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Title:Halloween Treat OVA
Rated:T for Teen
Summary:This story is a sweet and inocent halloween story about a 15 year old girl named Mitsuki Iyama.Mitsuki has had a crush on Loki Kin since 2nd grade,but has never had enough guts to ask the boy if he liked her the same way too,or even liked here at all.One day while getting in a squable with the teaser he kisses her,and after that it goes down hill.Its halloween that night and Mitsuki has decided to stay home this halloween since her public humiliation in the class room made her loser for a day,and wasn't invited to the halloween party that her 2 friends were invited too.What happens when a surtain young boy comes to her door while she is handing out candy and asks her if she'd like to join him?

WARNING:This story only has three to four chapters in the series
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Part 1-Too Old For Fun

"Mistuki are you staring at Loki again?"Samara asked as she poced my face with her finger to snap me out of my trance

"N-No!!Of course not..."I murmured quickly as I broke eye sight away from Loki

"He always teases you,I'm sure he likes you.Why don't you just confess?"She asked as she sat on the edge of my desk and followed my glares to the floor.

"Cause I don't like him!!"I yelled across the classroom and slammed my hands into the desk.

Everyone looked in our.No my direction and the room fell silent my scream continuing to echo the room.

I flushed a deep red and quickly sat down into my seat

"Nice one loud mouth"A voice chuckled in my ear.

"Ah!"I gasped as I moved half way down the classroom once again getting everyone's attention.

"I-I am not!"I growled as I stood up and walked towards him

"Yes you ARE"I said as he got closer to my face.

"Am not"I growled as we started our usual squabling and everyone stepped back

"Are too.No man likes a liar nor a loud mouth"He joked

I stepped back.What if he was right?

What if HE was ONE of those guys?

I shock my head metally at the thought

"No!I've been asked out by guys all the time!So they must like me even if I am a loud mouth!!"I screamed

Everyone in the classroom seemed takin aback by what I had just said.Probly knowing that it was a total fib.

Maybe Loki was right about me being a liar too...

Loki shock his head,and growled,but didn't say anything.

Instead of our usual squablles which included him winning the whole fight somehow by making a good comback he did something that I never thought he'd do in his WHOLE life...

He kissed me

He grabbed my shoulder and pushed my face closer to his,our lips meating.

You could hear everyone's breaths get caught in their throughts,and the sudden silence of heartbeats.

His lips slowly left mine as he pushed me away and looked away from my face

A red glow arrousing off his cheeks

"Your not just a liar,and a loud mouth.Your a lowsy kisser too"He laughed,still looking away from my face

You could hear everyones hearts re-start and the sound of laughter echo the room.

Everyone was laughing at me!

I didn't like it when I was the senter of attention nor did I like it when I was being made fun of.

I turned to see everyone in the room making kissie noices,and saw Samara with a grim look on her face.

Everyone except Samara and my other best friend Lisa who was making out with her boyfriend Nic who seemed to join the mood,were laughing.

My face reddined and I began to run out of the classroom.

I hid in the girls bathroom for 2 periods...


"Don't worry Mitsuki,I'm sure everyone will forget about the whole thing by the end of the day."Samara chimed as she tried to cheer me up,Nudging Lisa in the stomach who was fileing her nail

"Y-Yeah!I'm sure it'll all work out.I mean,you had your first kiss with the guy you like right?"I nodded with my tear swolin eyes

Lisa and Samara tried to smile,as they tried to cheer me up.

"But first kiss was supposed to be important...not the day I was humiliated!"I sighed as I blew y nose with a hanci.

"Well the humility is a side affect"Lisa said as she tried to make me feel better,but only making me feel worse

"GOD!!"I sobbed as I started to chomp down hard on my cheese sandwich and sobbed some more.Socking my sandwhich.

Samara rubbed my back looking concurned as she elbowed Lisa in the ribs and glared at her

"What!?"Lisa hissed as she picked up her phone from her book bag and started to text someone.Probly Nic...

"AAAWW!Heres a bright side.Nic just invited me to go to a halloween party!!"Lisa chimmed as she texted Nic,pressing the numbers at super human speed


"Didn't you say you were going trick or treating with us!?"I gasped through my deep breathing exersises and sobs

"Crap"She hissed "I knew I forgot something"She said under her breath

"Just how is that the bright side!!"I gasped out

She frowned "I'm ssoo sorry Mitsuki!!I'll text him right now"She said,frowning once more as she flipped up the hot pink cell phone.

