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October 29, 2008

>>In today's new episode of Come To Play, Kim Jaejoong was labeled by the DBSK members as the person who takes stalker pictures.

>>All the members protest that Hero Jaejoong only takes pictures that the members do not want captured such as when showering or only wearing boxers. U-know Yunho stated that sometimes when the members are in the restroom, Hero Jaejoong would stick his hand (with his cellphone) in and take pictures. If Hero Jaejoong's cellphone, with the secret pictures that he took, was lost. Then that would be bad.

>>Hero Jaejoong explains that he does this only because the members are very important to him so he wants to capture the moments (of the members) that only he sees, as a way to treasure the memories.

What do you think guys will happen if ever the phone get lost?
And the pictures will be revealed and shown to public?
LOL, we're able to see those hot pics!..
Poor DBSK members (of course JJ won't be included), I wonder what they'll gonna do??, haha xD
They better have to steal it from JJ and delete all the pics before such thing will happen ~

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You can read the whole article at:

You can watch it here with English Subs! ^_^
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hahaha this is soOoOOoOo funny! and you'll see how Jae reacts shyly! While Junsu and Yunho imitate how he does taking pics of them! hahahahaha while in the bathroom! hahahahaha
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