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Devil Fruit Powers???

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27 / M / Home.....Sweet......
Posted 12/5/07 , edited 12/5/07
Well, onto the the main business, i made this thread so the crew members can explain their devil fruit powers, which can be really useful for non crew members. I've decided that next months 'fave' will be related to our crews devil fruit powers so this will also help.

Well onto my devil fruit power:-
Miha Miha No Mi Model Dark Angel
The model was originally demon but it became corrupt and using the crews strength and phoenix's power he turned my model into a dark angel, which i luvvvv. This devil fruit allows me to do several things:-
- Control my opponents hearts and/or mind which has lots of effects
- See what others are thinking (most of the time i don't use this as it breaches ppls privacy)
- allows me to sense ppl from a very far distance

Originally the model would first turn me into a half demon then full, but now that i'm a dark angel, my transforming is a bit different. In half form i get 2 wings, 1 black and 1 white, it allows me to fly at high speeds. My strength and agility also increase slightly. In my full form i get 6 wings all together, 3 black 3 white, i also get a lot more power and speed and i become near invinsible, i'd be able to fight shanks and whitebeard together no challenge.

Posted 12/5/07 , edited 12/6/07
my devil fruit power is the kusari kusari no mi model - Snake (kusari - chain).
Basically my power lets me control the movement of chains and lets me link anything together and unlink anything. how this helps me is that i use chains as my weapons to attack (like whip people with them and tie them up) and i store different chains up my sleaves (small ones for fast, swift attacks and large ones for powerful attacks).
the reason my model is a snake is when i am controlling my chains they move like snakes.
I have a little quirk which is im good at making jewellery
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26 / M / Melbourne, Australia
Posted 12/6/07 , edited 12/6/07
My fruit is the Kami no mi, Model Angel

It is the only trans-gender devil fruit as I will explain.

As I go into my hybrid stage, I have increased senses such as the ability to see further and hear sharper then ordinary humans. I can also see regardless of the light available. I have two large angelic white wings that allow me to fly at high speeds.

When fully transformed I turn into a female with four large angelic white wings and the my senses and reaction times increase 10 fold. The speed of my flight nears mach 4 and strength equals slightly over half of shizzy's cause he's got a hybrid fruit. (Your welcome)

I am able to create bolts of pure energy and fire them and a target with or without a medium (eg. my bow.) and I can control devil fruits power to a degree, suppressing it like I did with shizzy's.

This is the only god fruit as this fruit was made by god himself to help stop the rampant use of devil fruits.
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24 / M / Inside your Dough...
Posted 12/6/07 , edited 12/7/07
My fruit is Hika Hika no mi model tiger . hika meaning hikaru meaning light and rumours that whitebeard has this devil fruit power. with this fruit i can move at the speed of light, blinding people and also im the destined one to fight blackbeard cuz hes dark im light XD also i can become a tiger combined with my hika fruit i see as far as there is light and also hear really far XDDD. oh and if shizzy approves of my new devil fruit mera mera no mi model chimera then i am even more powerful! in my half form i have 2 wings covered in fire and if im in my full form everything i go past turns into ash. Also my speed is close to shizzy's and phoenixs cosi have a chimera body! with a lion,goat,bird and a snake im as powerful as Gol D Roger and whitebeard and i can do anything that ace can do so i dnt have to think of moves XDDD
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23 / M
Posted 12/7/07 , edited 12/8/07
I guess mine is the Moku Moku no mi : Model Hawk (but i didnt even choose this!!)

um....Well!! Moku Moku (smoke smoke) is Smoker's fruit. it has the ability to turn into smoke at my whim. My model Hawk, lets me turn into the form of a hawk( in smoke form) My smoke hawk gives me a extra speed.

I can turn partial or full body into smoke
I can suffocate ppl or create a fog-like battle field (except its smoke!!)
I can turn into a smoke hawk and gain extra speed and look cooler
i also cant get hit by physical hits
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24 / F / Candy Mountain
Posted 12/7/07 , edited 12/8/07
I have the Yami Yami no mi!! mwa ha ha!!!! I shall engulf the world in a never ending darkness!!!!!!!
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29 / M / There. Yes, there.
Posted 12/8/07 , edited 12/9/07
The Chie Chie no mi (Blood Blood fruit), a logia type, would me mine. With this power I can:

-control and manipulate blood to the cellular level.
-transform into pure blood.
-avoid physical hits.
-draw out blood from people and animals.
-make myself immune to any and all sicknesses.
-heal myself if I somehow got injured.
-heal others' sicknesses and wounds.
-make people violently sick.

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28 / F / don't want to tel...
Posted 12/9/07 , edited 12/9/07
I think mine would be hana hana - Nico Robin's Devil Fruit

Hana Hana no Mi
Effect: Allows the user to bloom pieces of his or her body multiple times from the surface of any object like flowers. However, they can't be formed in areas where there is not enough space, such as inside someone else's body. It has been shown that the user feels any pain directed onto the extra limbs.
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25 / F / OK, USA
Posted 12/9/07 , edited 12/9/07
Unofficially, I want mine to be the Neko-Neko no mi, Model Cheetah. Or whichever model Lucci is.
I have the same traits as Lucci's ability, although I only know 2 of the 6 abilities CP9 has (the name of it escapes me)
I can preform: Shigan and Geppou

Beware my cat-abilities!!

