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29 / F / 大好きの美少年共に―
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ipychan wrote:

wowwwwwww amazing great job freya chan i really like the part when lydia kiss edgar's hand and the last scene when he proposed just to keep lydia beside him (eventhough it's a lil bit cheat LOL, he only wants to have connection to fairy world huh) gud spoiler i like it hahaha. so romantic. i wish i had more time to read the novel, it sounds good. Hope the subber will work fast to sub ep7. it seems a really good episode :).

haha.. it is not translate by me.. :X haha.. Edgar always cheat..
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29 / F / 大好きの美少年共に―
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More snippet..This is ep 6

Missing snippet the morning after the ball:
"Raven, has Lydia come yet?"

"Not yet."

"......I wonder if she'll come."

"Mr. Nico's having tea in her office, so she should be here shortly."

Ahh, tea. That cat likes tea. But the butler and Raven both serve him tea as though it were only natural.

"Come to think of it, Raven, I've been wondering, why do you use "Mr." for a cat?"

"Is he a cat?" Raven asked uncertainly.

"He's not a cat?"

"Since you sometimes speak to him, I was under the impression he wasn't."

Thinking things over again, Edgar started to feel unsure.

"There are times when it seems that we're having an actual conversation... Not to mention he does things like picking up tea cups and drinking tea......"

Well, it didn't matter.

Ever since he'd come to know Lydia, her strange reality seems to have been creeping into Edgar's. Just last night, a pure black horse disappeared into the fountain.

That's right. That horse was the fairy that had proposed to Lydia. Edgar felt that he really didn't want to lose to a horse.

The next morning:
"Good morning, Lydia."

The instant she saw Edgar's face, Lydia felt her face go hot and quickly looked down. She covered her face by pretending to read the letter she'd opened.

"......What is it? I'm a bit busy right now."

"Your letter's upside down."

Edgar took the letter from a flustered Lydia and looked down at her.

"Paul's here. It seems that helping him will be your job."

It was rare to have Edgar to get right down to business without his lavishing her with compliments and flattery to the point of becoming annoying.

Lydia felt both a touch of disappointment while at the same time feeling relieved. She finally looked up. She'd been afraid of how she'd react if he were to have brought up what had happened yesterday. Given how he was acting, he might not be aware of her own inner turmoil.

"Ah, oh, I see. I was just talking to Marigold about him."

"Apparently he'd been accosted at his rooming house and told to return the ring."

"Eh? By whom?"

"Probably Mr. Cain"

Aah, that Kelpie. Talk about persistent!

"Apparently, Paul had a dream about being attacked by a horse which disappeared when he threw the Bible he keeps by his pillow at it."

"Most likely, that wasn't a dream."

"In any case, the horse said he'll come back as often as it takes to get the ring back. Mr. Ferman can't bear the thought of these nightmares continuing because of that ring. He's sure the ring is cursed. And well, since Mr. Cain seemed to have come to pay you and I a visit, Paul wanted to get our advice. Shall I call for him?"

"Yes, of course. It's my fault he got caught up in all this."

Why won't it come off:
Even though she'd taken the form of a young girl, she'd forgotten to hide her wings. However, neither Edgar nor Paul seemed to notice, or at least, if they did, they didn't mention anything and stared at the ring instead.

"Most likely you wouldn't get tired of staring at it night after night. If you think about it Paul, you're very lucky."

Edgar's comment made it clear that it wasn't his problem.

"I'm not lucky at all."

"So, why won't it come off?"

"Because Kelpie forced it on him. The ring part's a bit bent and is biting into Paul's finger," Lydia answered.


"Um, Cain's a kelpie."

Edgar's non-committal response showed he probably didn't know what that was was.

"H-he's a kelpie?! You mean the ones that are said to eat people......?" Paul almost shrieked in reply. Perhaps not so surprising since he did specialise in painting the Fae.

But Edgar took it all calmly.

"So, he's a man-eating horse."

"They'll also eat livestock, but they always leave the liver on the shore."

"That's very much their loss. Foie gras is lovely after all."

"Rather than that, what am I supposed......"

Paul desperately brought the conversation back on topic.

"In any case, let's get the ring off."

"I tried a number of things but it's impossible. I even tried using soap and oil."

