.” She said honestly, she walked to Momos and sat down next to him. She dipped the sponge in the water and starting wiping away the dry blood.

“How is Phoenix?” Momos asked concerned.

“Her data is being returned properly, but some of it was lost, not anything important though. The Organization says she should be ready in a few days.” Kali answered him, just as she was finished whipping away the blood.

“and Jinay?” Kali tightened her grip on the sponge and Momos’ blood dripped out of it, then she smiled, “she has forgotten it all.” Momos sighed in relief. “You will be released soon it just needs to be confirmed that she has forgotten everything.” Kali continued, “Suzu has yet to appear, so she should be safe, for the time being.” Kali handed Momos the set of clothes and turned around. Momos undressed and put on the clothes provided. When he was done Kali turned around and spoke, “Why don’t you stop this? If she were to figure out about you, all of us, she wouldn’t be with you. She is happy with Dyruuni and you are only a hindrance to her happiness.” When Momos said nothing she continued, “Your only goal is make sure she survives and is happy. Nothing else matters.”

“Has anyone ever told you that you are to honest?” Momos snapped.

“That was the way I was programmed, just like you are programmed to be a jackass.” Kali snapped back, she then stood and opened the door. “You know I still love you right?” Kali said turning around. Momos eyes widened, and then Kali jumped over to him and touched his forehead. “I wasn’t ready,” she then erased his memory of the thing she had just said and left.

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After Jinay got dressed and ready, she started on the walk to his house. As she walked, she noticed a girl with black hair and a headband (Usesaru, obviously, but she doesn't remember) walking quickly. When she caught up with Jinay, the girl said tonelessly, "Hey there."

Jinay smiled politely at the girl, seeing as she never remembered meeting her before, and said, "Hello there, it's nice to meet you. Who are you?"

The girl's widened only slightly at the response, realization glittering oh-so-lightly in them she replied (now seeming to pick her words carefully), "My name is Usesaru. I was looking for my friends, Phoenix and Momos, and was wondering if you had seen them anywhere. They have green hair and eyes and look almost exactly alike, except one is a guy and the other is a girl."

Drawing a blank on the description and names, Jinay shook her head and said, "No, sorry, I haven't. I'll keep a lookout for them, alright?"

Usesaru nodded, studying Jinay out of the corner of her eye, "Alright. I was hoping I'd be able to find them so the three of us could go to The Organization together."

Jinay tilted her head, and responded, "The Organization? Is that some type of club, or something?"

Usesaru's eyes narrowed slightly, "You could say that. Anyways," she turned her head to look fully at Jinay and nodded in thanks, "thank for cooperating with me, I hope you have a good day." She then walked away from Jinay, allowing Jinay to continue on to Dyruuni's house and muttered so no one else could hear, "Well, it seems that Kali finished her job. It's time to give them the okay to let Momos out, then."

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Jinay continued walking. 'The Organization? Hm. I wonder if it's any fun....' She was just about a minute away from Dyruuni's house. She felt excitement come back to her. 'I cant wait to see him!!' She felt her lips smile. When she finally arrived, she looked at the house. It was a mansion! Or at least, about as small as a mansion can be without looking too out of place. Jinay slowly walked up to the door. She was about to knock, but Dyruuni opened the door, looking as if he was about to go somewhere. He smiled at Jinay when he saw her.

"I thought I was going to come pick you up!" He said.

"Oh, I finished getting ready faster than I thought I would, and didnt want to wait for you." Dyruuni let Jinay in, took her coat, and hung it up on the coat-rack. Jinay took in the amazing entry-way. Lovely wood floors looked up at her, and everywhere she looked, it was spacious, with some form of art on a wall, or sitting on a table.

"Welcome to my humble abode." Dyruuni said as he, too, shed his coat.

"H- Humble!!?" Jinay laughed and looked at him. "Yeah.... this is about as humble as it gets, right?" she added sarcastically.

"Ha! For sure...." Dyruuni laughed. He led Jinay farther into the "house", and into the kitchen. "Drink?"

"Yeah. Coke, please." She answered. Dyruuni pulled two Cokes out, one regular, one diet. He handed the diet one to Jinay.

