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Story Thyme....

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Momos had left, and Radera sat down for a break. "I cant work non-stop all the time..." he said to nobody in particular. He sat beside where Phoenix's scarred body lay. Radera had managed to close up most of the gashes, and repaired the slashes as well. He studied his latest patient carefully. She was no longer bloody, and her buises had faded to a very light shade of brown. She wasnt pale anymore, and one could see her breathing. All that she had to do was wake up. Radera smiled to himself. "You've been through a lot, huh?" Phoenix didnt answer. "I dont blame you for wanting to sleep so long." He stood, and looked at Phoenix's beautiful, peaceful face. "Man, how does such a gorgeous girl get stuck doing all the risky stuff...?" Phoenix made no sound. Radera slowly reached out and gently touched her warm cheek. He smiled. "Seems your blood is flowing just fine." He continued to look at her, bringing his face closer to hers, studying her ever feature. "I cant wait to see the color of your eyes.............Phoenix."

Phoenix's eyes flashed open at the sound of her name. Radera pulled back as quick as his reflexes would allow, his face portrayed with a mixture of surprise and panic. (Like this - ) Phoenix didnt say anything as she shifted her eyes to scan the room she lay in. Her gaze finally settled on Radera.

"Morning, sunshine!" he said, letting his warmest smile surface to his face.

"Who are you?" Phoenix said, not rudely nor friendly - bluntly.

"I'm Radera" he replied, his eyes holding his kind intentions. "I fixed you."

"F- Fixed.... me?" Phoenix looked down at her body. Then realization hit her face. "Jinay! Jinay - Where is she, where is Jinay? Is she alright?" She stood up and put her face very close to Radera's, eyes wide, and full of question.

"Jinay? The latest task that The Organ. has been dealing with? I- I dont know all the details, but I've been told that she is safe, and happy." Radera answered Phoenix as best he could. Her eyes weren't as wide anymore, but she didnt give Radera any personal space - she kept her face near his.

"That's all you know?"

"Y- Yes. The latest task really isnt my area of knowledge." He nervously smiled, and scratched his head. Phoenix finally pulled away from him.

"What was your name again?" Phoenix said, backing up and looking Radera up and down once more, this time actually taking in his features.

"Radera." He said. Phoenix smiled and stuck out her hand.

"I'm Ph-"

"Phoenix." Radera said for her. "I know." He took a step towards her, and looked into her eyes. After a moment, he said, with a smile: "Hmm... they are a beautiful green."
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“Who is there?” Jinay looked around her room, and wiped the sweat from her forehead. She stood up and went to the sink to splash water on her face. She looked in the mirror and saw that her eyes were blood shot. She splashed herself once again. She needed to see Dyruuni.

Only a dream, it’s only a dream.

It was far from the time to start getting ready for school so Jinay quietly snuck out her window and started to run to Dyruuni’s. His parents were still supposed to be away on there business trip, and Sora would be fast asleep. She passed a house with all it’s lights on unlike the other houses. She stopped to stare at, she felt she had been there before but couldn’t remember. She forced the feeling away and continued walking toward Dyruuni’s house.

When she reached his house she felt butterflies in her stomach. She snuck over to the window that was Dyruuni’s. She knocked on it and waited, Dyruuni came to the window looking really tired. He eyes went wide when he saw her and then he opened the window. He had a smile on his face and she loved it.

“Why are you here?” He said rubbing his eyes.

“I had a bad dream, I wanted to see you.” She sat down on his bed, sighed. “You came all the way over here because you had a bad dream?”

“You make me feel better,” she stood and wrapped her arms around his neck, and rested her head on his shoulder. He kissed the top of her head, and wrapped his arms around her.