"We might just have to cut the ring off. If we're very careful, we should be able to avoid injuring your precious hand."

"That's out of the question! If you were to damage the Queen's ring, I'll never be able to go back!"

Marigold burst into tears.

"That would be terrible. Let's think of something else."

Edgar instantly took her side.

"Is there another way?"

"If his finger were to become slimmer it'll come off, right? All we need to do is get Paul to lose weight."

Have him lose weight? But he wasn't exactly overweight to begin with.

"It will probably come off if he doesn't eat anything for a week."

"F-for a whole week?!"

"And if it doesn't come off, continue for another week."

"I'll die......"

Paul looked like he was about to cry.

"It's okay. People can live for quite a while even after they've become nothing but skin and bones."

Edgar didn't speak jokingly but in a matter-of-fact manner. Paul slumped as though he were a prisoner who'd just been handed his sentence.

"Lydia, while I love having you stare at me, I wish you wouldn't frown when doing so."

Apparently, Lydia had been staring at Edgar so hard it was as though she was glaring at him.

"Eh, ah, I was just thinking about something......"

"If it's about me, you don't need to think about things like that. I'll tell you everything you want to know."

Surprisingly, Edgar was at home that day at noon, so Edgar and Lydia were having lunch together. The two were alone on the sunlit terrace. Paul was doing what he could to lose weight, and fortunately, he was the type to often forget about meals when his current project was going well. Even though he said he'd come and have a little something to eat when asked, he has yet to appear.

So right now, Lydia was alone with Edgar. When she thought about it, it was the first time for her to speak to him alone since the ball. Lydia couldn't help suddenly feeling nervous.

"Were you sickly as a child?"

Since she was trying to hide how she was feeling, she ended up blurting out what she'd been thinking about.

"Yeah," Edgar responded readily. "I had asthma and was kept at home. I got over it around when I was ten, but my mother was the anxious type. I was very rare for me to meet the guests who visited the manor house.

"So that's why almost no one in society knows who you were."

"Most likely, save one person."

That one person was Paul. It seemed he realised that Lydia bringing up the subject so suddenly was probably because of something Paul had said.

"But you must have had lots of servants, right? Like tutors?"

"The tutors and senior household servants, anyone that was in close contact with the family are all dead. Those who survived probably don't know what I look like."

In other words, unlike senior ranked servants like butlers, housekeepers, handmaidens, stewards, and coachmen, he meant those servants out of the hundreds in such a residence that would have no opportunity to see the family members.

"And even if there were any who remembered that boy, no one would think I were him. He has his own grave. And there's even a body in it, although I don't know whose. Well, it's not like I actually opened the coffin and saw for myself, but it's a child's body that's burnt beyond recognition," he said deliberately trying to faze Lydia. He calmly had a bite of roast chicken.

Lydia instantly lost her appetite and put down her knife and fork, but refused to be beaten so easily.

"Apparently, he doesn't think you're the same person because your personality is so different from that boy's. At the very least, you didn't used to be so aggressive and overbearing or have such poor taste in making fun of people, right?"

Edgar picked up his glass and gazed at his reflection.

"True. I can't help thinking that myself. Too much has happened. So much so that I can't help wondering if I really am the same person as that boy.

His family had suddenly been killed and he'd been taken away to a foreign country. Lydia didn't know why the person known as the Prince took Edgar or how he treated him, but he'd robbed Edgar of his freedom and will and made him a slave. And until he and Raven, who was also enslaved there, as well the others who felt as he did were able to escape from there, Edgar had had to learn such things as hiding his true feelings behind a mask, cool decision-making, and the cold-heartedness necessary to be able to fight through danger. Even after escaping, they'd had to avoid pursuers by hiding in the slums of society, use tactics and struggle to gain a foothold in society...... Most likely it had been a battlefield with death always close at hand.

It would been impossible for him to have remained an innocent young nobleman.

Since they had no one's help, he changed himself, survived, and was now protecting Raven.

"But, even though I don't know what you were like before, I don't hate who you are now."

"......You really are......"

He started to stay something but suddenly fell silent. He smiled softly.

While Lydia couldn't understand Edgar's true self at all, she felt relieved to see he was able to smile so happily. While he may have changed, most likely parts of him haven't changed.

