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The History of CR
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Posted 4/24/07 , edited 3/2/08
Welcome to the Crunchyroll History Library ^-^

We now have a Crunchyroll group which is updated regularly:
This is much more up-to-date than this semi-abandoned thread so please join! There you will get updates for every new feature and help with any that you don't understand from our staff of Crunchyroll Scribes (history recorders). ~s_j_b

- indicates the newest edits

One Year Traffic Graph

August 2006
-- Shinji creates CR badges- members recieve one for every month that they donate. The first badge is the Crunchyroll symbol itself ^-^.
-- First stickied thread 'Introduce Yourself' (~arx7arbalest)

September 2006
-- The CR badge for this month is: Naruto Dattebayo.

October 2006 / November 2006
-- Shinji asks for Forum mod applications to control the ever growing forum and ensure the quality of posts. The first 3 Forum mods are: Killar, Fuzzmaster and Faeleia. BasouKazuma also becomes a media/forum mod while Pewee is made a Media mod.,
-- Members can now upload their own videos. (~arx7arbalest) (~Animestudz)
-- A member called Sebastian and 'followers' found a glitch with the PM system allowing them to send 100's a second. In a few days he had over 1,000,000 CR points. Afterwards he created 'Klondike Bar' threads which the mods couldn't handle. (~Rocklee 101)
-- For what becomes a limited time Shinji allows all members (not just supporters) to see some High-Quality videos. Details: (~mauz15)
-- October Badge: Ichigo. November Badge: Cowboy Bebop

December 2006
-- As Crunchyroll gets bigger and more popular Shinji decides he needs more mods. After an application process, shinji chooses 2 forum mods (Do0mAid, Mauz15) and 4 media mods (redgarnettk, ClassicalTwist, DeNote and mushroomjay).
-- Shinji changes the organisation of videos. Music videos are now sorted by artist while he creates a new 'Member' section for people to upload 'whatever they want'. Thread: (~Mauz15)
--Licensed material is removed and no longer allowed to be uploaded. This is done to stop the site getting closed down and to reduce traffic.
-- After creating a chat thread at a random number page and spying on the Mods threads, several members were banned. (~Simpleyesa) (~Animestudz)
-- The CR population increases significantly around December and November. The original members mourn for the CR of the past! Traffic graph for CR:
-- This months Badge is: Haruhi

January 2007
--Uchari is made a media mod after his acceptance PM is finally found! (~classicaltwist ^-^)
--Shinji accidently deletes buddies while doing some maintenance. He manages to recover buddies from before 11/28/06. Mass Buddy Requesting all over CR!
--Features are added to the PM system including 'checkboxes' and 'delete buttons' (~Simpleyesa)
--The Forum section is rearranged to include a Games and Site Feeback/Help section.
-- D-Fansubs request that any uploads with subs from them are taken down from CR- upseeting many members!
-- This month it's the Sharingan Badge.

February 2007
--Donations to CR can now be sent to a PO Box.
--Shinji gives us all Guestbooks! After initial mayhem from so many messages it is changed to allow only Buddies to post entries.
-- Shinji then gives us all our own galleries to post pictures in! It is soon discovered that only FireFox members can use this feature.
-- February's Badge is: Natsuki

March 2007
-- The CR Badge for this month is Kakashi.
-- The creation of a Forums game section has made it a 'hang out' place. BasouKazuma creates a sticky in which he explains that spending long periods of time there is not allowed. He then posts links to several ways to chat. Gabbly Chat becomes popular while the off-site chat is being discussed as a possible ShoutBox in the future.
-- The Guestbook Chain letters get out of hand! A thread is made and all members who send chain letters are to be reported to Mods.
-- A few members 'Clean up' their Buddy lists to keep only the ones they have contact with. A thread that shows this:
-- The CR points system is under a little debate as older members notice newer ones have more points than them.
-- A new 'rule' is made about Naruto threads since there are so many! Only a few are left and any new ideas have to be approved by a mod.
-- March/ February- a new feature is made where you can give other members membership. This increases donations as CR friends give them to each other ^-^.
-- There is a problem with one of the servers and many shows can't be watched. Although shinji buys a new disk, problems arise again a day later and he has to order some more parts. On the 13th Shinji fixes the problem by sorting out the motherboard ^-^:
-- Other current common requests/ideas: Spoiler Tags, a Manga section, Karma points, Thread Index thread.
-- In response to the Manga section requests BasouKazuma proposes his idea of using profiles and their photo galleries. The idea is yet to be approved by Shinji and can be found in this thread:
-- Members notice that alot of videos no longer have the 'Larger Screen' link on them. Rumours start that they might have been taken away to encourage members to donate. The other idea is that it is simply just a 'bug'. This is probably the cause of the distortion of some of the videos sizes aswell.
-- There were problems with the videos for a short amount of time and GB entries and favourites were deleted. After about an hour of maintenance by Shinji the problem was fixed. (~q_h)
-- The video player is changed causes some members to complain that they prefered the old one. The 'click to pause' (anywhere on the screen) function is gone aswell as the option to enlarge the screen. However some members claim the quality and speed has improved. CR supporters still have the old player. Opinion thread:
-- Near the middle of March the player turns back to the old one yet it is still not known if this is permanent. Later in the month the larger function also disapears for non-supporters. Clicking the link takes them to the Donating page. Once again it is not known if this is permanent or just a glitch.
-- Killar realizes that with all the Fan Sub groups asking for their shows to be taken down from CR, there may soon be nothing left! He starts up the 'Crunchy Fansub Team'

