Posted 10/30/08 , edited 10/30/08
This is where you can fight to become a mod from any department.

there can only be twelve mods total. but those mods can be replaced,

They can be challenged to anything, games, a fight.

if mod wins, the mod gets to tell the loser to do anything for a day.

if mod loses, the mod switches places with the winner.

and the new mod becomes the master of that department.

and mods can challenge other mods for there domain. and if they win they get two departments. and if you get all, you will get a chance to challenge the sun god and become new the new sun god.

out line:

ZERO - SUN GOD (not changeable)
SECOND - 1234567890qaz - feral department
THIRD - mwong04 - solar wonderer department
FOURTH - starr555 - tech department
SEVENTH - hunterx987 - Experimental Augmentation Department
EIGHTH - MSgaaRa - entertainment department
NINTH - restorecop99 - demonology department
TENTH - chidori_chu716 - quest department
ELEVENTH - draw160 - clothing department

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