“Sometimes I feel like I am going to lose you, I just… want you to be safe.” He said hugging her tighter. She looked up at him; his lovely blue eyes stared down at her. He leaned in and rested his lips on hers, they held each other tighter. Dyruuni rested Jinay on his bed.
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As Dyruuni gently lay Jinay down she could feel her heart swelling with love for him. She wanted to stay this way with him, forever. Jinay could feel his warmth spreading through-out her being as he place his body atop hers, their lips never parting. She could feel her want for him growing intensely. Jinay could feel him wanting her as well. Dyruuni slowly ran his warm hands up Jinay's sides, slipping off her father's tee-shirt. Jinay took this oportunity to slip off his shirt as well. She pulled him close to her, no more space between their bodies. Jinay could feel the skin of his abs against her bare stomach. She loved the feel of his heavy breathing, and couldnt help but smile as they kissed. This, in turn, made Dyruuni smile as well. He carefully pulled off the loose sweats that Jinay had pulled on before hopping out her window. She wrapped one of her smooth legs around one of his strong, tan ones. Dyruuni slowly pulled his lips from hers, and began gently kissing her neck, and running his soft kisses all the way down to her stomach, where he hit the top of her underwear.

Jinay giggled.

"That tickles!" She whispered. Dyruuni brought his face back up to Jinay's. He placed his forehead on hers, just looking into her eyes. Jinay looked back, seeing a whole world of love in his eyes. She could feel her own love for him building up inside her. Dyruuni slowly brought his hand up, and gently brushed away a lock of hair that she hadn't even noticed was on her face. He held Jinay's face, his hand resting on her cheek. Jinay shut her eyes, feeling the loving warmth coming from his touch. "I love you so much, Dyruuni...." she whispered. She opened her eyes.

"I love you too." He whispered back. They kissed gently once again.

"You know..." Jinay said, taking a break from their kiss. "You dont have to undress me all the way, if you're uncomfortable." She couldnt help but smile as she said this, and smile even wider at the look on his face.

"U- Uncomfortable?? What makes you think I'm uncomfortable, I'm the male here." He let a smile slip as well, even though Jinay could tell he was trying to remain composed, and on-top of things. (No pun intended. )

"Well, I just thought you would have done it by now." Jinay kept herself from giggling. 'We are stopping to talk about this, and I dont feel the least bit nervous or out of place.'

"W- Well... I just, wasn't all that sure if you wanted to go all the way with it. I'm willing to, (hell - I want to really badly,) I just didnt want to mess this up by doing something you didnt want me to do," he said, losing eye-contact with her.

Jinay could tell that Dyruuni was being honest, and that this made him feel a little less in charge to say. She tilted his head to look at her again, and kissed him briefly. She pulled away and looked into his eyes. "I love you - I want to do this with you..." She held his hands gently, and guided them to the place on her chest where the front clasp to her bra was. He looked at Jinay with a look that said, "Are you absolutely sure?" Jinay smiled and nodded. Dyruuni kept his eyes on Jinay's as he undid the clasp, and slipped the bra off. Jinay smiled. "Now, was that so ba-" She was cut off by his lips hitting hers, passionate and intense once again. Jinay ran her hands through Dyruuni's thick, red hair. She then decided that she wanted a turn on top. She rolled, and they had switched spots.

"Whoa! What a smooth move!" he said, amusement in his voice. They continued kissing, touching, holding, and undressing each other. Jinay kissed his broad shoulders and chest, then his stomach. She came back up, and layed on his chest, her head on his shoulder, their legs intertwined, skin on skin. They could feel each other's breathing, and the love overflowing between them. Neither wanted the night to end. Ever.

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“Momos,” Kali came running up the hall to catch up with Momos, “Phoenix and youself can return home now. Her data is restored and she should be fine.” Kali stepped in front of Momos her head down, her long red hair shielding her eyes.

“You have to forget about her, Jinay. She doesn’t know you, remember you, it is best if you let me make you forget. She has already crossed the line with Dyruuni, a line you could never pass with any human. So please let me make you forget.” Kali’s shoulders shook, and tiny tears fell to the floor. She reached out her hand to Momos forehead, he pushed her hand away.