"Don't bother"I murmured

"Just enjoy the party,I'll stay home...its just as my mom said before,I'm too old for halloween"15 wasn't tecnicly old but since when do you see a 15 your old girl trick or treating when theirs partys everywere

Partys that I wasn't invited too.

Partys that I COULD have been invited too if I hadn't just been publicly humiliated

Samara and Lisa frowned

"Mitsuki..."They both sighed at once

"I'll go don't worry.Please don't make that face"Lisa pleaded

"What face"I frowned as my wet eyes got damper and my eyes got big

"That face!"Samara gasped out

I looked at her,my eyes growing bigger in the proses

"Its okay guys,I know you were both invited to some partys.Thats ok.I'll be fine"I lied

"But!"They objecte togeather

"But nothing!Your going!And you better enjoy each and every minute of it!!"I smiled

They continued to frown "Mitsuki"They said in sink once again

"Just go for the lords sake~!!!"I gasped out

They finally sighed and nodded,smiling lightly at me

I was to old for halloween right?

Loki WAS right,I am a loud mouth liar...
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i really like this story! keep up da good work~
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ty!! I'll try my best! ^-^
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Part 2-Trick Or Treat

When I got home at the end of the day I started my usual dayly schedual which involed chores

Cleaning Cluttered rooms,Dusting,Doing Dishes,Cooking an early dinner,you know thoughs sort of chores

And my favorite thing of all that I did each day,checking the T.V to see if their were any Halloween Horror films

I had always been a horror fanatic.

As far as I could see the SAW series was playing right now.

Not my favorite movie but not to bad.

Gory,jumpy a pretty good movie to start the night off with.

After all I had the WHOLE night to waist...

As I watched the film I heard the phone ring and ran to pick it up,catching my mother just as she was about to leave a message

"Hey mom"I said breathlessly

"Hello Mitsuki..."She pasued "Why are you so breathless?What are you doing?"She said urgently

My mother always thought I was up to something,and that something was nothing good.

She had tried to let me allow her to get me a babysiter last week,but i was 15!She should trust me

So I told her no and told her that I was old enough for her to trust me.

It took about 2 hours to convince her,so no babysiter for me anymore.Unless she thought I really was up to something right now.

"I was just running to answer the phone mom,nothing bad"I said in one rush sentance as I sturred a pot of KD on the stove.

"Don't give me that sort of tone Mitsuki Iyama,I'm pretty darn good to be letting you stay home.Most parents would-" Most parents would be fine with it "Think I was pretty darn stupid to let a 15 year old girl on her own.Aspecially on Halloween"


"Alone?"I repeated my thoughts

"Aren't you coming home?"I asked

"No.I was just getting to that.Don't cut me off"She growled as she continued "You better not do anything funny while I'm gone or you'll use your privliges till your 30.And yes to answer your question I have some buisness here at work and won't be able to make it home till around 12 a.m so i decided to stay at a hotel around here since its a 2 hour drive to get home"I nodded as she spoke

And concintrated on sturing the KD rather than what she was saying.After all their wasn't much you possibly could say about not coming home.Most people just leave it at that.Like I did.

"Mitsuki"She said cutting into my thoughts "Be a good girl"She whispered

I knew she cared through all thoughs thoughts of hers.I knew she loved me,so thats why I didn't get as annoyed as most people would,and should.After all that was her way of caring

"I will mom"I promised "I'm staying home toonight anyways"

Their was a slight pause "Aren't you going trick or treating?"She asked

I shock my head "No.Your right I'm to old for it"

"Mitsuki your not to old for halloween.You never are,why don't you go out with Samara,and Lisa?"She asked

"Their going to a party"

"Why aren't you going with them?"She asked

" 'Cause I wasn't invited"I said simply

"But I though you said I was too old for halloween?"I murmured into the phone as I put it on speaker and taped the cheap chese powder over the noodles of KD and mixed it togeather

"I never said that.I said your to old to dress up as a princess from the "beuty and the beast"now"I flushed,So your never to old to go out trick or treating but you can't dress up as a princess eh!?

"I still go trick or treating with my friends and I'm old aren't I?"She muffled into the phone.She seemed distracted with something,probly work.

"Demo..."I murmured as I shuffled from one foot to the other.