"There ya go, love." He said with a wink. Jinay let out a small gasp.

"Is there something you are trying to tell me, here?" She point to the word "diet" on her can. Dyruuni laughed

"Yeah, you are obese, Jinay, and I cant take it anymore, go on a diet, would ya?" He said jokingly, and poked her in the stomach. She poked him right back. They both laughed, and Jinay began to run away when she saw Dyruuni going to poke her again. She felt so comfortable here with him. Just his presents near her made her feel like she could do anything. She heard his quick steps behind her. She ran up the stairs to the second floor, and into a room. It, like all the others she had seen, was spacious, tidy, and fit for a king. She ran around the bed, Dyruuni right behind her, and then back out the door. Dyruuni chased Jinay all over the beautiful house. She ran into one room, and at a glance, she knew it was Dyruuni's. She jumped onto the bed, and was going to get to the other side, but Dyruuni grabbed Jinays ankle and pulled. She fell onto the bed, laughing histerically. Dyruuni layed next to her, laughing as well.

"You really love to play chase, dont you?" He said, catching his breath.

"You bet!" She said. "Besides," she added with a smile, "I need to burn off all this weight!" She stuck her tongue out at him. He began to tickle her. He tickled her until her face was bright red, and finally let her breathe. Once Jinay had finally caught her breath, she looked at Dyruuni, to find him laying on his side, propping up his head with his hand, staring at her.

"W- What?" She asked.

"Here we are, both of us, laying on my bed, nobody else in the house, and you arent even nervous." He smiled.

"Who says I'm not nervous?" She shot back.

Dyruuni brought his face very close to Jinay's. "Are you?" There was a moment of silence, and they simply looked into each others eyes. Jinay looked inside herself: She found excitement, longing, and love. No sign of being nervous anymore.

"No." She answered in a whisper. "No, I'm not." She took a deep breath, "Dyruuni, I want you to know that I love you too."

His eyes began to widen, but Jinay didnt want him to say anything. She just wanted him kiss her, hold her, touch her. She quickly leaned in and kissed him with love, and passion. They held each other so closely that there was no space between them. 'It feels so right....' Then something occured to her. 'Wait!' She pulled her face away from Dyruuni, slowly.

"Dyruuni?" She said to his disappointed face. "If.... If we were to.... make love.... would I be your first?"

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“Of course,” he sighed. Jinay smiled and brought her hand behind his head, pulling him slowly. There lips met, a shiver ran through Jinay, butterflies flew through out her stomach. He pulled away from her and took a strand of her hair in his hands, he dropped it and there lips met once again, more intense now. Jinay could feel his hand on her shirt, she wanted him. She pulled closer to him, there body fitted perfectly together. Dyruuni’s shirt slipped of and Jinay ran her hands against his warm chest. Jinay’s shirt was up expositing her stomach.

“Nee-chan what are you doing on top of that girl?” Jinay and Dyruuni stopped, they lifted there heads and saw a small girl with short black hair, the same color as Dyruuni’s staring at them. Dyruuni jumped of Jinay and Jinay pulled her shirt down. Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God.

“Sora what are you doing home? You are supposed to be at a friend’s house.” Dyruuni was bright red; he went on his knees and kissed the girl on her forehead.

“She got sick, so her mommy brought me home.” Sora smiled at Dyruuni. Jinay sat awkwardly on Dyruuni’s bed watching him and his… sister? “Nee-chan who is that girl? Why were you on top of her?” Sora pointed at Jinay.

“Well that is Jinay she is my friend, I w-was I w-w-was… playing a game! It’s were you umm, pick a card and you have to jump up and down, and that was one of the cards, ya that it. Dyruuni rambled on.

“Can I play Nee-chan?” Dyruuni shook his head, “That is only a game for big people.” He instructed. The girl shrugged and walked out of the room, when she left they both sighed.

“Sorry about that I thought she wouldn’t be home.” He sat next to Jinay.

“I didn’t know you had a sister,” Jinay said a little mad.