“Don’t touch me! Don’t you dare touch me! I don’t want to forget, I don’t ever want to forget.” Momos shook in anger; he dug his fingers into his palm, his rage growing. “Don’t you touch me, ever!” He pushed Kali to the floor her head slammed against the wall.

“I just-” Kali was interrupted when Momos took her wrist in his hands and pulled her up to his face, her feet hanging inches above the ground. “Three years, you took three years away from my life. Don’t you ever come near me again!” He dropped Kali to the ground and walked past her quickly.

“I just wanted you to forget,” she sobbed, “if only I could go back.”

She ran up to the school, Dyruuni’s hand intertwined with hers, “I will see you at lunch.” She slipped her hand away from his, and then ran to her first class. She sat down and looked for Suzu, she had to give him his notes. Suzu walked in a second before class had to start, sat down near Jinay, and stuck out his hand. Jinay slipped him the notes and thanked him. Class began and Jinay slipped him a note.

You look upset what wrong???

Suzu looked at the note as if he didn’t know what to do with it and then scribbled a quick reply.

Bad morning don’t worry about it.

Jinay sighed because of the inability to communicate with him, he really doesn’t talk much. She thought, and then once again started to day dream about Dyruuni. Class ended and Suzu shook her awake, his red eyes gleaming down at her, “You really should pay more attention in class, instead of thinking of him.” He set his notes down on her desk and she blushed. The other classes went by quickly and she asked for notes from her class mates, she couldn’t keep her mind off Dyruuni. When she finally saw Dyruuni for lunch she snuck him away from everyone else and stool a kiss from him. He rapped his arms around her and they got lost in time. She melted in his arms and when he pulled away it only made her lust for more. He laughed at her eagerness and told her that it wasn’t the time. He saw her obvious disappointment and gave her one last satisfying kiss. The day ended quickly and she walked with Dyruuni, because Dyruuni had to take care of Sora, he couldn’t walk her all the way home.

“Then I will baby-sit her with you,” she crossed her arms together and cocked her head. He said it was ok, and she stepped into his house. They walked up the stairs and passed Dyruuni’s room, butterflies flew around her stomach. After babysitting Sora and sneaking in a few kisses Jinay left for home. When she was walking home she saw two people with green hair entering the house that Jinay passed on her way to Dyruuni’s that morning. She passed the house and ran to her own and then finished her homework and fell asleep.
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Jinay was dreaming again, in the middle of those tall, dark, buildings from before. This time it was the presence of that other was obvious to her, and her dream-self, instead of panicking like before, she calmly stood in her place and said loudly, "I know you're there, I can feel you. Come out already, this is tiring for me and I'm in a dream. Some thing seems a bit wrong about that." When nothing changed, she continued, "If you come out, I won't try anything. Cross my heart and hope to die."

After the promise, Jinay heard some shuffling coming from behind her. As she started to turn around (to ry to see who the person was, obviously), she felt a cold, sharp piece of metal touch her neck and a voice say, "It would be best for both of us if you didn't do that."

'That voice,', dream-Jinay thought, 'I should know that voice from somewhere. Why can't I place it?' Taking a deep breath, her dream-self said, "Why are you doing this?"

The same soft chuckle from last time entered her ears, and the (plain, obviously male) voice said, "This is what I'm here for, after all. Your type, even if you don't mean to be," the knife at dream-Jinay's throat pressed just a little bit harder, "Are always too dangerous for your own good."

Trying to keep her breathing calm, dream-Jinay pleaded, "Please, don't do this. You've got to have me confused with someone else. I'm a normal girl with a normal life!"

All was quiet for a minute, then the voice "Alright. I'll let you go, for now." The knife was released from dream-Jinay's throat, but she didn't feel relieved, for the voice continued, "But that doesn't mean you're boyfriend is going to get out of this alive." And just before she was going to turn around and confront the voice-

She woke just like before, sweat-soaked and a feeling of foreboding running down her spine.
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"So how do you want to die?" A familiar voice shook Dyruuni's dream. Dyruuni turned around but he saw nothing. Dark flashes passed his eyes.