Regardless how good an actor a person was, someone who didn't know peaceful contentment couldn't smile the way he was now. That's why Lydia couldn't see Edgar as just a villain and why she wanted to help him regain a peaceful lifestyle. She wanted him to continue living as Earl Ashenbert and to give up his hatred of the Prince.

"Obviously a person's better than a horse."

"I told you, I'm not a horse! Oy, Lydia, make your choice, either me or this guy."

Choose? Between a man-eating fae or a former thief and womanizer; not exactly the best of choices!

Edgar and Lydia:
"You're good with cats."

"I also have confidence in my way with women."

Hm? He's about to start again?

The major blitzes of sweet-talking that had died down lately. But before Lydia could realise her danger, Edgar stood before her blocking her from leaving for home. He was looking down from directly above her. His stance said it all; he was definitely about to begin again.

Why? Hadn't he gotten tired of it?

"There's no need for you to work late with Paul. If you're late getting home, Professor Carlton will worry."

"Yes, but I also lost track of time today."

"Was it that much fun?"

"......Well, he talks about many things so I don't get bored."

"What, for example?"

He's asking a lot of questions.

"Most of it's about pictures. It doesn't really matter what we talk about, right?"

"What's that?"

Apparently Edgar noticed the card Lydia was holding.

Hiding it would be strange, so she held it up for him to see.

"Mr. Paul gave it to me as thanks for modelling for him."

It was an ink wash drawing of an iris. Paul's sure lines captured the vitality of the flower clearly. And even though it was a card, it was an enchanting picture.

"An iris. In the language of flowers, it means a message of love. It's a love letter to you."

"Surely not. That flower just happened to be nearby."

"And if you're wrong? What will you do then?"

What will I do? You mean in response?

But I accepted it happily like I always do.

"So, it doesn't make you cry when he makes advances."

Eh? What does he mean......?

Lydia felt her face grow hot even before she realised what he was talking about.

He had noticed. That time at the ball.

"I've been thinking but I can't figure out why I made you cry. Did I say something to hurt you? But why? When?"

Lydia herself didn't know why either. But for some reason, things had suddenly became very uncomfortable and difficult for her.

She didn't like having her feelings getting mixed up because of Edgar's whim. And because it annoyed her, she took to the offensive.

"It doesn't matter who I come to love. You'll withdraw, right?"

"That was a lie."


"I was just putting on airs, but it's not how I really feel."

"You lie so easily; that's why I don't trust you."

"True. Just how often have I lied to you all this time."

"Enough. Please move."

He ignored her, however, and continued to block her path.

"But you've always forgiven me. Since the very start. Even when you found out I was a robber, you forgave me for trying to fool you. And because you're like that, I want to have you by my side. The crimes I've committed will never go away, but as long as you don't abandon me, I feel like maybe I can go on living and calling myself Earl.

He was speaking so seriously that Lydia felt her heart skip a beat.

"You know the good-for-nothing parts to me. But you also understand I had no choice but to become that way too, right? You said you don't hate me. This is who I am. Even though it's unlikely anyone will ever unearth my secrets, I have to carry them with me from here on. I thought no one but those who'd been through those times with me would understand how I felt, and yet you alone were able to accept me. Isn't that reason enough to see you as special? Do you think this too is just some shallow emotion or another lie?"

But he was the sort of person who could say this sort of thing easily without really feeling that way.

"It may not be a lie, but it's still a shallow emotion."

"......You wound me."

"There's no room in you for serious love. It's not women that occupy your heart, but your great enemy. Even if I'm able to ease your heart a little, that's not love. I'm just being useful."

She should have been stating the obvious.

Lydia, too, had learned a little. He could be extremely clever with words when it came to getting what he deemed necessary.

And even if it was no lie that he needed her, that wasn't love.

"Can't it just be friendship? If I can be useful, then that's fine. After all, thanks to you, I get to work as a fairy doctor. If we can be compassionate towards one another as friends, it doesn't need to go any further. I also feel like I can believe that you don't see me as just another tool to be used."

However, he stared steadily at Lydia unsatisfied.

"That goes against my policy. It's over when a lady calls you friend."


This is why it becomes harder and harder to believe all his sweet-talking.

Lydia had had enough. She tried to force her way past him, but instead he got annoyed and put both hands to the wall trapping her.