It never came up, I guess.” Dyruuni shrugged. Jinay stood and smiled at Dyruuni, “I think I should go, I will see you at school tomorrow.” Dyruuni jumped to his feet to protest, Jinay shook her head. Dyruuni walked her toward the door. He kissed her and another shiver ran down Jinay’s back. She wanted him so bad. She rapped her arms around him and kissed him passionately. All she could think about was how much she wanted him, needed him, and loved him. It took everything inside her to pull away from him, she smiled once more, and worked her way home.

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Jinay slowly walked home, feeling disappointed, and let down. 'Dyruuni is probably lecturing his sister right about now....' She looked at the bright, yellow moon. 'I really wanted.....' She sighed. Then smiled. 'But I'm sure Dyruuni and I will have numerous opportunities...' She continued walking, but it was only a matter of minutes before she was disappointed all over again. 'I was so READY! The mood was perfect! I wanted to, so badly...! I could just feel our love drawing us together....'

"UGH! Damnit!" Jinay kicked a dumpster, spilling the contents. 'Oh my God..... exactly what I need....' It was her neighbors trash, and she couldnt just leave it there, so she picked it up and put it back in the can. She went into her house, and headed right for the shower. While she was in it, she could still recall Dyruuni's warm, loving touch on her skin. It made her weak, and she had to lean against the shower wall. She closed her eyes, and saw Dyruuni's face: it made her smile. 'Oh, Dyruuni.... You're all I have....' With this thought came some distant sense of sadness, barely noticeable, but it was there. 'But....' She thought. 'You are all that I need. Your love is all I need, or want.' With that, Jinay rinsed herself, and hopped out of the shower, feeling refreshed. As she used a towel to dry off, she looked at her clotheless body in the mirror. 'I would have been this way with Dyruuni right now....' She tried to push disappointment out of her heart. 'Someday....' She thought, emerging from the bathroom, wearing her father's tee-shirt. 'Someday, very soon....' She smiled, thinking of Dyruuni's laugh, smile, voice, and touch, as she crawled into bed.

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"Momos, you're allowed out of here now. I confirmed that Jinay has no memory of anything connecting to The Organization."

Momos looked up and saw Usesaru leaning on the doorway into the now brightly lit hallway/staircase. He smiled, relieved, "That's good," and then slowly got up and, stumbling slightly, walked over to her. The black haired girl nodded in agreement then walked out into the hallway, Momos following after her. Going into one of the many doorways that lined the hall (which Jinay couldn't see before, since all the lights were turned off), she walked over to a screen that had a bunch of computer data flowing over it and placed her hand on it, seeming to go into some type of trance. Momos, being used to the situation, sat down in one of the (spinny!) chairs in the room and said, "So, who was the one who let Jinay into my room, anyways?"

Usesaru replied, her voice as neutral as ever, "That was me." Knowing that Momos was probably looking at her strangely, she continued, "I owed Phoenix because of what happened last time, and I felt this would repay it. Plus, I knew that Kali would just end up erasing Jinay's memories, so there was no need to worry." She turned around to look at him, "Do you want to know how she is progressing?" At his nod, she turned back to the screen, going a little bit back into the trance from before and said, "Phoenix is close to being fully recovered, but not completely as of yet. It seems that it will take a little bit more than a day in order for her reconstruction to to be finished." She finally pulled her hand away from the screen, she walked back over to him and sat down on a different (spinny!) chair.

Momos chuckled a little and said, "Your abilities have always been strange, Usesaru. I mean, most wouldn't think of, much less be able to, check on someone's progress by checking the files that they have directly."

She shrugged, and stated simply, "Being able to control computers and interpret their language does have at least a few benefits, you could say."

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Jinay woke up and dressed into her uniform, she ran downstairs and prepared herself breakfast. Her parents weren’t awake when it was time for her to leave fore school. She walked down her usual path waiting to see Dyruuni, he didn’t come. She waiting a few minutes but knew she was already going to be late. She started running so she wouldn’t be too late, when she bumped into someone. She was knocked to the ground and the wind was knocked out of her. When she looked up she saw a tall figure, a boy.