"I was thinking," a small rope tightened around Dyruuni's neck, “something among the lines of strangulation. Though I do prefer to use knives myself."

"Who are you?" Dyruuni choked out.

"Does it really matter? You will be dead in a few seconds." The rope tightened around Dyruuni's neck, he gasped for air, his lungs burned. Then the voice started to hum, slowly tightening the rope around his neck.

“Down, down, down into the darkness of the grave
Gently they go, the beautiful, the tender, the kind;
Quietly they go, the intelligent, the witty, the brave.
I know. But I do not approve. And I am not resigned.”

The voice stopped humming when Dyruuni’s body went slack, “This wasn’t only a dream.” Dyruuni’s eyes were slightly open, his life slipping away. He looked up to the dark face and said, “Suzu?” There was a dark laugh and then a foot kicked Dyruuni in the chest, everything went black.

“Sorry buddy but I can’t have you getting in the way.” Suzu turned around, leaving Dyruuni dead not only in his dreams but in his bed, with a grin on his face.

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Kali and Radera were both in the room with the couches, lightly chatting with each other but mostly doing their own things (Kali writing in a journal, Radera sitting upside-down on a different couch while reading a book that was right-side-up), when Kali gasped, clutching her head as she rocked back and forth slightly, tears forming in her eyes. Glancing over at her from where he sitting, Radera said, "Kali? Did a spider crawl into you ear again, or something?" When Kali didn't respond Radera furrowed his brow and flipped over then stood up, walking over to her and saying, "Kali? You okay?"

Just as he was about to touch her shoulder, she looked up quickly straight at him and said, "Something's wrong with Jinay!"

Radera, just getting over Kali's freak-out said, "Wh-what?"

The red-haired girl stood up, rubbing her temples with a thoughtful expression on her face, "Something's got Jinay going into an emotional breakdown. From what I can see, it has something to to do with..." her concentrated face melted into a look of horror, "Oh, god... Dyruuni's dead!"

Radera looked over at Kali, slightly confused, and said "Dyruuni? I'm guessing that's a normal person that the task was close to?" At the girl's nod, he said, "Well, why not just erase the task's memories of him, then? Wouldn't that the best thing to do in this situation?"

Kali shook her head quickly "Not in the slightest! Wiping a GB from person's memory and wiping a normal person from a person's memory are two completely different things! Besides," she sighed, "I'm only allowed to do that if it's decided that Jinay won't be able to cope any other way."

Radera nodded, smiling, and said, "I guess I go call the Twins and tell them their latest assignment, then!" then walked off to go find the nearest phone.

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Saigo no ame no naka Hitori de nagame ta soramoyou- Phoenix picked up her cell phone and brought it up to her ear, "Hello, this Phoenix," She said happily.

"Phoenix, it's Radera-" Phoenix cut him off, "Oh Radera hello, I haven’t talked to you since I was released. Thanks again for repairing me."

"It was nothing, but more importantly Dyruuni is pushing daisies, he hit the bucket-" Radera got cut off once again, "Dyruuni died, Phoenix! You have to find Jinay before she does anything to rash." Kali voice came from the phone now. Phoenix dropped the phone, her mouth wide open.

"What is wrong Phoenix?" Momos stood and walked over to her, he picked up the phone.

"You have to help her! She could, she could..." Kali trailed off, "Phoenix are you there? This is important!"

"What is happening? Why is Phoenix so in shock?" Momos questioned concerned.

"Momos? Momos, you have to find Jinay, Dyruuni died!" Momos shut the phone and looked at Phoenix.

"Come on we have to find her." He grabbed her arm and pulled Phoenix along with lighting speed. They were searching frantically until they saw the shadow of her, with someone. Momos and Phoenix hid behind a bush and watched from afar.