"Don't worry honey.Either go to that party or trick or treating"You could hear that it took alout of thinking to determin if she liked the thought of her poor inoccent daughter to go trick or treating on her own.

I liked the thought of her trusting me

"Still..." I murmured

Just as I said that the door bell rung

It was barly dark yet.Why would anyone be out starting to trick or treat right now?

I walked towards the door;bowl of candy in hand;base ball bat in the corner of eye

"Trick or treat"I heard a murmur as I opened the door to see someone I really didn't want to see right now

"What do you want Loki?"I growled,my words full of acid

"I just said didn't I?Trick or Treat.Candy PLEASE"He said with equal acidity in his words,maybe more.

Why should HE be mad?I was the one humiliated and never going to be kissed again

After all I'm known as "The girl with a loud mouth,yet with lousy kissing skills"

Even some geeks were snickering at me in the hallway today.

You know you'v gone down far when someone so low in the social status snickers, and makes fun of you

While this guy right here was now even higher in poularity than before.I can't beleive he even knows I exsiste though I guess everyone know me after ALL I am the laughing stoke of the whole school.

"Fine.Just get lost"I growled as I threw some reesecup chocolate bars at him

He bent down and sheilded himself away from the flying candy

I slammed the door in his face and heard my mother on the other line asking questions.

I sighed and put th phone to my ear "Mitsuki who was that!?"She asked urgently

"Just Loki"I grumbled as I stured my bowl of KD franticly by the kitchen table

"Loki Kin?"She asked

I nodded "Yep"

You could hear the excitment in her voice,and how much it had sped up "Mitsuki!Ask Loki if you could go with him"

"NO WAY!!"I yelled

My mom was silent for a second "Why not?"She asked sounding angry her excitment gone.

I obviosly wasn't a celebraty over their were my mother worked,known as the kid with the losuy lips but a big voice.I shouldn't have gotten upset with her.

But she had NO idea how bad my day had been,and to stick me with the one that had ruined it would be pure torcher.

I sighed and cut her off from her yelling "Fine I'll do it"

At least I knew I wasn't too famouse,and that their was still hope with me getting back in the social calendar.

I walked out the door and towards the direction I had seen Loki take,He was only a few houses away from our house and looked as though he had hit some good candy giving homes.

I sighed low enough for my mother not to hear me over the phone, and walked in the direction of Loki covering the hearing part of the phone so that my mom wouldn't hear me,and my petty insults.

And loud mouth...-ness.

"Loki!"I called out as I met up with him at the gate were he was about to leave

"What?"He said turning to me almost looking startled that I had spookin to him,but his brows furrowed and he looked angry again

"Can I come trick or treating with you?"I muttered looking down at the ground

I could see that he was once again shocked but then smirked

"What loud mouth?No one want to trick or treat with you?"He said smugly

I growled at how cocky he sounded.He almost sounded as though he thought he was all that.As much as he KNEW he was ALL that...

"Thats not it!Their just busy!And my mom wanted me to go out so..."I went on but slowly stopped ot knowing what else to say

"So why don't you just go and ask your mommy to come and take you?"He laughed

I growled as I looked up at him "Shut up!She's busy at work so how could she!?"

I put my hands on my hips,and tryed to remain strong as he hit me with his harsh words

he was silent for a minute

"Is that her on the phone"He chuckled as he reached out and grabbed the phone from me

"Hey!!!"I gasped ashe raised it the in the hair so that I had to jump for it.But even that was not enough to reach it

"Baka!Loki give that back!"I cursed as I continued to jump for it and he smirked

He finally lowered it,but instead of giving it to me he put it to his ear

"Hello miss Iyama"He started "yes I wouldn't mind"He continued as he held his hand to my forhead and I continued to run to try and get the phone,but of course not getting it.

"Yes.You too Miss Iyama."He said nodding and then pressing the cordless phones end button to hang up

"What did you do that for!"I growled "And what did you say!?"

"I said I'd take you with me trick or treating"

"What!?"I gasped

Why would he say that

"Here"He murmured passing me the bucket of candy,and chocolate bars

"Whats this for?"I asked as I sniffed the bucket to make sure their wasn't any poison

"Prop"He saiod simply as he started to walk to another house,leaving the bucket and phone in my hands.

"Prop?"I repeated as I ran up to him and continued to question him

"Well you aren't going trick or treating right?Aspecially not with me.So when your moms home show her this and she'll think you went out and be all happy and what not"

I stared at him blankly

I'd be faking?