He was suddenly in a bad mood, and it felt like he was also angry.

"Are you scared?"

But the words he murmured were spoken very gently.

Lydia wasn't so experienced to realise that he'd changed tactics, and was shaken by his words instead.

"O-of what......?"

"It's as though you're afraid of being in love."

Lydia suddenly felt like crying again.

"That's what I thought the night of the ball, too. The more I chased after you, the more frightened you seemed to become. So, I've been patient, so you wouldn't run away. But at this rate, you'll end up becoming attracted to Paul, and it pains me to see that."

"......I said it's not like that with him."

It was almost as though what she should have been subjected to during the few days Edgar had been so quiet was coming down on her all at once. If this was the result, she wished he didn't store things up like that. Not only had she been caught off-guard, he gave her no chance to escape.

Not only was it distressing, all the blood went rushing to her head and Lydia became more and more confused by the instant.

"Could it be that you won't open your heart because of someone saying they loved you as part of an extended game when you were a child?"

Ahh, what should I do...

"......It's not that I'm afraid of being in love. I've fallen for someone before, although it was completely one-sided. But it's impossible for us to love. After all, it would be an embarrassment for you if I were to love you. Think about it. If I were to become serious and give my heart to you, and to hang around you, it would be an embarrassment, right? And if marriage proposals to a noble lady should arise, I'd be an even greater problem. Any way you look at it, it's impossible for you to become serious and accept a girl who isn't a good match for you. And yet, if you were to then act coldly towards me, I might sell your secrets to the tabloids in order to get even. That above all could be of no merit for you."

Lydia rambled on desperately.

Edgar looked a bit dismayed.

Lydia couldn't help thinking, 'You see?'

"I see."

"If you understand, then kindly get out of the way."

"You are afraid, after all. You want to believe that things can't work out well. That way, there'd be no chance of being disappointed later."

It's not disappointment.

As a child, including that time, from the very start she knew she wasn't the sort who would be receiving letters confessing one's love of her. She sensed that it was some sort of joke.

Because to that child Lydia wasn't a friend, but a fairy friend. Being friends with the girl who was rumoured to be a changeling, was like talking to fairies in secret. Because the friend in dreams didn't exist in reality, so from him, she was someone to whom he could readily tell his worries to. There was no way having the imaginary coming sashaying out into the everyday world could feel pleasant. He didn't want to have Lydia, who knew all his weaknesses, to speak to him in front of others.

And yet she made that mistake embarrassing him.

She thought she knew her role. But instead she'd thought maybe it would be okay to get a little closer to being a real world friend. If there was something she was afraid of, it was of being deceived by lies.

If she were to mistake the distance that had to be maintained, no doubt even Edgar would find that to be distasteful.

"It's not that I don't want to end up being disappointed, I just don't want to mistake the distance we should maintain......."

"What do you mean, distance? That sort of thing is constantly changing, and can be changed, right?"

Lydia suddenly realised that Edgar had moved even closer to her.

"This distance, for example; we could make it as being natural for us," he said softly as he grasped her by the shoulders. Feeling the wall at her back, Lydia was unable to move.

"No, let go of me......"

Edgar grasped her arm as she tried to push him away and pressed his lips to her wrist right before her eyes. Lydia shivered at unexpectedly being touched on bare skin.

"Um, my lord..."

Paul's voice interrupted them hesitantly as he stood in the open doorway. However, Lydia's relief was short-lived. Edgar gazed down at her as he amused himself stroking her hair.

"I'm busy right now. Please leave, and close the door behind you," he said calmly.

Eh, ehhhh??

"But, um......"

"Lydia and I are having a bit of a difficult conversation is all."

This... is a conversation?

She wanted to tell Paul to wait, but with Edgar's ash-mauve eyes right before her, she couldn't help hesitating to speak.

Not to mention, Paul had no reason to disobey Edgar after being told to leave. The more frantic Lydia became trying to figure out what to do, the more difficult it became to speak.

"But Miss Lydia's trembling," Paul said boldly.

Edgar frowned deeply. But more than looking angry, he looked more lonely and hurt.

He reluctantly let go of Lydia.

"What a wonderful knight. It seems he's come to save you."

"My lord, that's not......"

"You may go. This conversation is over."