You could hear Jinay's muffled cries as she buried her head against someone chest, a hand was lightly stroking her hair.

"I am sorry Jinay, just stop thinking about it. Just let everything go." The voice was kind, "I can't, I just can't!" Her sobs grew heaver.

"That Suzu," Momos got up and prepared to go and stop the scene, and then Phoenix grabbed his arm and pulled him down. "You can't, he is doing no harm, let us just watch. If things get out of hand we will step in. She doesn’t remember us, remember?" She pulled Momos down and then looked back to what was happening with Jinay.

"Why? How could this happen? He was my everything, I loved him so much." Jinay's voice was breathless.

"Jinay, I will be here for you. Just stop crying, breath." His voice was smoothing to Jinay, she breathed in and out, and then broke into tears again. She hugged Suzu tight drenching him in her tears, whispering, "Why? Why? Why?...."

Momos could barley watch the scene, oh how he wished that she was holding him and not the enemy, but Phoenix's arm kept him down. Phoenix's eyes traced every detail of Jinay and Suzu's situation, lightly whispering, "How did he get to her first? How did he know about Dyruuni's death before we did?" Momos could only hear her voice but not make out the words. Then Phoenix gasped, "He killed Dyruuni!"

"How can I live without him Suzu? How? Tell me how?" No matter how hard Jinay tried she could not seem to stop crying, Suzu was still stroking her hair, "I will take care of you Jinay. You don't have to worry. Now look at me." Jinay raised her head, he eyes bright red. "You will be ok, I won't let anything happen to you, you are my friend."

It is strange how a person can be two completely different people, one side kind and trusting, the other malicious and suffocating. People only often see the side that is kind, but others have eyes that see the malicious side, Jinay didn’t see through those eyes. All she saw was a kind, warming face, which cared for her. She felt nothing for this person, nothing like she had felt for Dyruuni, but she felt he would take care of her, when her world came crashing down, which it did. Because in her moment of weakness he was there for her, and she would trust him no matter what.

"Really?" She sucked in all her tears and stared up to the kind face.


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Jinay sprinted down the dark street as fast as her physical being could go. 'Dyruuni.....' she thought, '....oh - please be alright.' It was cold out, and she hadn't even bothered to pull on any sweatpants this time. She didn't even notice the cold though. The terror building up inside her made her unable to think or feel anything else. After what felt like forever to Jinay, she finally arrived at Dyruuni's house. She practically dove through the open window. She layed her eyes on the lifeless body on the bed, and her heart stopped.

Jinay's lungs felt as if they were being mercilessly squeezed, and her eyes burned with hot tears. She collapsed onto the hard, cold floor. She felt an immense, bloody attack on her heart. Her heart surged for a beat, trying to grasp life once again. But no life was in reach. The only life she had had, was lying motionless on the bed; dead. Jinay gasped for air, coughing through tears. She managed to claw her way onto the bed, and beside her beloved's empty container. She put her petite, shaking hand in his pale, cold one. She held it tight, tighter than she had ever wanted to before. It didnt squeeze back. She felt no pulse. Tears came faster now, as she moved his heavy arms and put them around her. She wanted him to hold her. But he couldnt. His touch had lost it's warmth, it's love. He's dead. The sick fact pulsed through her veins, driving her grief and sorrow. He's dead, he's dead, he's dead.... the voice from the dream chanted in her throbbing head. Dead! Lifeless! Deceased! Gone.... Jinay continued sobbing, her face on what was once Dyruuni's strong, warm shoulder. There was no room in her head for her own thoughts. She could not speak words, for it was all she could do to breathe. All that she could do was feel these intense feelings of grief and longing that were running her every move, sitting behind every heaving sob. Her mourning cut deep within her, to the very depths of her soul.

