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Warning! this is probably rated T! for scenes or languages... its up to you if you want to read

Summary: All was well for the middle school GA crew.. Natsume stole a deep kiss from Mikan, Had a fight, then cooled down and found some little unknown kid from the academy calling them mama abd papa... Just what is going on? pls read up! promise! a good story! i Just suck at summaries like the rest!
Now what would they do?

Hi Hi! tHIS IS TOTALLY MY first time posting a story here. so please be kind and don't kill me..THANKS~

Disclaimer: yup, I totally own this fic, But I dont own the actual anime.....If I did Mikan and Natsume would have been togethere in the first ep.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Chapter 1: Suddenly Parents?


Goes Mikan's new Chicken Alarm clock. It was another Invention Hotaru mAde to effectively wake Mikan up..But you already know, all of hotaru's Inventions always fail against this airhead... now this is a game Mikan could actually win against her... This is the 20th time Hotaru made an alarm clock for Mikan, And Believe me.. She does'nt want to lose this time.

The Clock was still ringing, but sadly.. Mikan was still sound asleep.. And while it kept ringing, its eyes started to turn red... and it began to move! the Chicken clock was flying above Mikan with its talons quickly appearing.... and in 3 seconds....



"AAAGGGHHHHHHhhhh!!!!!!" her screams echoed throughout the whole academy.. making all the peaceful birds Fly in fright.


Meanwhile at the Classroom

(A/N: may I remind you that they are now 16 and of course they transferred to the middle school building but they were the same batch as their elementary days)

The Students all heard the shrieking echo and only thought of one person 'MIKAN' they thought in unison and sweat dropped.
Well of course The Ice queen Smirked in Victory while eating her crab jams (A/N: you know right? the one what Hotaru always eats?) as she finally manage to wake that idiotic-clumsy friend of hers.

Anna and Nonoko made their way to Hotaru.

" Wow Hotaru-chan! you Finally managed to wake Mikan-chan up .... what tactic did you use? " Anna asked in curiousity. Then Suddenly Hotaru stood up and her CHIBI Form started to explain everything..

" INVENTION NO. 98575 The Sharped eyed Chicken: It's function is to work like a normal alarm clock when set to the actual time with 5 minute handicap, but when it passes the actual time, It will start to get aggressive and will wake up its owner with violence whether the owner likes it or not.

Chibi Hotaru done explaining! now back to the story.

Anna and Nonoko still sweatdropped and nervously backed away from Hotaru. Then the classroom started to get busy and in no time,Our favourite brunette finally made it in time panting...with some scratches on her face.

"HOOTAARUU!" her eyes glinted and she grinned maliciouslyas she stomped her way to her so-called bestfriend

" So you Finally made it baka... you should thank me that I got You up before class." she said with cold eyes

" For that I thank you...but You didnt have to invent clock that scratches faces! it hurts! " she went all teary-eyed and pointed a finger to her face..showing indeed the scratch marks

" Well it got you up, didnt it? oh.... and the price for repairing that alarm clock willbe 500 rabbits. knowing you already broke it."

" WHO WOULD WANT TO REPAIR THAT ALARM CLOCK! MOU! REALLY HOTARU!"she screamed in front of her bestfriend earning her a blast of her friends baka gun.
and to meake it worst...

" Don't you ever get tired of wearing childish panties, Pandas? you're already a middle school student " said a voice who saw her panties when she flew away. and you guessed it right... it's our favourite Natsume Hyuuga... who I believe is even more hot and Handsome.. He just walked in the classroom with our other favourite animal boy. ( A/N: really, Mikan is so unlucky )

Upon hearing that.. she blushed in embarrassment and anger.." Natsume no Hentai!" she shouted at him
Natsume just shrugged and went to his seat and as usual read his manga and Ruka just sweatdropped..

He helped Mikan up." Ohayo Sakura-san, are you alright? "

" Ah! Ruka-pyon! ohayo! genki genki!"she smiled at him and Ruka blushed... since you know,he still had some feelings for the brunette.

" What happened to your face?" he asked in worry and curiousity.