April 2007
-- This months badge: the FMA badge
-- After members complain about spam video comments BasouKazuma notifies everyone that members who post chain letters will get a severe warning or be deleted. Thread for this:
-- Members notice that they have just lost lots of points and are recieving none for forum posts or GB entries. Shinji then posts an explanation; Temporarily, members wont get points for anything except PMs and Video Comments. While some members are upset about their low point scores, others hope that shinji will keep it so GB entries don't give points. A day later eveyones points (minus GB and Comments) return. The point system is now so that: PM = 4, GB = 0, Comments = 0, Uploads = 20. It is not known if this is a permanent new system.
-- After maintenance on the 6th, crunchyroll returns with an advert in the corner for limited edition crunchyroll t-shirt's! A thread is also started about this and other members are already talking about their own designs and ideas for different 'souvenirs'.
-- The order of some members buddy lists have changed- the reason or new 'logic' is worked out to be that new buddies now go to the end of the list rather than being placed randomly.
-- Because of many duplicate threads and members asking for a forum search function Mauz15 creates an Index thread for the general section:
He later asks for helpers to do an Index thread for the anime section. jamehze and animestudz volunteer and help make:
-- After the General Forum section becomes taken over by Quiz threads Mauz15 decides (with prompts from many members) to have them all placed in the Games section instead:
-- Although no notice has yet been given by shinji, it seems there is now a bandwidth limit for non-supporters. After so many videos a sign appears instead saying: "Bandwidth Exceeded. If you see this message, this means crunchyroll cannot afford anymore bandwidth for today. =*(. cr star supporters will never see this message!'' Discovery and ScreenShots:, Thread: It is revealed later that the limit is 15-20 videos a day (Shinjis time zone)
--The Larger link returns for all users to use.
-- Shinji decides on a new points system:
GB/ Posts/ Comments = 2
Per photo in your gallery = 7
Uploads = 20
Completing profile = 5, Avatar = 5, Email = 3
He decided to take points away from PMs since they don't contribute to the community. Shinji also creates a 'breakdown' of where each members points have come from on their profiles.
-- The space in the 'About Me' section of profiles is increased from 500 characters to 4924! This was probably caused by the inclusion of point details. BB Code now works on profile spaces too! (Bold,Italic, Underlined)
-- Thumbnails of photos in each members gallery now appear on their main profile page.
-- Shinji makes a 'Search Users' box in the top right. Partial searching doesn't work yet but the results given show; avatar, name, headline, a/s/l and total points.
-- After some members had problems with points and the breakdown; it is fixed and presented more compactly and neatly in profiles.
-- The order of pictures in members' profiles has changed so that the newer ones are at the front/top.

May 2007
-- This months badge turns out to be the same as the first one from August 2006. However, it's name is 'Placeholder', suggesting that it's only temporary until Shinji creates the actual May 2007 badge.
-- On the 3rd May the placeholder becomes the Nana Badge.
-- The Adbrite player returns on some videos- but this time with the larger function: This is changed back to the old player again a few days later. Shinji is still testing it as members have been having problems.
-- The 'Closed Thread' link at the bottom of the forum page is made visible to normal members (not just mods) again.
-- The edit box for the about me section in profiles is made bigger. (from roughly 3x3cm to 10x4cm). Function buttons like above forum posts are also added.
-- By the 'Log Out' link in the corner there used to be a red link saying '? new messages' when new ones were recieved or in your inbos still. The system is changed now so there is only a link to 'Inbox'. It no longer keeps count of how many messages you have recieved.
-- Crunchyroll experiences a major glitch where all new posts turn into '37 years old'. For threads, new posts appeared on the first page with labels of 37 years ago... making them the first posts of the threads. Threads affected include "Talk to the Mods" thread and many other threads from all sections. Same thing applied to GBs and PMs... new PMs went to the first page in the inbox.. because they were '37 years old'. After around 10 minutes everything returned to normal. (~q_h). This happens again later in the month;

June 2007
-- The badge for this month is FMP
-- The red 'New Msgs! (?)' link by the log out button is back!
-- A glitch on CR causes many videos to be moved to wrong folders or go missing. A red message also appears at the top of the CR page saying 'The problem with video organization/missing vids will be fixed soon!'
-- The video organisation problem is fixed!
-- Shinji opens up applications for 3 forum and 3 media mods:
-- A little glitch causes some recent forum posts, GB's and PM's to vanish. A mediamod also has to reapprove media as they vanish back to the approve list again. (This glitch is later fixed)
-- The rules on innapropriate avatars and pictures are reinforced as members can be reported on the chainletter report thread aswell. Guidlines are given in the first post as to what is and is not pg-13.
-- The settings on CR are changed so that you have to be logged in to see the Forums and Profiles.
-- Due to his request to shinji, the Media Mod MushroomJay is changed into a Forum Mod. (~redgarnettk)
-- A new link appears at the bottom of the page called 'Contact/faq':
-- Moderators now have the power to delete avatars and video comments. This helps with the recent increase in chain letter and innapropriate avatar reports.