He waved one hand as though in dismissal before locking himself in the far room.
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29 / F / 大好きの美少年共に―
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More Snippet.. This is for ep 7

Dealing with Kelpie:
Lydia left the earl's residence alone and hurried on her way. When she finally reached Hyde Park, she headed for the pond in the centre of the park. Given how late sunset was during this season, even though it was night, it was still faintly light out and she caught glimpses of couples strolling along the paths.

In order to avoid being seen, Lydia headed into the trees and called out towards the pond.

"Kelpie, where are you? I have a favour to ask."

The surface of the pond remained still.

What should I do......

"Kelpie, don't tell me you're gone already. Did you go back to Scotland?"

Because she'd yelled at him over Edgar.

"I came to bring you back. As if I'd just go back on my own."

Turning, she saw him in human form standing by a tree.

"I thought you weren't going to talk to me anymore."

While it was rather presumptive to think that that sort of thing no longer mattered, Lydia had no other choice.

Kelpies near water are exceptionally dangerous. Lydia had been able to interact normally with Kelpie because she'd always been careful to stay away from water and to meet on dry land where he couldn't use his magic very much. But this time, she approached him. She drew so near that if he were to have the inclination, he would easily be able to drag her into the water. She stared up into his enchantingly beautiful eyes.

"I want you to save Edgar. Please."

"Which means he hasn't dropped dead yet."


"Quite frankly, I'd like if he were to drop dead. Didn't you lose your temper because of that just a short while ago? I don't get it; why are you coming and asking that sort of thing of me?"

"You're the only kelpie I know."

Lydia's face crumpled and she looked like she was about to cry. Kelpie heaved a long sigh in resignation.

"And you think a kelpie would be able to save him?"

"He was poisoned. Kelpie, you have the ability to purify water. So you know a way to clear the poison from his body, right?"

"Nothing good comes of telling people of it. Just a short while ago, some people tried hunting a kelpie with the intent of getting the ultimate anti-toxin."

So there is a way to do it. Lydia stepped even closer to Kelpie.

"Tell me. I won't tell anyone."

"You're a fairy doctor. On that point, I can trust you. But I won't do it for free."

Naturally, she knew that. She also had an idea of what this kelpie would want in return.

Lydia nodded silently.

"You said you wanted nothing more to do with me...... You probably can't forgive me for having incited that artist, so are you really able to do what I say?"

He was a strange one for a kelpie. Even without making a bargain, he could take Lydia away then and there. But instead, he took Lydia's feelings into account.

"You didn't like the idea of my never speaking to you again. I'm sure you won't frighten or hurt me, right?"

"I have no intention of doing that. I want to marry you."

He wants to get married. Lydia couldn't help finding Kelpie a little strange and cute for that. No doubt he felt that it would be a good thing.

Lydia had always had more dealings with fairies than with people. There wasn't much she could do as a fairy doctor in the lands of man, and it was possible she would eventually end up withdrawing to the fairy realm. This was just rushing that eventuality.

"Marriage...... there's still the promise of 'if you'll give me the moon'. For now, I can at least live with you in Fairy...... Would that be okay?"

"That's not bad."

But Kelpie looked at Lydia as though he still wasn't completely convinced.

"You won't be able to see that guy you're wanting to save again."

For all that he's a kelpie, he's a very warm-hearted fairy."

"I want to make up with him. If I can save him and let him know that I'm no longer angry with him, that's all that matters. ......I don't know how Edgar feels, but even though I've only ever had fairy friends, he's someone that I thought maybe I could become friends with."

Kelpie finally said, "All right."

By the river:
The white moon shone in the pale indigo sky reminiscent of the summer solstice. A light breeze went by sending ripples across the surface of the river and rustling through the leaves of nearby trees. The fairy realm was neither hot nor cold and was very quiet.

Lydia couldn't help wondering what her father was doing at the moment as she stared up at the moon. She wondered if Edgar had heard that she could no longer work for him.

Since the passage of time in Fairy and in the lands of men was different, for Lydia, it was still before dawn, but she was sure more time had passed in the real world. Feeling hungry, she looked at the fruit in her lap. The fairy fruit was perfectly ripe and had a sweet scent. No doubt if she were to have a bite, it would be more wonderful than anything she'd ever tasted.

