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- Only make appropriate poem, if anything that contain *cussin* will be immediately eliminate and will be expel from the group
- Do not copy any one else idea
- DONT copy and paste from any song lyrics
- Use your own creative idea, and express your own feelings in the poem
- Cannot judge anyone else poem ( like who is better than who)
- Everyone have their own rights to say what they feel
dont be scare of express what is in your mind, if you think there is nobody able to understand your feelings, this is the time to say it by make it in the poem
Expression: ( sad, love, or comedy......etc.,)
Pictures: ( in SPOILER)

* anyway you want, just don't make it too short ( long is ok)
** post an image that represent the feelings you have in the poem, or represent your poem the best!!! ( in SPOILER)
Title: My love song
Expression: emotional

In the world where snow are continuing to fall down,
we have yet know the true pain,
running to the place that have been abandon for a very long time.
In that same place, we can find our only light.
Where is the love have gone?
There is nothing as joy when you are not by my side
Listen to my heart, and look through my eyes,
I am sure that yourself is reflecting in my eyes
because you are the only one I am looking at now."

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Title: Secret Love
Expression: emotional
I'm lying awake again
Thinking of the time we've spent
I don't know what to do
I'm really missing you

I hate myself
Why can't I blame it to someone else?
It's really you in my heart
But it hurts when we're world's apart

You are just near
But you feel so far
I can feel your touch
Yet your heart's not with it.

Why is it hard to fall for a friend?
You've got no clue on how it would end
Each day that I spend with you was all but a masquerade
Like any moment I'd explode

I just can't make a move
I don't know how to furrow
Maybe I'm just afraid to get rejected
Scared for what you could have reacted

My heartt keeps on asking
It just won't stop hurting
Will I just stay this way?
Forever living in despair?
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