July 2007
-- The badge for this month is 'Deathnote' (Misa)
-- The new moderators are selected:
ForumMods- edsamac, slowdanse, s_j_b
MediaMods- Meiskan, catex, Soy2432, animestudz, jamehze
The media mod, Redgarnettk, is also made a Forum mod.
-- The Crunchyroll Wiki is released to the CR public and a tab is added to the top orange toolbar:
Members with special characters in their usernames cannot currently login.
-- Shinji stops renewals for the download feature as it needed alot of maintenance, posed legal issues and wasn't very popular:
-- The Mod Mushroomjay resigns.
-- The Official Crunchyroll Fansub team is re-started with more emphasis: CRFanSubs
-- Shinji creates a CR chat with a new orange tab next to the Forum one:
The official rooms are: Crunchyroll, Anime, Games, Music, Drama, Fansubs, Uploaders, Mods.

August 2007
-- The Badge for this month is Lee from Naruto
-- The CR points system is changed again so that uploaded images are only worth 2 points (from 7). You also need 100 points to use the chatroom.
-- The CR username search is now partial so that it gives more results than the exact name typed in.

September 2007
-- The badge for this month is Clare (claymore)
-- The full screen mode changes allowing a true full screen: The option to see the old full screen version is later made available aswell. Videos are no longer widescreen.
-- The user and media search functions are updated to be more accurate.
-- The media mod Uchari resigns but still continues his work in the CR Fan Sub Team.

Feel free to talk about the changes in CR here but please make sure there isn't a specific thread for the subject first ^-^.
If you notice anything i've missed or if something new happens; please post or PM me and i will add it. (~ ?) - shows if someone gave me the information- thankyou! ^-^
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31 / M / Japan
Posted 4/24/07 , edited 4/24/07
This is neat. Thanks sjb.
Posted 4/24/07 , edited 4/24/07
Oooh the history of CR is fascinating.

*edit: Just realised that my profile shows I had joined CR quite early on. Sadly I didn't go on it at all during the beginning. Oh the time I've lost!
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Posted 4/24/07 , edited 4/24/07
Lol I joined early too, but I never came here for like 2 months after that.
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Posted 4/24/07 , edited 4/24/07
Added the news about the Larger link, which had just come back earlier today.
Posted 4/25/07 , edited 4/25/07
April 25, 2007.... A new view for profiles! =D
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29 / F / UK
Posted 4/25/07 , edited 4/25/07
^ thanks ichi i already added it ^-^
You might also have noticed how that has made our profile spaces bigger! I'm not sure if that will be permanent or not though. ^-^

EDIT: oh i see what you mean! I didn't notice the gallery! Thanks ^-^
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32 / M / Classified inform...
Posted 4/25/07 , edited 4/25/07

ichi_ni240 wrote:

April 25, 2007.... A new view for profiles! =D

huh ??? where i don't see anything new...
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Posted 4/25/07 , edited 4/25/07
crunchyroll is so young!!!
o.o but still, its so good ^__^ i love crunchyroll
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Posted 4/27/07 , edited 4/27/07
I'm pretty sure at one time ClassicalTwist had thoughts of making a layout for CR profiles and she did create some beta layouts but eventually they didn't work so it was scrapped.
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Posted 4/27/07 , edited 4/27/07
Shinji secretly lengthened the character limit for the About Me section on our profile pages from 500 characters to 4924 characters. He also enabled BBcode on the profile page.
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Posted 4/27/07 , edited 4/27/07
s_j_b that is what I call some serious research Great job on this outline. It'd be nice if this got stickied.
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Posted 4/27/07 , edited 4/27/07
^^ I already mentioned the increase for the 'About Me' section but didn't know how much exactly- thanks!
Oh and what is BBCode? I'll add that now though ^-^

^ hehe thanks ^-^ i'm glad you like it. I don't think it needs stickying though ^-^
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Posted 4/27/07 , edited 4/27/07
BBcode is like HTML but for forums. For example, like when you try to bold something here and click on the 'B' buttion or simply type out the code. [ b ]text[ b ]
Scientist Moderator
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Posted 4/27/07 , edited 4/27/07
So much happend in so little time. thanks s_j_b for all the work you are doing ^_^
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