But if she ate anything from the fairy realm, she'd never be able to return to the lands of man. Since she'd agreed to live with Kelpie in Fairy, she would have to cut her ties with the human world. But since the decision had been made so suddenly, she still needed time to accept that.

Lydia closed her eyes and threw the fruit Kelpie had gathered for her far away. Just then, she saw Kelpie returning from the direction of the river.

He lowered the fragrant grasses he'd gathered to the ground and spread them out before sitting Lydia down on them. He smiled satisfied.

"We'll rest here today. Once we get back to Scotland, I'll gather the things necessary for you to live comfortably."

"Yeah, thank you."

He was surprisingly kind, and taking good care of her.

"Lydia, can't we forget the moon promise already?"

He was talking about the promise made earlier that if he gave her the moon, she would marry him.

She'd promised that in exchange for his blood which would cure poison, she would stay by his side. While that wasn't a promise to actually marry, since she would always be with him from here on, there was no reason for her to continue to refuse to marry him. That's why he said he wanted to nullify the promise for the moon.

"......Let's do that once we get back to Scotland. I'm tired right now."

"I see. Well, it's probably not easy for you to put your feelings in order and say goodbye to the human world."

His words were not the least bit meant to be light and gloss things over. Kelpie had neither that sort of under side nor deceitfulness to him. Since this was what he was like, once Lydia could get used to living with him, she would be able to live peacefully.

She looked up suddenly to find Kelpie staring down at her. Even though he wasn't a bad guy, he was still one of the Unseelie Court. A man-eating fairy. Lydia had the strange feeling that, unlike Edgar's flirtatious looks, Kelpie's gaze looked more like he wanted to take a little bite.

Kelpie suddenly took her by the shoulder and pushed her back onto the grass.

"Wh-what are you doing......!"



Ahh, since this guy has animalistic aspects to him, he's very matter-of-fact. Lydia quietly became annoyed and she punched him in the face hard with her fist.

"Oww...... What? I heard that humans don't fight like female kelpies do."

"We're not married yet!"

"Can't do it, huh," he grumbled as he moved away from Lydia.

Just then, waves spread unnaturally on the river surface. It seemed to bother Kelpie as he immediately got up. At the very least, this shoreline and the immediate river area, was currently his territory. Kelpies especially hate invaders in their waters.

"I'm going to check things out for a bit."

Lydia gave a huge sigh after he disappeared into the water. She couldn't help feeling unsure if they'd be able to manage things together.


She felt like she heard Edgar's voice; no doubt she was tired. Maybe she'd feel better and more positive after sleeping and starting a new day.

"Lydia, hurry, now's our chance to run."


Lydia sensed someone step onto the grass and raised her face to see Edgar smiling.

"Wh-what are you doing here?!"

"I've come to bring you back."


"Going away like you did is too cruel."

"Hey, hurry up! He'll be back soon!"

Nico gestured at them from behind the underbrush.

Edgar pulled Lydia by the arm, and still not sure what she should do, she ran off with him.

"Hey, I can't just run away. I made a promise with Kelpie......"

"But you protected your virtue admirably."

"Y-you saw?!"

"I almost came running out. Fortunately, Nico threw a frog into the river distracting Kelpie."

Edgar hurried deeper into the woods putting more distance between them and Kelpie's territory. His didn't loosen his grip on Lydia's arm at all, afraid that she might insist on returning to Kelpie.

"Lydia, you don't really want to marry that fairy who doesn't understand women in the least, do you?"

That was already beside the point.

She'd made a promise, so Edgar's actions were not only reckless, they were pointless.

"......This is the fairy world. Your bluffs and lies won't work here. You can't break promises here."

"Did you think, that knowing that you're the one who saved my life, that I'd only be touched and that's it? If so, you're vastly mistaken," he said sounding a little angry.

"Not to mention you said you would love me. You're breaking your promise right there."

"I didn't say that. I said I'd think about it."

"Then I wish you wouldn't go away without even thinking about it."

But she'd already made her promise with Kelpie by then, so thinking about it......

Lydia look at him and couldn't help wondering how he managed to come to fairy in the first place. Nico shouldn't have been able to do that. Not only did he enter, and regardless of whether he was aware that his knowledge and experience had no bearing in this world or not, he continued forward full of his usual confidence.