Mikan pouted and lowly said " Some Stupid alarm clock did this to me.. (sigh) but since your my friend HO-TA-RU" Mikan stressed out her name " I'll forgive you...since you did that for me " she smiled at Hotaru... well Hotaru's face was still the same. She did stare at Mikan for a brief moment then flashed her a sign board saying " YOU STILL OWE ME MONEY "..

( heheHotaru is weird in showing her love XD)

" ........" Mikan just pouted. then Nonoko came to her offering her a healing potion she made just now because she felt a little sorry for Mikan being Hotaru's little pig... Nonoko explained that she should drink it and within a minute her wounds will be gone.. she thanked Nonoko but was still a little reluctant to drink the potion because it was bubbling like poison .( hey don't look at me, she always carries chemicals around her right?) After earning a few painful expressions.....she drank the potion. ( which I should warn Bitter to the tongue) they all went to their seats upon he entrance of their teacher..

Natsumes thoughts:

"Sigh.. That little girl is litterally the same as always.. clumsy. idiotic,......cute. WTF? where did that cute come from? I don't think shes' cute!

" Ok,just keep denying it buddy... but admit it you find her cute... and it attracts you " a voice suddenly said in his mind.

' WTF? who the hell are you?'

' Im you '

' ME? '

' yup '

' Great now Im a wierdo talking to myself... oh and by the way I dont FIND HER CUTE!'

' Hehehehehe, Just kidding... Im the authoress and YES you do Find her cute because if you dont.. I have full power to write in this fic to pair her up with another guy, insensibly hating you and and for all I care, Sending you to a lot of missions... If You find this conditions unsatisfying...better cooperate with me in this fic, GOT IT?'

' ...... Fine... I DO find her cute... There happy?!'

' glad to negotiate with you'

(I always wanted to do that! *ehem* now on with the fic)

And for the rest of the class...Natsume just Sat beside his 'BELOVED' pandas and continued to 'Read' ( as if he really is) he's manga but actually were having thoughts of her...



The school chimes rang signaliing that it was time for a break....all students were of course heading out from their classrooms to buy some snacks.(A/N: lets just assume they have a canteen k? well, I put one because I dont want the academy to be same as always..it;d be boring... and plus the academy is rich, so having a canteen wont be a problem right?)

Went out except for Our little brunette....She was always slumped at break times ...why?

Flashback> > >

"Wow! we finally have a canteen?!" Mikan was squeeling upon hearing the news about a canteen being put in the academy.

" Yes Mikan-chan, The Principals have approved of it and it basically is open now.. Want to go therright now." Yuu, our favorite representative, asked Mikan Friendly.

"YES! YES! LETSGI IINCHOU!" Mikan was practically skipping towards the door when a giant racoon robot blocked her way... She sweatdropped upon how big the the size of the raccoon is....

The racoon began handing out his hand and spoke " PAY UP BAKA!" and you all could guess what this means....Yuu sweatdropped

Mikan became all teary-eyed and started to pout...

" Hotaru...."

Again Hotaru just stared blankly at her and raised a signboard..' A debt is a debt '

" bu-But! " she tried to reason out but then Hotaru raised another signboard

' Instead of using your money to buy useless junk food to fatten you up, why dont you pay the people you are indebt to first'

" Mou! Hotaru cant you speak to me clearly and not use a signboard?!"

Again hotaru raised one.. ' TOO LAZY TO SPEAK! AND ARGUE WITH AN IDIOT LIKE U '

" hO-" She was cut offed when the racoon started to ask for money aggressively.. and Mikan had no choice but to give her money... ( she cried waterfalls you know)

End of flashback< < <

And from that day on Mikan had to give hotaru her snack allowance.. Though her friends would gladly let her borrow some money but she cant tollerate on having many debts... especially when she havent cleared her balance with Hotaru...and believe me.. It has a lot of zeros..
So she always stayed behind waiting for breaks to get over..
And the only ones left in ther room was her and...

" are? Natsume what are you doing staying behind.. aren'tyougoing to have some snacks?"she asked the flame caster who was beside her who has'nt left his seat."

" I dont have a sweet tooth unlike you pandas " he said while reading his manga

" Mou! Stop calling me such perverted Nicknames! and why isn't Ruka-pyon with you?"

" Do you see Imai around?" he said sarcastically.