His round deep set eyes like two patches of dried blood; his fine, obsidian colored, hair was worn in a style that reminded you of a flame and a comet's trail, with a thin ponytail down to the middle of his back. He was very tall, a graceful build, large hands, and was extremely pale.

Jinay couldn’t help but study him, he looked so, different. She noticed he was wearing her school uniform and thought, I wonder why I never saw him around school. He offered a hand and she took it. He helped her to her feet; he was at least ten inches taller than her, maybe a little less.

“Sorry about that, I didn’t see you,” She apologized.

“Its fine,” he turned around and continued on his way. Jinay ran to catch up to him, “so you go to Hazakira School?” He looked at her up and down, “Just started it.” No wonder I hadn’t seen him.

“My name is Jinay, what is yours?” He stopped dead in his tracks, and slowly turned his head around.

“Did you say Jinay?” his voice sounded shocked, “Ya, Jinay, that’s my name.” Jinay tried not to notice his reaction.

“Well my name is Suzu, nice to meet you.” He let out a large hand and Jinay shook it. She asked him why he had cratered to Hazakira School and he just shrugged his shoulders. It was going to be hard to get answers out of this guy. They talked a little but then they heard someone running behind them.

Kali was running at top speed and tackled Suzu, he went down. (Despite the fact that Kali is really small) Kali started attacking Suzu, Suzu took her hands and pushed her of him. He stood quickly and put his hand off.

“You have the wrong person I think.” He said it so calmly. Kali was panting but she held her hands up ready to fight.

“I d-don’t t-think so.” She jumped at Suzu but Suzu moved out of the way.

“What is going on?” Jinay cried, Kali stopped and took Jinay’s arm.

“He is not safe Jinay stay away from him.” Jinay looked at Kali, “You’re that girl who was in my room that one time! Who the hell are you?” Kali had forgotten that she had erased Jinay’s memories and released her arm. She looked around as if trying to find someone.

“I’m, I am, I am,” she was jumping up and down, “Kali. You should stay a way from him.” She pointed at Suzu.

“I am pretty sure you have the wrong person.” Suzu lifted his hands as to show innocence. Kali looked at him, studied him, and then said, “Maybe you are right.” There was doubt in her voice. She looked at him one last time and repeated, “Maybe you are right” and waked away.

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As Jinay and Suzu continued on the walk to school, Jinay asked him, "Soo.. what's your schedule?"

Looking down at his schedule (that was sent to him through the mail), Suzu handed it over to Jinay, saying simply, "Here."

Eyes going over the boy's schedule quickly, Jinay smiled and said, "It seems that most of our classes are together. If you want, I'll show you where they are."

Suzu nodded, and said, "I'd like that, thank you."

The dark-purple haired girl shrugged, smiling, and said, "No problem! I know how easily it is to get lost in a new school."

After a few moments of walking silently, someone called out from behind them, "Hey, Jinay! Wait up!"

Jinay stopped and turned around, spotting Dyruuni running up to them and said, "Ohayo, Dyruuni-kun! What's up?"

Dyruuni, finally catching up to them, smiled back at Jinay and said "Nothing much." Spotting Suzu, his eyes narrowed and he added (in a tone of suspicion), "So, who's this?"

Jinay looked back at Suzu and said to Dyruuni, smiling, "Oh, this is Suzu! He's just starting at our school today, so I thought I'd show him around today."

Dyruuni nodded, eyes still narrowed, and said, "Alright then. Nice to meet you, Suzu."

The other boy nodded back at Dyruuni, an awkward tension seeming to build between the two, and said, "The same to you, Dyruuni."

The three now continued on, the tension between Dyruuni and Suzu making Jinay uncomfortable, and she sighed, thinking, 'Well, this day started out great, didn't it?'

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Soon, Jinay couldnt stand the tension. "Hey..." Jinay whispered into Dyruuni's ear, "What's up with you two...?" Dyruuni gave Jinay a look that said, "I'll tell you later, babe." Jinay nodded, satisfied. When they finally got to the school, Jinay said, "Hey - Suzu, I'll meet you in the lobby, and then I'll show you where 1st Period is, okay?" Suzu didnt even stop walking.