Edit: I forgot to add, I want this ability because as a cat, I will have good sense of hearing and can tune my instrument to make the best-quality music possible!
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25 / M / USA
Posted 12/9/07 , edited 12/10/07
I Want the Kaze Kaze no Mi Wind Wind, a Logia type fruit

--It lets the user to controll wind, as powerfull as a hurricane, like a wind sword, or just a smll breez.

--The user can also condense the air molecules to make an invisble, or not according to how the user dose it, wall or fist or any other shape he/she wants it to be.

--The user can also cover him/her self in condesed molecules to creat an invisible/invincible armour (incase he/she dosn't want to show people u have a devil fruit power)

--He/She can also dispers a choice of 5 objects at a time into the air so that nomatter were he/she is they can put that object back together at his/her own will (can use this for teleportation)

--can turn into wind itself to be completely invisible
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26 / F / guess
Posted 12/11/07 , edited 12/12/07
tsu tsu no mi. i can steal anyone/thing's
-special abilities
-other devil fruit powers
sweet right?
Posted 12/11/07 , edited 12/12/07
shizzy im offended and phoenix i didnt eat several devil fruits i have the model chimera which is already several animes together so all of them are 1 devil fruit. hey if i have the kami kami no mi model god im surely stronger than you right? jks XD. now i wanna change my devil fruits....... lol i know i dnt stick with one thing for a long time.. so can i have the kaze kaze no mi! lols since dizzyrace made it sound sooo coooool with the model monkey? if that is not allowed than the inferno inferno no mi dnt know how to say it in japanese but here it is in offical japenase インフェルノ model ape...... cuz in pokemon diamond... you know Infernape! lols. with this devil fruit i am much similar to mera mera no mi but much more powerful.... that only way for me to recieve damage is the yami yami no mi or mizu mizu no mi... pretty sure that doesnt exist and i can submerge or pull out a volcano from the depths of the earth also wateva ace can do.... XD

by having fire i can also make gas which i can instantly destroy an island if i combine both ummmm yeah (note this is a logia) but i do prefer the kaze kaze no mi model monkey
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34 / M / Singapore
Posted 12/18/07 , edited 12/19/07
Ryu Ryu No Mi, Zoan Type, Model Salamander

Has abilities to control Fire and Ice
Can eat Fire or Ice to recover from injuries or increase attack damage(something like natsu conbine wit gray from comic Fairytail)
And can turn into a salamander of course hehe ^_-
Turning to salamander makes skin as tough as armour and can fly around attacking ppl using fire or ice breath when in the air
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24 / M / Inside your Dough...
Posted 1/2/08 , edited 1/3/08
i wanted kaze kaze no mi model monkey but looks like you shizzy changed it hmmmm in that case i want the fuzei fuzei no mi model monkey XD practically same as kaze kaze no mi......i can make all the air escape from a certain point 5m x 5m. concentrating the air at my foot then letting it all go making me go really fast like gear 2nd.

i can concentrate air to make a wind barrier and wat dizzyace said the molecules stuff lol.

(Got this of bleach XD) by changing the something in the air it makes static electricity by also doing that i also have a body of electricity and air ..sweeeet. i can fly by making wings.
increasing the air pressure i can squash a enemy and make it really hard to breathe.....

create tornadoes, hurricanes. i can use the air to carry a certain object to another like water and other stuff..... meh im too tired to keep wrtiting....... bbies stay tune for the abilites for the fuzei fuzei no mi.. on sunday!
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24 / F / 《Frozen※ Dreamlan...
Posted 1/4/08 , edited 1/5/08
My fruit is Mizu Mizu no mi, Mizu=water. Model:Bird

-Controls Water(also things that has water, like ice is made by water), can both turn some objects into water and water to some objects. Like it can turn an arrows into water and it will go the way I wants. The damage depends on the speed and their forming. And Water's temperature can be control, also can walk on water. Raining is one of the best weather for this fruit's advantage.
-Depending on the opponent's power or weapon, sometimes it can observe its power and turn to my own power.
-It can made certain water to heals myself and others.
-It can use water to turn into a bird, a bird that is half solid and liquid. While flying, if I want to, there can be water drops down and heals people, it's also the fastest way is there's many injuries. But this needs alot of speed and concentration.
-One way to reduce my speed is to turn 1/3 of my body into liquid.
-There's one fear thing about this devil fruit, when the body turned 100% liquid, which is the maximum, it's powerful but it's powerless too. Since it's all liquid, maybe there's still a form/body like shape, but I can easily lost unconscious.

Since it's a devil fruit of croz it can't swim or.... This fruit is pure water. Only can be save on pure water, not sea water or other compounds.
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