'now that I think about it' Mikan thought

" what does this have to do with Hotaru? "

As if her prayers were answered,She heard a commotion outside the window... she looked at it and found her Ruka chasing her bestfriend, with a blushing face.

" IMAI! GIVE THOSE PHOTOS BACK!.." You all know the drill.. lets just leave those two and get back to our couple..

" oh... " she slumped back to her seat and sighed then suddenly..


Mikan touched her stomach anime-style ' I FORGOT! i haven't had breakfast since I was in a hurry to get to class.. '

Natsume averted his eyes to her and raised a brow

"Oi, was that her stomach just now? Are you even a girl?" ' Have you eaten anything?' was the correct translation for that

" I CAN'T HELP IT!. I haven't eaten breakfast yet"

Natsume stared at her with his usual look and then closed his manga and got up..His back was in front of her..

" Oi pandas come with me " he said w/o glancing agt her...

Mikan raised a brow " Huh? why? "

"Im hungry,But I dont want to line up to that stupid bazaar of a canteen..(A/N; students were alwaysfighting at the canteen for better goods.. and keep in mind, they have alices ...and it was bound to be messy) you buy for me.

" what!why do I have to? "

" hn, and I thought I was willing to give you some... well cant hel-"

" I'LL GO! " she said with glints in her eyes.. ' this girl is pure dumb ' Natsume thought


Natsume waited for Mikan under the sakura tree... he was leaning against it and his hands were behind his back.. he had his eyes closed. Yupit was peaceful...but only for a while =3

"NATSUMEE!" Mikan ran tuwards him with a bag full of food...He opened his eyesand raised a brow...

" the hell? These are all candies! forget it you eat it all" he leaned back to the tree

" WAaa! sorry Natsume... ehehehe I got tempted! they looked so gooD! you sure you dont want any?"

" No. it it all pig."

" I'm not a PIG!"

" Whatever" Mikan was about to release her fume but decided to cool down. because natsume treated her some food, well literally sweets,.

" I'll just put that aside for now..since you treated me" he plumpled a strawberry candy in her mouth andsmiled adorably

" Are you dumb? of course you'll pay me back! you wasted my money for junk."

" WHAT! fine! I'll pay you back later. ANd it isn't junk! and its delicious! here! taste it yourself!" Mikan howled him some candy.he pushed them back

" No thanks little girl " Mikan pushed some again and he pushed them back. and so on, and so on... Until they both fell from the pushing.. of course in a very awkward position : HE ON TOP< HER ON BOTTOM ( A/N KYAAAAA~ =3)


They were so close.. their faces just inches apart.From thier shock. they couldnt get their eyes away from each other..And what even made it worse. Mikan had a flushed face and Natsume started to imagine things...

' what, a cute face' he thought.. then he set his eyes on her lips... they were slightly open because she had some candy. and the smell of the candy in her mouth found its way to his nose ...' so sweet ' oh god ... he was turned on

" Natsume.. could you..uhmmm.. get off...our position is kind of... I Mean your heavy!"she said while blushing

' WHY IS MY HEART POUNDING!! 'she thought

" Not until I get my payment pandas.. " he still looked at her lips, she licked the candy because it was getting numbon her mouth and she couldnt speak clearly.

'KAMI! Doesn't she know It turns me even more on! ' he thought and made his decision..man , he couldnt take it anymore

" But I dont have any-"

"MMM!" Natsume kissed her, while she was in shocked when he deepened it!His tongue was litterally inside her mouth... she was unsure on what to do. it was happening so fast. Natsume broke the kiss and spoke to her...." That payment wasn't enough. I want another kiss" he said looking down at her lips again

" I-I.." Natsume Leaned again and licked her lip for entrance..this time Mikan was Infatuated so she open her mouth and allowed Natsume to kiss her.. And she kissed back. Natsume's Tongue was sliding together with Mikan.. They were both Sharing the Candy in her mouth..' Candy and her Tastes the best'
They ended the kiss when they finished the candy together. their Saliva was still connected though

Mikan had a flushed face...' wha-what just happened?!' she thought as she recalled what happened.'
Natsume got off her and helped her up.. she was still in a daze.. well he too can't believe what he did.. but ow well .. what's done is done.