Faking that I had a good time?

Faking that I got this candy on my own?

Faking that I dressed up in a costume other than a beuty and the beast costume?

I didn't like that.Lieing at least..

I grabbed Loki's hand and pulled him towards my house

"What are you doing!?"He growled as he tryed not to trip over his own feet

"I'm putting on my costume"I said simply

"For what!?"

"For trick or treating"
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Chapter 3-Halloween fun?

"Trick or treating"He repeated as he stumbled along into my house and I pushed him down onto the sofa

"Yes.I'm not lying to my mom"I said,sounding distracted as I started to walk towards the stairs.Thinking about what I should dress up as

"Why!?After all you are a loud mouth liar-"

"Because I'm not!!"I growled as I cut him off from his insult and walked upstairs,pocking my head out once more to say "Don't move!!"

And then continued upstairs to my small halloween decorated room

I opened my closet door and began to search for something to dress up as,and that was appropreatso my mother wouldn't start asking questions about what I was wearing

And finally I found somthing a pink nee-high candy-loti dress

It was actually pretty old,my papa had bought it for me when he was alive after a buisness trip

But my mom got mad at him and said it was much to old for me,a 11 year old girl,to wear.

I didn't really mind,I had always enjoed staring at it rather then wearing it since I'd probly ruin it,like all the other dresses I had ruined on school picture days,from masive pudding fights that I had started with the boys from other tables.

But also the reason I didn't object to her accusation was because it was 20 inches longer than my hight is today.

That day my mother and father fought for hours.Thats sort of how I remembered the dress as over the years that papa died...

I'm sure mama resents that fight to this day,and remebers the dress the same way and finds the whole fight stupid just as papa had said it was through their sqaubling.

I broke out of my trance quickly by shacking my head and starting to pull the dress off the close hanger and onto me.

When I was finished dressing up in the dress

I started to decide what my hair should be put up like,but decided against it and let my hair down for the first time in 7 years.

I had been told by Loki that it looked ugly down at a party that I had dressed up for in a cute white dress with a ribbon on the back of it and in my hair,and decided to put my hair down instead of keeping it in my usual high pig tails because papa had said I looked beutiful.

Soon after Loki made fun of me all the other boys joined in

Calling me ugly and such

But today I'd decided I might as well because my hair alastic just broke when I put on the dress because I forgot to take it out and I have non left so I have to either not go trick or treating (which would make momom sad unless I lied like Loki had told me too,and then end up being called a liar more than usual by Loki so both ways would suck) Or just go and be called ugly for the rest of the night...

I guess going trick or treating was for the best so i skipped down the hallway and towards the stairs were Loki started to groun saying I took too long

"Shut up"I growled as I got to the last step and scowled at him

"You shut up-"He stopped,his breath caught in his throught as he looked me up and down,his eyes wide

"What!?"I growled to stop his embarrsing staring,flushing lightly at how intence his stare was

"N-Nothing,are we going or not?"He muttered as he walked towards the door

Was it just me or was his face a little red?

'Nah'I thought as I shoke my head mentally and fallowed Loki towards the door,and outside

I quickly glanced at the clock just before leaving and saw that it was 6:00 perfect time to leave!!

I closed the door without taking a furthur look at the house and skipped towards Loki and followed him from behind

"I want my candy back by the way"He murmured,and grinned misceviously at my face



So far the night actually wasn't that bad,I had asked a kid near by what time it was and all they did was stare but then look quickly down at their watch saying it was 8:35

I had about an hour till I should go home so my mother wouldn't worry,though it wasn't a school night the weekend was tomorrow so it wouldn't matter if I was out late and slept in.

But still...

"Oi!Mitsuki"Loki said in my ear

I flushed a bright pink and turned to him "W-What!?"I gasped

"Theirs only a few more homes down this block and I think their not home,Wanna go down a diferent street?"He sked as he pointed in the direction of the houses

I followed his point and found that the houses did look like nobody was home in them

'Damn'I cursed,if I went down the street that Loki was talking about then it'd take about an hour to get home,and I didn't want to walk such a far distance JUST to get home

"Wanna go check?"He guessed.Sounding smug,probly annoyed that I seemed to not beleve him

"Sure.I guess..."I murmured as I walked in the direction of the house,Loki fallowing slowly from behind.

"Hey Loki!!"I heard a voice yell to us.No,Loki.

