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Okay, my fellow Amuto lovers: Here is where we write about a side-story romance for Amu and Ikuto.
It has nothing much at all to do with the plot of SC/SCD, okay? Its just a romance story for them. I think they deserve it. And, you are aloud to make them BOTH act (way) out of character. (If you choose....and I do.)
You just sort of read what we have so far, then add to it. Write as much as you want, 'kay? I'll start.

Part 1:

Amu was walking home from school one day, totally beat.
"Ehh..... it was a rough day at PE today...Coach worked us really hard! It'll take me forever getting home, since I'm so tired...." Amu tells her charas.
"Then stop for a quick rest on that bench, Amu-chan!" Miki points to a park bench.
"Okay, for a few minutes. Mama and Papa might worry if I'm home from school too late."
Amu sits down on the bench, exhausted.
"Amu, you should have let me Chara Change with you during the 100 meter races!" Ran tells Amu.
"No way, I want to get my exercise fair and square, no cheating!"
"That's our Amu!" adds Suu.
Amu hears a chuckle behind them. She looks and there is Ikuto.
"You are your charas are quite amusing!" he laughs once more.
"I...I-Ikuto!" Amu's heart skipped a beat or two. "Wh-what are you doing listening to me and my charas talk!"
"Hey, dont get angry, Amu... I was just passing by, and heard your voice, so I had to listen." Ikuto said with a sly grin.
Amu started to blush, so she turned away from him. "M-Moron...."
'Why do I always feel this way around him??' Amu thought. Ikuto then sat next to her. Her heart sped up, but she made sure to remain cool and spicy on the outside. While Amu was thinking, though, she hadnt noticed Ikuto looking at her.... or rather, staring.
"W-What?" Amu said, turn red again.
"What do you mean what?" Ikuto says.
"You were staring at me...." Amu says.
"Yes....What, you dont like when I look at you like that?"
"Well.... I.... You can do whatever you want, I suppose. Like I care anyway." Amu was keeping up her cool and spicy front.
Ikuto broke a slight smile. "It's okay. You dont have to act cool around me. I know that you really just want to tell me to stare at you like that all the time, dont you?"
"EHH? What makes you think that, you idiot cat?!!" But Amu grew even more red.... She knew that it was true. She felt like she was special to Ikuto when he looked at her that way. But she didnt want to get her hopes up.
Ikuto laughed. "Say what you want...." he said with his cat-like grin.
"A-Anyway. Dont you have a home to go to or anything?" Amu said, trying to change the subject. Ikuto's smile faded.
"I hate going home...." he answered. For a few moments, Amu just looked at Ikuto. Then he returned her gaze. It wasnt till after about a minute she realized what was happening, and then she quickly took her gaze from Ikuto, and redirected it to the ground.
"Why is that?" Amu couldnt think to say anything else.
"Because, it's so boring at home. So depressing. Because Amu isnt there." She looked back at him, and could tell he was only partly joking. So she knew he didnt want to talk about the real reason. That was fine with Amu, though.
"Very funny" she said, sarcastically.
"Thats why...." Ikuto continued "Will you let me come home with you, Amu?"
Amu looked at him, expecting it to be a joke, but Ikuto's face was completely serious. It reminded Amu of a stray cat, that wants to follow you home......


Ikuto isnt getting too romantic yet, but I'm hopping that he will warm up to Amu more, and be a little more flirty!! EEEP!

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and hope that you would cuddle him and shower him with love. She asked him how was she supposed to explain to her parents about him. Ikuto answers " I'm a cat . I can escape easily if i wanted to." Then Ikuto says " Don't you have to get home soon ?" "Yup ! See ya ! " * walks home quickly *

" Wheeww! He didn't follow me ! " Amu exclaims once she closed her door of her bedroom. " Guess again."A voice came from her closet.Ikuto had made it home before her! Just then Ikuto jumps out and in one swift move, hugged Amu and both of them toppled onto her bed.......
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Amu could feel Ikuto's intense body-heat. It warmed her entire body. she loved the feel of it, but she knew she and Ikuto couldnt stay like this. She had already started blushing. Ikuto pulled his weight off of Amu, by sitting up on his hands that were on either side of Amu. He was still on top of her, and Amu could still feel his warmth. For some reason, she couldnt brin herself to push Ikuto off of her. His eyes looking into hers were so intense... they had something in them. 'What is that look in his eye?' Amu wondered. Then it came to her. '... love?'
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