" You were right Pandas.. Candies do taste good.." he smirked and placed his fingers on his lips and gave it a lick and then reality struck her....

" AHH! YO-YOU BIG PERVERT! THAT WAS MY FIRST DEEP KISS! AND I CAN'T BELIEVE IT HAD TO BE YOU!!" She shouted at him. It was him who stole the firts kiss which she wanted to be special. And now he striked again.. stealing her deep one..

" Oh quit whining. what's done is done . I just took my repayment,and since you insisted on tasting the candy,I did." he said back to his usual self but he was still thinking about it.

" You did it orally! waah! you stole my first kiss, you stole my deep one! what else do plan on stealing pervert " she yelled

' You're Body, as well as your love ' he said in his mind but he would'nt admit that out loud.

" Hn " he shrugged and walked away towards the Northern forest

" Wait! don't just run off when we're talking here! and we still need to go back to class"

" I'm Skipping. plus we're already late. and the teacher is Jinno,you sure you wanna go?" heasked glancing at her

she shivered at the name Jinno.. She sure doesn't want to get punished again... all his punishment were all harsh and too tiring.. so she decided to tag along with Natsume..

Somewhere in the Northern forest.. there was a voice echoing ...

"......" Mikan heard it

" Hey Natsume, Did you hear that?" she asked

" Hear what " he asked questioningly

"....BOdy!" She heard it again and Natsume Heared it this time

"I hear it" he listened more deeply and moved towards where the voice was coming from. Mikan decided to keep quiet since she was scared... maybe she thought it was a ghost or something

" Is Someone there!?" they heard it clearly now... It was a voice of a child and it sounded like she was asking for help. NAtsume looked through a bush and saw a child with auburn hair crying beside the forests' lake... if you would guess.. He thought she was lost... And she wasn't a student of the academy since she was not wearing a uniform

" Mikan, Take a look" he said, and Mikan looked to where he was looking

" It's a kid... and she's crying.. I wonder if she's lost.. ne Natsume lets help her." she stood up and before Natsume could protest she already was behind the crying child. He just sighed and walked towards her with handson his pockets


* hic * Mama, * hic * Papa" she said while crying.Mikan put her Hand on her shoulder and lowered down to her size ,she winced and looked at her with her teary crimson eyes. Mikan just smiled at her.." Uhm, Are you ok?" the kid just stared at her.. she looked like the age of 3.

" U-uhm.." she stuttered, while trying to die her tears down

" Oi kid are you lost? what are you doing wondering around the Northern Forest?" he also slumped to her size.

" Ma-" she tried to say

" Ma? " they both said looking at each other. When they looked back at her, her eyes all teary again and she had a flushed face and she hugged Mikan and cried on her chest.. " MAMA! You're here! I know you would'nt leave Hikari.Papa too!" she hugged them both and they were bothe startled.. here they were being hugged by an unknown girl and she was calling them mama and papa!


End of chapter~


Nyahahahah~ well That was my first Chapter.. I'll be Posting the next one soon.. since I'm going on vacation

-^_^- Natsume and Mikan were called Mama and Papa.. Find out in the next chapter the Identity of the girl and why she called her mama and papa~


Chapter 2

hehehe Heres the continuation

Last time.....
" Ma? " they both said looking at each other. When they looked back at her, her eyes all teary again and she had a flushed face and she hugged Mikan and cried on her chest.. " MAMA! You're here! I know you would'nt leave Hikari.Papa too!" she hugged them both and they were bothe startled.. here they were being hugged by an unknown girl and she was calling them mama and papa!

And now on with the story...

Hikari kept crying and kept hugging the two confused teens..... they had Big eyes and there mouths were wide as open that flies could get in there.. * hehehehehe*

When reality finally struck Natsume, He shook his head and returned to his normal face, he deattached himself from the crying girl who called him papa and glared at her while Mikan was still in LALA land

" Oi kid, who are you calling parents? I don't remember getting this Idiot of a girl pregnant." he referred to Mikan.
' mama mama mama mama mama mama......' was all that kept ringing in Mikan's head
until she heard Natsume's comment " Who Are you calling idiot! " Image she fumed she was still holding Hikari.