She knew this feeling rather well. It came familiarly to her, only more intense and extreme than ever before. These feelings were at the core of her very being. She pulled her face up and looked into Dyruuni's still open eyes through her own blurry vision. The beautiful seas of deep, caring blue that Jinay had loved so much, were now a blank, faded light blue. They were empty. The only thing Jinay had ever found in his eyes was love. Even when they had first met, they had held at least a little bit of love, care, or longing. This was the first time that she had found none of those things in his eyes. Nothing. Nothing is there. You're beloved has left you.

"N-" She choked. "No..." Jinay couldnt bare the pain. This love she had built up for him was now suffocating. Like when you fatten a pig, then kill it. Or feed a flame, then cut off it's oxygen supply. "D- Dyr- ruuni..." she sobbed. She brought her hand to the side of his cold, pale face, gently touching his cheek."Please... come back to me...."

Jinay brought her lips to what had been Dyruuni's. She kissed them with all the love in her heart. Her love for him remained in her aching heart, even if he wasnt there to receive it.
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Momos felt the rage rising in him towards the murderous Suzu, holding the only one Momos had ever loved. His heart beat faster, and his pulse quickened. Suzu had taken everything Jinay had had. Now, Momos sat watching as the same killer take advantage of her grief. He couldn't take it. Surprise interrupted the look of horror and dismay Phoenix had been wearing as she watched Momos stand. The extra strength and power that came with Momos' rage forced him toward Suzu.

"M- Momos!" Phoenix had called after him, a little too late.

In a second, Momos had tackled Suzu to the ground. Jinay looked on. She was startled but not afraid. She felt she didnt need to be afraid of this odd-looking person. Jinay felt calmer than she had all night. She felt relief, like she had just slipped away from something horrible. She watched as Momos assulted Suzu, and as Phoenix rushed over. Phoenix tried to calm Momos down, but after a moment, gave up.

Suzu, comprehending the situation, disappeared out from under Momos. Momos hit the ground, but he didnt even wince. He was up in an instant, driven by hatred for Suzu, and love for Jinay. He looked around for Suzu, but he had not re-appeared, and it was still dark outside. Jinay finally found her voice.

"D- Do I know you two?" She took a cautious step towards Phoenix. Jinay's question was never answered. They heard a thin, evil voice in the air.

"You two are fools!"

Jinay recognized the voice instantly. Anger came to her. She was not going to be afraid, or hold back. This time, she was clear-headed, she wasn't dreaming.

"BASTARD! Come out here, you murderer! Have you killed Suzu now too??"

The voice chuckled. It sent shivers up and down Jinay's spine. Suzu re-appeared behind her, holding a large knife to her neck. Jinay froze. Momos began to take a step forward, his face portraying true fear.

"You two brought my task upon me sooner than I wished...." Another humorless laugh. "I was hoping to maybe make her love me first, then kill her."

Jinay felt the cold knife pressing against her neck. She felt it cut skin, and felt a drop of blood trickle down her neck.

"Suzu! Dont do this, okay...?" Phoenix tried against impossibility to reason with him. 'Suzu....?' Jinay thought. She remembered Dyruuni's warning about Suzu. Fresh tears came. 'I'm so stupid!'

"SUZU!" Jinay shrieked. Her neck moved, the knife cutting her more. "Stop this!" She felt the knife slowly move away from her neck.

"As you wish..." Suzu let his grip on Jinay go, and she immediately ran to Phoenix, who stood in front of her protectively. Suzu's eyes were blank. 'Why did he listen...?' She thought. Momos, more composed now, waisted no time. He held out his hand, and a sharp beam of light went from the palm of his hand to Suzu's chest. Suzu fell to the ground, right after his eyes lost their blankness. A moment went by, then Phoenix went to check his pulse. She checked every spot for one. She looked back at Momos.

"Nice shot, Momos, he's dead."

