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Posted 10/31/08 , edited 10/31/08
Okie then so im guessing you guys wanna know right?!
whatever so here a little boring gift I did

Tom was right above me ><
srry crappy phone and srry no digi cam.

I saw them live in nyc @ roseland I was right beside the catwalk and right on the barricades [I got bruises everywhere] and ja Bill looked amazing and wow he sung so good. It seems like he got a new tattoo and lol his voice was really high. I was right in front when Bill went on the catwalk and I caught him on my phone I think so yea x3 last night [OCT 30] was amazing

Real Review [iilyRein - Me]


So I arrived around 5ish and the line was extremely long I ended up behind the roseland ballroom around 6 I heard sound check the 2 girls in front of me peeked through the doors a bit but didnt see much (FInal Day. 1000 Oceans. By Your Side) so then blah blah it was freezing, I met up with my friends. around 7:10 we got in I rushed to the front with my friends while our mom's did stuff. it was packed and hot. around 9:15 they started and oh gawd the fighting began. I couldnt see very well cause I was short and 1 girl almost passed out another one pulled some girls hair. But I ended pushing through so I was on the right side of the catwalk right beside the barricade. And yea IT WAS AWESOME. tom was right above us and georg wow. they look really hot [ my friend is now a georg fan cause of last night lol] btw/ my friends and I got seperated so they were in front of tom when he humped his guitar ==; but still whatev. uh 2 drunkies got kicked out and id say about 9 girls got pulled over or something like that. i also got wet a lot with there water esecially Gustav<3 and yea Bill ran off stage ==;

great concert though LOL

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Posted 10/31/08 , edited 11/1/08
Geez, you people are so lucky.
I wish I could meet them. I'd fucking kiss Georg. NGL.
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Posted 11/1/08 , edited 11/2/08
LoveandCoughDrops and I went to the one in Orlando.

We left the day before at 4 pm Indiana time (which is where we were) and traveled a total of 12 hours before we reached Orlando. Then we went to the Virgin Mega Store signing which was friggin AMAZING! Poor LoveandCoughDrops. When I first saw Bill I scratched the crap out of her back. XD I must say I'm proud of myself though because I managed to say "Hi". See... Bill and Tom both waved and said "hi" to me (Georg and Gustav might have but I was too numb by that point to notice anything. XD) and I said "hi" back but I'm not sure to which one. So yeah, we scream our bloody heads off when we get out of the signing and make our way over to the concert hall. The friggin security took our cameras! They did a metal detecting/full-body search and yet STILL some people had their cameras and were even taking pictures right in front of security gaurds! Grrr! Anyways... the concert was AWESOME! They played TWO encores (which was amazing). I didn't lose my voice THAT night but I did the next day and I still don't totally have it back. XD I screamed A LOT.

Ummm.... They played the whole Scream album except Sacred and.... something else that I can't remember. But they played two new songs: Raise Your Hands (German = Wo Sind Eure Hande) and another song that for the life of me I can't figure out what it was. I almost thought it was In Die Nacht but (besides the obvious all four of them were performing) it didn't sound quite the same.

But yeah... that's my experience. XD It was amazing!
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