" I asked you a question kid" he said Ignoring Mikan and still had the glare

Hikari's tears died down and she looked at Natsume with her red face since she was just done crying but she was still sniffling because she thought her * papa * was angry

" Natsume! don't talk to the kid like that! you'll make her cry again !" she furrowed her eyebrows at natsume who just shrugged and looked away at her , she totally gets the fact that he wants her to talk to Hikari

" Fine ... " he said

" ne, whats your name?" she asked Hikari while smiling at her

" Hi- Hikari, "

" Ok ... Hikari-chan, uhm why did you call us mama and papa?, Maybe you got the wrong people Hikari-chan"
Hikari shook her head.. " Iie, I'm not mistaken, You are my mama and papa" she looked at them innocently
with her cute big round crimson eyes

Mikan sweat dropped " ano sa. ... I think Hikari-chan got the wro-" she didn't get to finish because Hikari stood up and looked at them

" I'm not wrong mama... my name is Hikari Hyuuga, daughter of Mikan and Natsume Hyuuga..." tears were again forming and it greatly affected mikan and Natsume for some reason while seeing her cry..."

Natsume sigh and came close to Hikari and Picked her up " We don't get any of this kid, Just stop crying... you'll look ugly like that girl over there if you cry... explain things clearly and we'll listen, got it?" he said in a manner like areal father,or like how he would treat youichi. surprisingly Hikari understood and Natsume Let her down to explain things. Mikan was utterly shocked of Natsume's treatment on Hikari, it was rare seeing Natsume like this. she was glad she get to see it.

' I didn't thought Natsume was this kind' she thought

" What are you staring out of space for pandas? sit down and listen" He said in his usual self " gah! I take back what I thought!' shejust glared at him and sat down on the grass..

" Start talking kid." but when they faced her.. the child was sound asleep, probably tired from all the crying. well, she only 5.

" Great, now where are we suppose to take her?" Natsume grumbled

" Should we Notify somebody about her?"

" We can't, she's not a student or resident of this school,we don't know what they could do to her. And we haven't had cleared explination yet. so its better if we hide her for a while."

" But where exactly?"

"Of course your room stupid! I can't keep her in mine..she's a girl" he said while glaring at her stating the obvious.

" Fine you did'nt have to glare " she said as she angrily pouted cutely,making Natsume hide a secret blush... Mikan lifted the tired Hikari and they proceeded hed back for Mikan's dorm in a while.


Meanwhile ......

*pant pant*
" Geez that Imai, I can't believe she outwitted me again!" Ruka shouted ..

He was tired from all the chasing and he wasn't vey successful in capturing the ice-queen.. an on top of that he missed a class. Normally that doesn't bother him, but now that exam's are almost coming, he wanted to pay attention to the lessons so he could get a handicap on what to study.

And now, we find are animal prince panting at a place near the school barn where he usually visits.

' Well,no use to get her....I just can't beat that blackmailing queen! ' he sighed in defeat

' and classes already started... I guess I could greet the animals for a while...'

He made his way to the barn, he heard some commotion inside while he was halfway there and he was curious to know what it was.. so he opened the door......
and ladies and gentelman, what he saw made him sweat to death...
There in the barn, was Imai Hotaru selling his pictures to the barn animals! and they were oh so willing to get all of them! (lols^^ I wonder where the animals get money ^^)

"IMAI! STOP THAt!" he went closer to the stall Hotaru was setting but it was too late. it was all sold out( awww poor Ruka T^T )
he fell to the ground in defeat....and hotaru was just counting money.. the barn animals were happy as ever...with there animal noises making it annoying to count hotaru's money,she was about to use her baka gun to keep them quiet when voice stopped her.

" What's all this noise about?" all of them,I mean all of them stopped from what they were doing and looked at the owner of the voice. It was a little girl about the age of five, she had amethyst medium-length hair and sapphire eyes... she had the look that was unemotional but she had a pretty face.

" None of your concern kid " Hotaru stared at her.. they exchanged cold stares

" It is my business if you woke me up " she said as she stood up from the pile of hay and dusted herself. She wasn't wearing the school uniform but had casual clothes.. it seems she was sleeping on the hay and the irritating business noise woke her up.