"Hey, it's those two! Hide!" Nico said suddenly. Edgar held Lydia as the two hid behind a tree.

Two faint lights flew about in middle of the forest. They called Edgar's name.

"You didn't have Marigold and Sweet Pea bring you here?!"

Edgar raised his finger signalling for Lydia to be quiet.

"Which means...... Don't tell me you accepted the Fairy Queen's marriage proposal?!"

"Well, it may be that they're under that mistaken impression."

"It's not a mistake! It's not possible to have such an unclear promise! You took the moonstone ring from Mr. Paul, didn't you?"

"Yeah, this."

Lydia felt her head spin when Edgar pulled the ring out of his jacket pocket and showed it to her. Not only did he take the ring and get taken to the fairy world, he then fled from those two fairies and had Nico lead him as he searched for Lydia.

She couldn't believe what he'd done.

This was no longer something that could be solved by trying to appease Kelpie and having him send Edgar back to the lands of men.

"......Despite saving your life...... You're not the sort of person who can live happily in the fairy realm. You feel alive at being able to use your own abilities in the world of people, right?! For people with that sort of spirit, the fairy world is the same as the world of the dead!"

"Oy, Lydia! They'll find us!" Nico pulled her hair panicked, but Lydia didn't stop.

"Are you an idiot?! By accepting that, you don't have any choice but to marry the Fairy Queen. Even I can't help you, now."

The two fairies must have noticed Lydia's voice. They floated in the air twinkling.

"Is someone there?"

Lydia finally realised that being found would not be good. She lowered her voice as she murmured, "What can we do...... Nico, is there anything that can be done?"

"I told the earl myself that it was impossible."

"No, Lydia. There's a way you can save me," Edgar said confidently.

"Marry me."


"While I was fighting for my life, I dreamt of trying to find you. Eventually, when my time does come, I'm sure I'll look for you then too. So, I want you to stay by my side."

He held both Lydia's hands and looked serious as he spoke, but there was no way he could be serious about this.

But because there was one part out of one hundred that was serious, Lydia couldn't help becoming confused.

Lydia could fight off Kelpie's advances with her fist, but for some reason, she couldn't seem to be able to fend Edgar off very well.

"We're off different social classes."

What she ended up saying was something that was of little consequence to where they were currently.

"I think it wouldn't be a major issue compared to marrying a fairy."

"In any case, you're being ridiculous."

"Ridiculous, is it? So much so that if I gave you the moon, you'd marry me?"

"Well, if it's really the moon, yes."

"Nico, you heard her."

"Eh, yeah......"

"Lydia, this is the moon. The real thing."

He held out the problematic moonstone.

"Wait a minute, this isn't the moon."

"It is, as long as you see it that way."

"......What do you mean?"

"About becoming engaged, the Blue Knight Earl in the past didn't say 'if you'll give me the moon', but said 'if you exchange the moon and the vow". So not only do you have to accept the ring, but you have to wear it as proof of the oath. But, you see Lydia, not once have I worn this ring."

In other words, it means that the engagement between Edgar and the Fairy Queen has yet to be fully realised. So if Lydia were to accept Edgar's marriage proposal and wear the ring, in exchange for accepting the earl's 'moon' it would mean he's given her his oath of marriage?

With the exchange of the "moon" and the "vow", if Lydia were to become his formal betrothed...... at the same time, since the promise of the 'moon' was still outstanding, Kelpie and Lydia would not be able to marry. The Fairy Queen of the moonlit fields and Kelpie both considered the moonstone as the 'moon' and used it in their advances towards Lydia and Edgar. And by that same consideration, it also had the ability to seal them both off.

"So that's where you've gotten to, Earl."

Apparently they'd been discovered. The two field fairies bobbed their way towards them.

"Lydia, I'm asking you, please consent."

Edgar urged her for her response.

So that's what this was about.

Lydia finally understood why Edgar suddenly asked her to marry him. For him, this marriage would be a way for him to get back his fairy doctor and to get through the current situation.

Which was all the more reason why she couldn't accept.

If it meant being able to keep a girl he saw as useful by his side, no doubt getting married wasn't a major issue for him.
Lydia though it very possible of Edgar. But she couldn't agree to such a marriage.

