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Posted 11/1/08 , edited 11/6/08
(Waaah.. Strangely i cnt think of 2 many lines 4 this topic o.o My brain hurts 2day =.= 2 much running XP LOL) Hmm The Ultimate Enemy against Teachers, HW, Skool, & ne thing else educational or "worth-while-in-the-long-run" (how many times hav u heard tht 1 >.> LOL jk jk XP haha) Nah all tht stuff is fyn & dandy but sumtimes its good 2 just get away 4 a lil while & play sum games d>w< LOL Hav fun w/ these purely non-educational vids but.... *puts on over sized glasses* Dnt 4get 2 do ur hw as well kiddies v,v LOLOL

300...pikmin THIS IS......Pikmin? @[email protected]

Funny Pikmin 2 commercial L-O-L

Pikmin 2- Japanese Commercial

Pikmin - Ai no Uta (English Lyrics) OMH i cried the 1st tym i heard this TT^TT

Ahh.... i think i'll pass.. thx ne way O.e
If Smash was an Anime for children OH EM GEE!!! IKE LOOKS SO CUTE!!! ♥♥♥

スマブラXで男女【ネタばれ注意】 If ne body needs the lyrics translated i can give them 2 u O.O (Falco LOL)

MAD 大乱闘スマッシュブラザーズX 『男女』 Wow it matches O.O

YTPMV: Link Favors The Kirby Series O.O I'm in Love.... LOL!!!!!!!!

Waah! i'm sry i'm a sucker 4 teh Mieu skits XDD LOL
Tales of the Abyss - Cool Guy LMBO---> "taaaake... theeem... off..." >w< Mieu ♥♥♥

Tales of the Abyss - So Tired... (not a Mieu 1) I know sum guys lyk this.... >:3 *ebil grin* LOL JK JK XDD

Tales of the Abyss - Mieu skit Mieu steps up d>w<

Tales of the Abyss - Dr. Jade O.O!!

Tales of the Abyss - What is Mieu's Name Awwww

Super Mario Hyadain - BY SCOTT-FALCO Strangely Awesome o.o

Super Mario 64 HACKED - Who let the dogs out? Who else feels old wen they c this game? lol

Super Mario 64 Main Theme MARIO REMIX by me Wow Lookie another Remix O.O LOL

Super Mario 64 in 15:35 by Rikku Wow. O.O
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