" It's not my fault you slept in there.. you're not even suppose to be here..only attendants can come here" Hotaru said. the girl just smirked

" And I suppose your an attendant? because all I see is a business lady selling pictures to these animals.."

Hotaru grew a vein and Ruka was sweatdropping ' This girl is tough, '

Hotaru smiled a little " You're good kid.. what's your name? "

The girl didn't reply yet, she looked back at the pile of hay she slept on and rummaged through it, she felt something and pulled that thing out. Ruka was amazed that this girl seemed so experienced in handling the ice queen, When she faced them.. she was holding a pink rabbit and smiled at it, a smile that was really camouflaged by the look she had earlier..now she seemed like a cute child...

" Did these guys wake you up Usachi? " She asked the now awakened bunny and the bunny just rubbed his face on the girl and the girl gave out a lovely smile as she was tickled by the bunny's fur..Ruka was amazed again when he saw her face.. it was such a stone face awhile ago now its the most lively

Now our Ice queen was getting furious. Not did the girl ignore her question,but she ignored the great Imai herself! now that isn't a pretty sign.. she was giving off a murderous aura while pooping a vein.. Ruka was really pale and was sweatdropping

" Oi kid, You can't just go in there and ignore me. I asked You a question and you better answer me before i take out my baka-gun."

The girls smiling face changed back into the cold face she had.

" I'll tell you my name if you do me a favour. " Now this kid was totally getting on Hotaru's nerves. No one orders Hotaru around.She aimed her baka gun at the girl and shot it but before it could hit the girl Ruka acted as a shield for the girl and got hit instead * oohh poor rukA XD*

" Tch. Stupid Animal boy"Ruka was unconcious Hotaru draw her baka-gun away and crossed her arms then looked at the girl.. ' Who does she remind me of? ' Hotaru thought seeing that the girl's face is familiar...

Sigh. The girl looked at Ruka then Hotaru " You sure haven't changed mom... you still hit dad with that baka gun of yours...

Reality struck. Hotaru dumbfounded.( though she didn't show it ) did that girl just call her mom? and to the fact she called Ruka dad? she shook her head.

" I don't know what your implimying about kid. "

" You heard me right mom " she replied all the animals had gone quiet seeming that this conversation was awkward so they just returned to their stables quietly

" Yeah right Kid and I'm queen of the world " she said sarcastically

" It's expected that you don't believe me... and Im prepared to the fact for proof " she rummaged through her shoulder bag ( She has a shoulder bag with her)
Hotaru raised a brow ... what the girl pulled out shocked her... it was her newly designed baka-gun that she didn't even make yet.. she was still on blue prints but what the girl had was really her invention... she took it and anayzed it.....after some analyzing... she really was certain that it was her's.

" Alright kid who are you and why do you have my invention, why did you call me mom?, why do you call him dad?" she demanded

" I'll explain if you help me find my friend."

" Who's this friend of yours? " The Girl looked at hotaru for a second before replying

" Sakura Mikan's and Hyuuga Natsume's daughter... You're Bestfriends'daughter "she said.

Ok, this really had our genius thinking hard. ' Hyuuga and Mikan's daughter? ' she thought

" Alright kid ,I'll help you out... This seems interesting, but you better explain this afterwards.." she said and the girl nodded..

Hotaru headed for the door..

" What about dad? " she said patting usachi's head reffering to the still unconcious Ruka who is now getting conforted by the animals

" He'll wake up later I'll just send Amanatsu to pick him up " she said looking at Ruka then averted her eyes to the girl who was still patting the bunny while looking at her so-called father. The thought that this girl kinda looks like Ruka right now amazed her, and that she can look seemingly like Hotaru when she's cold.

' Could it be possible? 'she thought then the girl headed toward her and said

" My name is Haruka. " Haruka said while passing Hotaru from the door... Now that name quite gave Hotaru a shock, but she didn't show it.. ' Haruka.. '


" Hotaru, If you had a girl what would you name it? " Mikan asked of curiosity. she was in Hotaru's room, visiting... the Ice queen was writing something on her study table

" why'd you ask such a stupid question, don't you have anyone else to bother? " she said coldly

" Mou, Hotaru, I was just curious... I was just wondering if you'll name it after someone you like, or if you would combine your name after them too.."