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Jinay blinked, trying to process that a green-haired boy (along with a girl with the same color hair) appeared out of nowhere and ended up killing someone that she thought was her friend, but ended up trying to kill her instead. Even as she was taking it all in, the green-haired boy moved towards her, placing his hand on the girl's shoulder and saying, "Hey, you alright?" The green-haired girl had stopped checking Suzu and now seemed to be talking to someone on the phone.

Jinay finally realized the boy was touching her, and slid away from the grasp, and said, "Who- who are you two?"

The female twin's phone snapped shut, gaining the attention of the other two, and she said to Momos, "Usesaru is gonna be over in a few minutes to help out with getting rid of Suzu's body." She then turned to Jinay, a smile and just a hint of sadness in her eyes, and said, "I'm Phoenix," she gestured to her twin, "and he's Momos. We're here to help out, you could say."

Jinay blinked, then replied, "Wh-what? Why?"

Momos sighed, "It's a long-"

"I'm here." Usesaru appeared seemingly out of nowhere, face and voice as blank as usual, "What is it that you need assistance with?"

Both Phoenix and Momos whipped around quickly, but relaxed when they saw it was Usesaru. They sighed from relief, and Phoenix said while gesturing to Suzu's body, "Yeah, we were wondering if you could search his pockets then do something with body while we explain this stuff to Jinay. That fine with you?"

Usesaru turned to look at the body, her brow furrowing very lightly in confusion, and said "It seems I won't have to, soon enough."

The twins turned to look and gasped in shock, seeing Suzu's legs start to fade away into oblivion. "What is this..?" Momos whispered, stunned at what was happening before their eyes. Soon enough, Suzu's whole
body had disappeared.

Phoenix stared for awhile, shocked at what just happened, then took a deep breath and said, "We need to tell the others what just happened. Momos," she looked over at her twin and gestured with her head towards the black-haired girl, "go with Usesaru back to the Org. and tell them about everything, from the fight to what just happened. I'll take Jinay back to her house." Just as the boy was about to argue, she yelled, "Just do it already!" Momos sighed, then nodded and walked off with Usesaru. When the two couldn't be seen anymore, Phoenix turned back to the somewhat-ignored Jinay and smiled, saying, "Well, we better get you back to your house, then!" Then grabbed the other girl's hand and started pulling Jinay towards her house.

"But what just happened?" Jinay said, finally over most of the major shock of what just happened.

Phoenix sighed and said, "I'll explain everything to you tomorrow, alright? You're tired, and probably need a while to get you wits back together. Anyways," she said as they came up to Jinay's house, "Here we are! I'll see you later then!" She finished, and left the other girl standing in front of her house.

Meanwhile, away from the two girls, someone was thinking, 'Good, it seems that all is going to plan. Just a little more time, then Jinay will be dead and us, free.'

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"Hope is the worst of evils, for it prolongs the torment of man,” A strong voice carried through out a crowd of people, "so we must crush her hope to free her from her torment!" All was silent and then a wave of cheers came from the crowd.

The person stepped down from a platform, "Miss Kihona that was an amazing speech! They listen to you so well." The two walked down a dark hallway, "Kuru leave me." The young boy backed off and turned around, "goodbye Miss Kihona." The black haired girl opened a door and sat down by a near by chair.

You have done well my young one. Now you must destroy her, people like her are not meant to live. Those who have the powers and control only I should have. Listen to me well, anyone who tries to get in your way, kill them.

"Oh, the devils voice is sweet." She lifted her head and sighed.
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Jinay felt confusion and lonliness pulse through her as she watched Phoenix walk away. Her mind was blank as she quietly climbed the staircase to her room. She entered the darkness, and listened to her door creek as she slowly shut it behind her until she heard the latch click. Jinay didnt know what to think. What she could think. She didnt know if it was safe to think anything about anyone. In her heart there were so many things happening. Questions were stirring around inside her, although she was unaware of them. Her heart could have burst from all the feelings she was feeling at once. But her mind was blank. Like it's ability to process thought had come to a cease. She machinically walked to her bed and layed on top of the covers. She had no intension of sleeping. She couldnt. No way. Not with all the unsettling mixtures of feelings that were bouncing around inside her.