"Hey"Loki said simply as he turned to meet a girl in our class,that had a crush on him and many rumors about her having sex with any guy she saw,though I don't think the guys mind that after all if their good lookin somthins cookin for Meranda,since all the guys adore her.

At lunch period you can always find her either sitting on a table in the cafetiria chatting to the most popular guys,who are just drolling over her,or either in the gym practicing pep squad cheers that always get the guys attention,Football guys,or any guys attention...

Toonight she seemed to pick up some unfortunate boys who were dressed up as a Jock,and a vampire

The vampires bound to have soom luck with thoughs teeth and Meranda

When I look closer at them they look like Loki's friends,and from what I've heard one of these guys actually loves Meranda and not JUST her body (hey at least he loves her,it doesn't mean he wouldn't want to do her in)

But Meranda seems to have her eyes on Loki toonight as usual.

My Loki

Ah!Where'd that thought come from!!??

"What are you doing out here toonight Loki-kun?"She smiled her breathtaking smile that wins any guys heart ovr,even some girls for all I know

"Nothing really,Just trick or treating"Loki says simply as he lifts up his bucket full of candy to show her

She smiles another smile

"Hhhmm don't you want to come to the party?I was told Mike invited you so why aren't you their yet?"She asked again

"mmhhmm I'm just getting some free candy before I go"

'Hes going to the party!?' Another little voice screamed in my head

"OOHH"She smiles

The fish's took the hook.Bye Bye Loki.

"Well I can't wait to see you there!"She says leaning aginst his arm

"Sure"Loki mumbles,his eyes on his friends face but mostly on the Jocks.I was guessing he was the love bug

"Would you mind if I came and joined you?"She asked

The word 'I' echoed in my head,I guess she wasn't refuring to her little guy 'friends' that were following her around like puppies

I guess 'they' WEREN'T invited

And neither was I

I didn't belong after all

"I don't really mind"He said,shrugging

"You comin Conrad,Kevin?"He asked as he looked back at his friends,ignoring the sudden weight on his arm,from Meranda

"Sure"Kevin (The vampire) grins

"Sure..."Says Conrad (The Jock) without much inthusiasm

I guess I wasn't exactly a part of the group taht could get a say if I wanted any of them to come along anyway.


It was now 9:10 and I was guessing their little party was starting soon because the popular 4 including skimpy little Meranda were now speed walking to each house,leaving me in the dust

With my pillow bag in hand,and tears in eyes

This wasn't any fun...

But at least I was going right..?

I trudged along barly listening to their conversations as I finally caught up to them

"So Loki-kun"I hated how she said the 'kun' like she knowed him well enough.HEY SISTER YOU HAVEN'T KNOWN HIM NEARLY AS LONG AS I HAVE!!!

"I like your costume"

'Costume?' Now that I thought of it,I had never ACTUALLY looked at his costume,What was he?

"Thanks"Loki muttered emotionlessly

"Vampies ARE cool aren't they?"She continued,probly trying to soften him up so he'd be edible for her

Wasn't Kevin a Vampire?

"I guess..."He continued

From what I was hearing at the end of them,so far her compliments and cutie acts didn't seem to reach him so she stopped,making me bump into her which made her give me a dark scary look,but then her face went back to an adorable smile when she looked back at the guys (mostly Loki)

And then me: "Iyama-san,you think Vampires are cool don't you?"She smiled

What was she up too? <:(

"UUMM I guess"I murmured

"mmhhmm aren't they cute?"She continued

Cute?Vampires are suppose to be scary and eat people alive like in the horror films!Cool,not Cute

"I guess..."I said blankly

She continued to smile,but something was behind it but i couldn't make it out...Anger?Jelosy?I didn't know and I was a pretty good face reader

"hehe"She nodded to herself rather than me,looking all cute and perfect as usual

"So I guess your supposed to be Edward Cullen then,right Loki-kun?"She smiled as she continued to cling to him like she owned him

"Edward Cullen?"He repeated

Meranda snickered to herself "Its a girl thing"She said as she tied her hands around my arm,leaving Loki's

Edward Cullen?Thats from Twilight right?

The one that all the girls giggle about all year round.

The gorgeouse one?

I guess that was supposed to be an inside joke,and a warning for me to stay away were i didn't belong

And I didn't mind that *twitch*

"Kevin-kun what kind of vampire are you?"She asked,I was almost amazed and shocked that she actually remembered he was a vampire,or that anyone was even around other than Loki in her own little world...