"......You're not the one. You don't love me."

"You have that little faith in what I say?"

No doubt he's wondering why she was being so stubborn. She'd been prepared to marry what's supposed to be a devilish kelpie. So whether love was involved or not, most people would see Edgar who was human as a much better match for Lydia.

But frustratingly, Lydia would not nod in consent.

Kelpie, too, didn't have feelings of love or attraction like people. But in his case, Lydia felt he would always have the same feelings in his advances. In comparison, Lydia simply had no way of knowing Edgar's feelings.

There were many girls that would make a suitable match for him, and on top of that, what he said was mere words and he was a liar.

"I have that little faith."

Edgar fell silent in thought.

Since he showed no signs of being hurt by Lydia's refusal, Lydia figured this really was nothing more than yet another one of his tactics.

"......All right. If you're not inclined to marry me at the moment, consider it as a means of getting through this situation."

"Getting through this? So that's what you really want."

"Wrong. I'm saying that since you don't have the time for me to convince you how serious I am right now."

"Earl, let's be on our way. To where the Fairy Queen is."

The two fairies clung to Edgar, but he wouldn't let go of Lydia.

"Hey, you guys, just what's the meaning of all this?!"

At the sound of that voice, Marigold and Sweet Pea scattered leaving Edgar.

"Kyaa! It's that savage water horse!"

Apparently Kelpie had also found them.

Lydia slowly turned to see him standing in horse form, his demonic eyes staring hard at Edgar.

"Lord Earl, over here, quickly!"

Marigold and Sweet Pea were in a panic but because Kelpie was there, they couldn't go near Edgar.

Edgar pulled Lydia even closer still, despite being glared at by Kelpie.

"Earl Blue Knight, you're quite the persistent man. She's my bride."

"You're mistaken. Lydia intends to marry me."

"You have some nerve. Are you in that much of a hurry to be eaten?"

Edgar held Lydia as he slowly drew back. "Lydia, please. Let's go back for now. Promises between people can always be nullified," he whispered.

I think that's not good either.

But even if it were a lie, if Lydia pretended to agree to marrying Edgar, it would mean she'd be able to return to the human world.

And he would be able to avoid be taken off to the land of the Fairy Queen of the fields.

And there was one other concern she had back in the human world.

"Do you have any idea how miserable Professor Carlton was over your leaving?"

Edgar played his trump card--the one thing Lydia had been trying very hard not to think about.

No doubt this was also by calculation.

Even so, as soon as she thought of her father, Lydia's heart shifted hard.

For Lydia, who'd thought that marriage wouldn't come for a very long time still, it was her firm desire to remain her father's daughter for a while yet.

It was unfair. Edgar gave a victorious smile certain that Lydia would be unable to let go of his hand--the hand that could led back to her father.

"Very well, Edgar. Please give me the 'moon'......"

"Thank you. I'll cherish you for life."

It was a promise just for then. Even though she knew that, her heart pounded at hearing Edgar speak so very seriously.

He quickly took Lydia's left hand. Lydia felt strangely self-conscious at seeing him slide the moonstone ring onto her ring finger.

"Oy, Lydia!" Kelpie yelled upon seeing the 'moon' ring.

Lydia turned towards Kelpie. "I'm sorry, Kelpie. I'm not ready to leave the human world yet."

Kelpie frowned, but he didn't look so much angry as he looked lonely.

At the very least, it didn't look like he'd attack Edgar or try to do anything forceful.

Marigold and Sweet Pea flew in great circles confused.

"I'm sorry, fairies. Please give up on taking me."

"Earl, in that case, please hurry and have a son."

"You heard her Lydia."

"Don't get ahead of yourself."

"I'll open the route home," Nico said as he jumped up onto Lydia's shoulder. The scenery warped for an instant as they traversed the gap between the fairy world and the human world.

During that brief gap, Lydia heard Kelpie's voice.

"I'll wait until you're ready. No doubt it'll only be but an instant."

True. For a fairy, a few years, even twenty or thirty years was but a short time
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what was Edgar's true purpose of making Lydia his? Even if it's clear to all of us that, he loves her deeply And Ermine was only someone who he trusted so much rofl.

No need to put Ermine in the triangle, Edgar x Lydia is awesome enough. XD
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