Jinay stared at the ceiling of her bedroom. It seemed like an hour or so before Jinay could process a thought. What...?! She turned on her side, changing her object of focus from her ceiling to her shower curtain, which she could see in her bathroom, hanging limp, looking dark and eerie. It ran a cold shiver down her spine. Jinay went to her bathroom door and closed it. Then she returned to her position of thought. (Or lack there-of.)

W- What happened...? She felt empty and blank. I know I'm not dreaming.... She crawled under her covers. Ahh. Warm... and comforting... The feeling was familiar. She remembered the similar warmth and comfort she felt in Dyruuni's arms. D- Dyruun- ni.... Her eyes over-flowed with tears all at once. Dyruuni l- left me... Her breath was quick and sharp. She dug her face into her pillow, soaking it in tears. H- He's d- dead.... Then she stopped. Her sobbing stopped, her breath stopped her thoughts stopped. Her mind broke through the remains of it's fog as she remembered (although to her, it felt like first-time realization) the events that occured after she had found Dyruuni dead. All of it hit her at once.

"S- S- Su- Suzu k- killed D- Dyr- ruuni..."

Her voice was a shaky excuse for a whisper, barely audible. Then the questions floaded in, one at a time. Who were those siblings? How did the boy kill Suzu? When will I see either of them again? Why did Suzu do those things? Why did he try to kill me? Why did this happen? Then there was just that one question left. Why did this happen?!

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Radera blinked, trying to process all the stuff he and Kali were just told, and said, "Well.. At least we never have time to be bored around here!"

Kali rolled her eyes and glared over at Radera, "Radera, this is serious, so try to act that way for once. Anyways," she turned back towards Usesaru and Momos with an intense stare and continued, "are you sure that you saw Suzu disappear? That it couldn't have been something else?"

Momos scoffed, frustrated and tired from the goings-on, "I think it would be hard for us to mistaken a boy fading into freaking nothingness from something else."

Usesaru nodded, "I agree. I can't think of anything else that it could have possibly been, though I wish I could. But if it turns out that what Momos and I observed is actually what happened, then we can already narrow down on the different ideas on why and how it occurred." The black-haired girl exhaled and adjusted her white headband, "One being that he's some kind of otherworldly being or spirit that brought himself to this world because of a strange unexplainable vendetta against Jinay-"

"-Or, someone else from this world brought him here to do their dirty work." Momos finished, his thoughts going along the same line.

Kali raised her eyebrow and leaned her head against her hand and said, "Well, who would the main suspects be, then?"

Radera shrugged and, going along with the thoughts of the other two, said, "It would most be likely someone from one of two categories. The first being someone entirely new that we have absolutely no information on who somehow gained or was born with the ability to summon Suzu and/or people like him. The second, and less likely, possibility being someone who we already know and has just kept us from finding out about this ability the whole time. And the only people who would be able to hide it from us are people who we haven't studied for magical talent, which up to this point only includes Jinay, and Usesaru because she the newest of us. And even if Usesaru did have that power, she's too loyal and predictable to do something such as this." He now turned toward his topic of conversation and grinned sheepishly, saying, "No offense."

The emotionless girl simply nodded in acknowledgment to him and said, "None taken."

Kali groaned and stretched while standing up and said, "I'd better go tell the council member what happened and all we've figured out. Later," and walked out of the door to the room they were in.

Just as the door swung fully closed, it was pushed open by a green-haired girl. "Hey, guys!" Phoenix said to the other three, "What'd I miss?"

As she finished talking, Radera came over to Phoenix and swung his arm around her should and said, grinning, "So you're not dead yet! Good thing, too," he messed up her hair, "You tired me out enough rebuilding you the first time!"

As Phoenix laughed at Radera's antics, Momos got up and stomped towards him, growling, "Radera, stop harassing Phoenix already!"

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