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I'll be continuing for the time being doing recommendations privately in this group. For today, there are kind of a few picks only, I'm really sorry about that. School work is crazy, and I just want to take a break.

So I've watched a couple of movies, one of them is not available here, but I HIGHLY recommend you to find it if you can.. It's pretty hard to get, but you may find it in rental stores, maybe.

They are:

- Tokyo Tower, Mom and Me and Sometimes Dad - Movie

After moving from the coal mining town of Fukuoka to Tokyo to study art, Masaya (Odagiri Joe) finds himself fumbling in life, unable to set a direction for himself. Masaya takes after both his parents, and is often balancing both the good and the bad he has inherited from his strong, gentle mother and reckless, irresponsible father. Lost in the bright lights of the big city, he struggles to make a living. Everything changes one day when he finds out that his mother has been diagnosed with cancer...

- Welcome Back Mr MacDonald - Movie
This is the one that is directed by Mitani Koki, it's HILARIOUS, but unavailable on crunchyroll.

It is a story about a woman who has been selected to script a brand new radio drama show segment. She starts off with high expectations, only to find that changes are being made to her original script due to unusual circumstances, like the voice actress who does the main lead, Senbon Nokko hating her Japanese script name, demanding it to be changed, and thus her say in this leading to a chain of crazy events. The final script ended up looking nothing like the original, but it's the PROCESS which is hilarious. This film is a critique about women being oppressed in society as well, if you look at the three female roles cast in this show.

- Welcome to the Quiet Room - Movie

The film is based from the novel of the same name by director Suzuki Matsuo.

28 years old freelencer writer Sakura Asuka (Yuki Uchida) wakes up tied in a white room. The white room is a protected room located in an isolated ward of a psychiatric hospital. Sakura first became unconscious because of heavy alcohol use and a druge overdose. She’s confined in the single room because of her high risk of committing suicide. Sakura tried to talk to the nurses and doctors but they didn’t listen to her. Under the circumstances another patient Miki (Yu Aoi), who suffers from an eating disorder, leads her to understand the unknown world. But, Sakura is looking for the way to get back to the real world as soon as possible.
(Source: avistaz)

- Kikujiro - Movie


It's summer and nine-year old Masao (Yusuke Sekiguchi) has no one to play with. With soccer practice suspended and his friends away at the beach, living alone with his grandmother seems even less fun.

By chance, Masao discovers the address and photo of the mother he has never met. But with little money and even less sense of direction, he needs help. A friend of his grandmother volunteers her husband, Kikujiro (Beat Takeshi) to accompany the boy on his quest. Kikujiro hardly seems an ideal companion for anyone, let alone for a boy as sensitive as the sullen Masao. Brash, loudmouthed and always on the lookout for easy money, the irresponsible Kikujiro doesn't even appear to be overly fond of children.

The first stop for the unlikely pair is to the cycle races, where Kikujiro gambles away the boy's travel money. In order to continue their journey, the two are forced to try to hitch rides, which they do with varying degrees of success. Along the way, they encounter a number of colorful characters, including a juggling women, a traveling writer, and two friendly bikers.

Ultimately, the two of them end up at a destination that neither of them could have imagined.

- 10 Promises to my Dog

Akari is a 14-year-old schoolgirl living in Japan's Northern island of Hokkaido. One day, a puppy wanders into her yard, looking lost and frightened. She is a Golden Retriever with white paw markings. Akari named her Socks. Akari's mother consents to her keeping the dog but only after she agrees to keep 10 Promises to Socks . Akari enthusiastically assents and the two begin their journey of growing up together. Akari finds herself having to overcome many changes and challenges: the tragedy of her mother's death, father's sudden resignation, coming-of-age, first romantic feelings, career ambitions and her independence. But at every step, Socks is there to provide unquestioning love and support.

- 8 dreams

Akira Kurosawa's Dreams comprises eight dream sequences, featuring impressive special effects and beautiful scenery from Japan.
in the following order:

Sunshine Through The Rain:
a young boy is told not to go out on the day when both weather conditions occur, because that's when the foxes hold their wedding procession, which could have fatal consequences for those who witness it.

The Peach Orchard:
The same young boy encounters the spirits of the peach trees that have been cut down by heartless humans.

The Blizzard:
A team of mountaineers are saved from a blizzard by spiritual intervention.

The Tunnel:
A man encounters the ghosts of an army platoon, whose deaths he was responsible for.

An art student encounters 'Vincent Van Gogh' and enters the world of his paintings.

Mount Fuji in Red:
Nuclear meltdown threatens the devastation of Japan.

The Weeping Demon:
A portrait of a post-nuclear world populated by human mutations.

Village of the Watermills:
A sunny portrait of a village whose population is entirely at one with nature.
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