" That's it, you're bothering me, go ask that stupid question to Anna or Nonoko. And you better get out here in the count of five or else I'll shoot you with my bakagun..."

" but... "

" four..." she pouted and used her puppy dog eyes

" That doesn't work on me, Three...." she aimed th baka gun


" TWO... " Mikan quickly got up from Hotaru's bed then dashed out the door but not before saying good night and I love you to Hotaru..

Hotaru sighed and went back to what she was writing 'name huh?' she scribbled something on her notebook and it wrote ' Nogi Haruka '


"Are you coming ? " HAruka looked back at Hotaru's expressionless face.

" ye-yeah." she walked towards her And they walked out the barn...

And guess what they saw...


Natsume and Mikan were heading to her dorm, The kissing incident totally out of their minds since the Hikari incident. Mikan was carrying Hikari and she stopped her tracks. Natsume looked back at her..

" why'd you stop? " he asked

" Are? isn't that Hotaru getting out of the School's barn? and it seem s someone's with her. "she gave the sleeping Hikari carefully to Natsume.

" oi! " he protested

" Hold her for a while I wanna call out to Hotaru and i don't want to wake Hikari up. " she said as she ran towards Hotaru with a big smile as she called out to her.


" HO-TA-RUuuuU~ " she said. Hotaru and HAruka looked towards her when they got out from the barn

" Ah. Mikan "she said in her normal self... Mikan was heading toward them smiling and waving

" Aunt Mikan is still the same.. " Haruka said with her emotionless face too, while petting the bunny. ' Aunt Mikan ?' Hotaru thought

When Mikan finally got to them she panted then smiled... ' What are you doing here Hotaru? '

" The question is Mikan. What are YOU, doing here Aren't you suppose to be in class.."

Mikan Sweatdropped " I was already late and I don't want to face Jin-jin " she said... Natsume followed after her with a angry face.. just leaving him with Hikari and Running off definitely pissed him off

" You..." he glared at Mikan.. Hotaru was surprised seeing natsume carrying a child.. and this was a rare sight,so she did what she would normally do and took a picture. Natsume glared at her then.

Haruka stared at the child Natsume was carrying " Ah~ " she said cassually that made the three teens look at her..

" Hikari.." she said looking at hotaru...Mikan and Natsume just raised a brow. " You know this kid, kid? Natsume asked

" By the way.. who is she Hotaru? " Mikan asked

" Is she the one your talking about? " Hotaru looked at Haruka totally ignoring Mikan and she nodded.. Hotaru looked back at the sleeping child Natsume was carrying.. ' she does look similar to Mikan ' she thought

" OI... dont go all ignoring us Imai " Natsume glared at her ( Whoa! he's been glaring a lot)

"Oh shut Hyuuga, Give that child to Mikan and take your uncouncious friend in there. this Kid has a lot of explaining to do." NAtsume even glared at her more

" What happened to him.. "

" Let's just say he got hit by my upgraded baka-gun " Natsume just groaned and gake the chid to Mikan and went in to carry his bestfriend... Hikari shifted in her sleep and mumbled 'mama'

" Who is that girl Hotaru? "Mikan asked again..

" She is the girl who will answer all our problems right Haruka? "

Haruka just closed her eyes and patted her bunny calmly.. " Whatever, as long as i explain In a roomier place..."

This just left the brunette to raise a brow. Natsume came out with Ruka on his back and Hotaru saying to go to her lab...



ehehehehehe dats all for this chap ^^

Oh and plz dont steal this story ^^ its the only love of mah life
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it's so long, too lazy to read..
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Dang! so long

but its quite good
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tl;dr and wtf is this anyways?

*reads first post*

it's just a fanfic >.>

nothing to see here . . .
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Too long.What's this?
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so long
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Well whatever

I Will Know Infect This Thread with The K-virus ENJOY!
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errr.... too lazy to read...
Posted 10/31/08 , edited 10/31/08
i enjoy reading fanfics, but darn, that story is l o n g.
just post it on fanfiction.net. =~=
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[just posted the picture because i think the sheep's cute.]
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Did you just wrote a book ??
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so long
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ya same too long lazy to read
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