As they began to chat about whichever Vampire he was I glanced at Loki,curiouse at what he looked like.

When I saw him I could have sworn my heart skipped a beat,and had to try my best to not squil like a little fan girl.

I couldn't beleive that I didn't relize how he looked right now,I mean I stode next to this gorgeouse boy all night long and didn't even notice it.

the sudden change in the attemesfire

The sudden change from teasing little Boy that I knew in school that always teased me,into a man...

And a gorgeous man at that

Edward Cullen indeed

He wore a baggy black T-shirt that only had one button buttoned up in the middle of his whole shirt that kept the shirt on,the rest of his chest showed his tan skin that complmented his body,he also wore tight black jeans with rips at the ends of them

He could be a model!!I can't beleive no one (including me who just notcied this) didn't pull out a camera and take his picture and get an autograph or shack his hand and never wash your hand again and maybe even cut your hand off and cell it on E-Bay

I'm sure plenty will buy it,inclding me D:

Whats with me!?

I shock my head constantly as the conversation moved onto how Loki liked her costume (which again I never examined) and god I know why

Any person would instantly stop smack dab on the spot they were walking and stare,and when I think about it a few people did I can't beleive kids saw what she was wearing they probly now have a body image problem and will start dieting early

Her costume was,I can't believe I'm saying this I would even like to wear it right now

<<<<------------------- (a/n: this is actually what shes supposed to look like)

"What are you supposed to be?"I asked absently and by accident as I stared at her with wid eyes

"Posion Ivy"She said proudly as she begun to cling to Loki's arm again,now rubbing against him like a cat

"Oh"I said blankly as I continued to stare

Everyone fell silent but Kevin was the first to speak "You look nice in that dress...and with your hair down.You should have it down more often Mitsuki"He said scratching the back of his neck and smiling embarresment showing on his face.

I flushed too "Arigato"I said looking down

"But I was told I looked ugly with it down so..."I murmured as I looked up again

I could see all the shock on their faces,everyone except Meranda

"Well she doesn't look half bad.Not as good as me though"She laughed to herself,everyone stayed silent "Just kidding"She said as she continued to laugh to herself.

But I had a feeling it wasn't a joke

"Well I think she looks very cute"I heard a voice say (Conrad)

I looked up at him with my blurry eyes

Trying my best not to cry,and hoping that the darkness of night would make it not visible to anyone

I didn't like to cry

"In fact I was wondering if you might like to go to the halloween party with me"He continued

I continued to stare at him as his face reddined

"Sorry Conrad"Loki said inturupting us

"Shes already got someone to go with"

"Who?"Kevin inturupted

Loki was silent

For some reason all three of them looked upset,and their was an unknown expression on their faces

But why?Who'd want to go with an ugly girl like me?

"Excuse me!You invited me to come out with you!"Meranda said,sounding annoyed

"We didn't invite you,you invited yourself"Loki said simply as he grabbed onto my hand

I looked up at him with wide eyes

"Loki"Kevin and Conrad said in sink as Loki began to run,pulling me along with him

"Ah!Loki,Loki-kun what are you doing!?"I gasped breathlessly as he pulled me along down the street

Soon reaching the street that had most of the house lights off,and people not home

Why were we in such a hurry?

And why were we in the direction of the houses with no lights on and not my house!?

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Chapter 4-Best Halloween!

When we reached the dark home Loki turned towards the back entrance and opened a gate to the backyard

"Loki!!"I gasped as he covered my mouth and pulled me down as he slid down the wall to the floor

"MMFFFMM!!"I gasped as I tried to speak through his tight hand over my mouth

I tried to move his hand but it just wouldn't budge

"Hush"He growled,and I slowly began to be more quiet till the point were I didn't say a word and all you could hear were the muffled voices of Conrad and Kevin

Was I just confessed too?

And why did Loki say I had someone to go to the party with when I wasn't even going!?

Slowly the voices disipeared and all you could hear were my breaths and Loki's breath echoing my ear,and clouding my thoughts

"Loki"i growled as he finally moved his hand away from my mouth

"Why did you just do that!!??Why did you say I was going with someone!?"I growled

He was silent for a minuted "LOKI!!"I yelled

"Because I like you alright!?"He yelled back

I was silent

Loki...Likes me?For how long?

"No you don't"I growled,my bangs covering my eyes

"yes I do!"