"Sure, okay," he shrugged. When he was out of hearing distance, Jinay turned to Dyruuni, who was still glaring in the direction of Suzu.

"So," she began, "What's up?" Dyruuni looked back at her, no longer glaring, but still serious. 'I forgot how intimidating he was when so serious....'

"That guy....." Dyruuni said, "Is trouble, I dont like the feel of him. I'm pretty sure he probably has a bad attitude too...." He looked back in the direction Suzu walked. Then back to Jinay. "Please, try not to be around him, and if you must, like when you show him around, please watch yourself. If he does anything weird, let me know." Jinay smiled at him.

"Oh, I dont think he is that bad. But I'll be careful anyway." She assured him. He smiled now, and it made Jinay warm all over. He pulled her close to him, not even caring about the people passing by.

"You always look for the best in people, Jinay, I love you that way." He put his fore-head to hers. "Sorry I was late to walk with you, it wont happen again."


"Promise." He gave her a short, but sweet kiss. They began walking towards the school entrance, Dyruuni's arm around Jinay's waist, her head leaning on his shoulder. "I'm not worried about him stealing you away or anything.... He just gives off a bad vibe." They walked into the loby. Jinay saw Suzu watching them walk in. They walked up to where he was.

"Hey, Suzu. Sorry for making you wait." Jinay told him. She turned back to Dyruuni and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "I'm gonna show him the rooms now, I'll see you in class."

"Okay, love." He slipped away from her, and went down the hall.
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Suzu didn’t say anything when Jinay brought him to his first class, his face was stern, but his large red eyes, made him look kind.

"So this is our first class, since I have a free seat next to me you can sit there, if you want" Jinay pointed to an empty spot in the class room. Suzu nodded and walked toward one of the seats, he sat down, he was almost too tall to fit. Jinay contained a giggle and sat next to him. The teacher began her lesson, but Jinay wasn’t paying attention. She was thinking of Dyruuni, his sweet smile, his warm eyes, and his bare chest. Jinay blushed to herself. She noticed from the corner of her eye Suzu looking at her and then write something down. People stood from there seats and started to gather there stuff. She heard the teacher shout something about a test and Jinay cussed under her breath. She should have taken notes.

"Here," she looked up and saw Suzu holding out a piece of paper, "the notes." Jinay smiled and took them; he must have known she was day dreaming.

"Thanks, I was day dreaming the whole class." Suzu shrugged and started walking toward the door. Jinay ran to catch up with him. "We have lunch together and that is in two periods so I will see you then. I am sure you can find someone to show you the way." He started walking in the opposite direction and thanked her silently. Jinay watched him walk away, towering of the other students, and then turned to find Dyruuni.

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When lunch time rolled around, Jinay sat down at one of the indoor tables (seeing as it was a bit cold outside that day) with Dyruuni. When she saw Suzu come into the cafeteria, she smiled and waved at him. When Suzu noticed her, he nodded and walked over to the table and sat down, saying "I hope you don't mind me sitting with you, I haven't met anyone else in this period lunch today."

Jinay smiled, saying, "I don't mind." She looked over at Dyruuni, "What about you, Dyruuni-kun?"

He shrugged, "He can sit with us, I guess. It's fine with me." Just as he finished speaking, he gave Jinay a look that said, 'I still have a bad feeling about this guy, but I'll put up with him... for now.'

Jinay nodded, then Suzu sat down, saying simply, "Thank you."

Jinay shrugged, "No problem," and they spent the rest of lunch eating and talking politely with one another.
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VerdaZak wrote:

Oh, it was fine!! Sheesh. I call next.
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When the bell to end lunch rang in Jinay's ears, she stood up, and threw away her trash in the nearest trash can. She turned to look at Suzu. "You remember where Room 62 is? That's where next period is. I dont need to show you again, do I?"

"No, I remember where it is." He said this as plainly as one could, and walk off, down a hall. Jinay turned to Dyruuni with a smile.

"So, we can walk together." She said. He smiled back and held her hand, intertwining his fingers with hers. They walked slowly, to hold the moment longer. When they arrived to class, the last warning bell rang just as they sat down, seats next to each other. Suzu had decided to sit in the back this time. 'That's fine,' Jinay thought. 'He doesnt need to be around us all the time.'

Classes dragged on, and Jinay actually paid attention for the rest of the day. When school was finally out, she walked out of the building with Dyruuni.

"What do you say we grab a drink or something?" He offered with his warm smile. Jinay was about to agree, but then she remembered.

"Oh, I'm so sorry, babe. You know that Science project due on Friday?" She waited for him to nod, then continued: "I havent even started it yet!" She knocked on her head lightly. "I spaced about it, until today when the teacher reminded us."

"Hey, thats okay. Ya want me to come over and help with it? I already have mine done." He smiled still....

"Ugh.... Dont tempt me to say yes. There's no way you can - you would either destract me, or end up doing the whole thing for me." She told him. His loving smile faded, but he didnt look too disappointed.

"Well, can I walk you home?" he tried once more. Jinay smiled.

"Of course." She let him hold her hand in his, as they walked the few blocks to Jinay's house.
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Kali walked into one of the many rooms in the Organization, and huffed angrily, sitting down on the couch that was in the room. Momos walked into the room and, noticing that Kali was mad, sat down on the other side of the couch and said, "What's wrong?"

Kali shifted on the couch, saying, "Now it seems we have to keep an even closer eye on Jinay now."

Momos raised his eyebrow, curious, and responded, "Why? Has something else come up already?"

Kali sighed, running her hand through her hair, "Yeah. Seems that Suzu appeared." she laughed humorlessly, "He kept on saying that I must have been thinking of someone else, but it was easy to tell it was him. I would know his looks anywhere."

The boy's eyes widened and he said disbelievingly, "What? I thought he would take far longer to find her."

Kali sighed once again, and said simply, "Me too." She got up from the couch, and said while rolling her eyes, "I got some other things to do now, see ya," then walked out of the room.

“Hey,” Kali poked her head in, “I forgot to tell you, Radera is almost done with Phoenix, you should go check on her,” and with that Kali was gone. Momos stood and walked out the door, he saw Kali’s long red hair whipping around a corner. He walked in the direction of the Radera’s room. When he finally found it he held his breath and prepared for what he was going to see. There stood Radera, leaning over Phoenix whispering to himself. Phoenix lay across a table, her eyes were closed, Radera was closing up a gash on her side, and you could see the wires sticking out of the wound.

Radera had orange hair, the color of autumn leaves; that reminded you of a tangled bush. His eyes were stunning almost like molten gold. If Phoenix were standing he would be slightly taller than her, he was very slightly tanned and was somewhat boyish.

“How is she?” Momos stepped near Phoenix.

Radera looked up from what he was doing and, smiling in amusement, said to Momos "Well, look who's finally here to see dear old Radera. I was starting to wonder if you didn't love me anymore." Momos ignored his comment and reached in to touch Phoenix, Radera slapped his hand away. “Don’t touch my work,” Momos glared at Radera, but he just kept on working on Phoenix.

Momos crossed his arms, and said, "You didn't answer my question, you know."

The orange-haired boy shrugged, finishing the wound, and said, "She's fine, nothing's gone wrong so far, and all important data was restored inside her memory bank." He leaned back away from the table, stretching, and said, "Just the usual."

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When Jinay went to bed that night, she sank quickly into dreamland. Jinay went through many dreams, from the completely insane ("Why is that duck doing aerobics with a melon?") to normal fantasies about everyday life ("Oh, it was an awesome date, Dyruuni! Say, why don't we go over to my house? *suggestive wink*"). As her dreams went on, her mind slowly started to notice something feeling almost..... wrong, as if some other person was viewing these dreams along with her. Her dream-self (now surrounded by a bunch of tall, dark buildings) turned around quickly, yelling out, "Who's there? Show yourself!"

There was a soft chuckle in response, and dream-Jinay saw a movement from her right side, making her turn around quickly and yell "Who are you?!"

A shuffle from behind her dream-self caught her attention, and she looked, seeing only the flash of a knife-

And then woke up, terrified and drenched in sweat.

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