"Liar!"I sobbed as tears rolled down my cheeks

"You've been hurting me all this time,and calling my ugly and such!Do you know how much your words mean to me!!??"I gasped

I couldn't believe I was saying this

And to Loki of all people

"I do"He whispered looking into my glaced brown eyes

"Please believe me"He continued to whisper

This was all to sudden...

Only this kind of stuff happens in stories or fairy tales...or or...manga's!! (a/n:haha ironic)

I shock my head "You still don't believe me"He murmured,his voice mute

"I LOVE YOU"He repeated

He didn't know how much those words ment to me.And hurt...

"The only reason I said that you looked ugly with your hair down was because all the guys thought you were adorable,as well as me.And you know boy with hormones..."He said murmuring off topic

"Do you really??"I asked

"I swear on my life"He said

"Don't say that"I whispered

"Why!!??Don't you believe me??"He growled sounding angry,and upset

I cupped his face and brought his lips to mine and then pulled them away slowly

His eyes widened

"Because I never want you to die"I whispered as tears rolled down my cheeks

His face stayed in the same shocked mask but slowly he recovered and looked me in the eyes his eyes were a warm orange crisp couler the couler off pumkins

"I love you"He whispered in my ear as he kissed me once again this time collapsing over top of me,but continued his sweet trail of kisses down my jaw and then back to my lips

After a bit of making out we began to count out candies and trade chocolate

"I want your reese peices"I said as I pointed to them

"No way.Their one of my favorites"

"Come on,I'll trade you some gum"After I said this his eyes lit up

"Uh!Your such a pervert Loki never mind,how about some pop eyes candy?"I asked

"Nah.How about something else"He murmured placing a reese peice in his mouth and once again pushing me to the ground

Our lips met at once in the darkness and soon chocolate melted into my mouth

"mmnn"I mouned as Loki got closer to me and tried to get his toung in my mouth,but I pushed away

"L-Loki-kun,this is embarressing and were just starting out so-"I said quickly as a deep pink stretched across my face

"Your so cute"He chuckled as he cut me off and continued to kiss me finally braking my awareness and sliping his toung in my mouth

'groose'I thought as shivers came down my spine

But I had to admit...the chocolate was good >////<

I finally broke away from the kiss by pushing away "Loki...Lets not go to far okay...?"I murmured,as I looked away from his face

He was silent for a minute but I soon felt warm arms come around me and pull me into his chest

"I know.Don't worry,next year"I blushed at how he said this aspecially that he seemed to have made plans for next year

Oh well,I have a boy friend now...I have to grow up a bit and go to a halloween party NEXT year to avoid him and his plans my thoughts wandered and soon Halloween ended...


i hopes u enjoyed the story!And yeah the ending was kind of...yeah but I hopes u all enjoyed!!Happy halloween!!I'll probly be makin a sequa next year!!
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this story was reminded me of those Japanese dramas :
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Posted 11/1/08 , edited 11/1/08

kyahikaru wrote:

this story was reminded me of those Japanese dramas :

lol yay!!I hopes u liked I'm gonna continue it next year,and the year after that,and the year after that
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Posted 11/2/08 , edited 11/2/08

sgurlrox67 wrote:

kyahikaru wrote:

this story was reminded me of those Japanese dramas :

lol yay!!I hopes u liked I'm gonna continue it next year,and the year after that,and the year after that

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kyahikaru wrote:

sgurlrox67 wrote:

kyahikaru wrote:

this story was reminded me of those Japanese dramas :

lol yay!!I hopes u liked I'm gonna continue it next year,and the year after that,and the year after that


LOL COOL!!AND YES WE ARE SSOO INTENLIGENT lol!!!U should try it!!Maybe a christimas story since its comin in 2 months
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sgurlrox67 wrote:

kyahikaru wrote:

sgurlrox67 wrote:

kyahikaru wrote:

this story was reminded me of those Japanese dramas :

lol yay!!I hopes u liked I'm gonna continue it next year,and the year after that,and the year after that


LOL COOL!!AND YES WE ARE SSOO INTENLIGENT lol!!!U should try it!!Maybe a christimas story since its comin in 2 months :D

first i need to think of idea for it hehe
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lol okies I can'ts wait though!So when u make just tell meh and I'll read straight away ^-^
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sgurlrox67 wrote:

lol okies I can'ts wait though!So when u make just tell meh and I'll read straight away ^-^

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