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Okay! Fanfic time! We are gonna write a romance story for Ikuto and Amu.
Be sure to participate by adding to the story, after reading what we have so far.
I'll start, I guess.

Amu was walking home from school, conversing with her charas as usual....
"Amu-chan! You did great on your History test!!" Ran cried. "I knew you would do your best!"
"Yes, you did very well, and stayed focused, Amu-chan!" Miki adds.
Amu smiles. "Thanks you guys. Your encouragement helps." They walk for a few more minutes, when they pass the park, and Amu sits on a bench. After a couple of minutes talking to her charas, someone suddenly puts their hands over Amu's eyes. She hears someone say, "Guess who." She knew the voice well, and it made her heart beat faster.
"Ikuto!" she pushed away his hands, pretending to be annoyed.
"Correct." Ikuto laughs. He sits next to her, still smiling.
"Why are you in such a good mood?" Amu questions.
"Because this is the first time we have talked in over a week. I began to miss you."
"Sure, whatever." Amu took it as teasing, but she couldnt help the tiny surge of joy her heart did. 'Why do I get this way around him...?' she asks herself.
"You dont have to believe me," Ikuto says, "but you asked...." He changes his attention to Yoru, who is deep in conversation with Miki. "You always seem to like it when we run into Amu and her charas too, dont you, Yoru?" At this, Yoru blushes, folds his arms, and does a "Hmph!" in answer to Ikuto, and Miki giggles.
"Say something, Amu-chan, or he'll get bored and leave!" Suu whispers in Amu's ear. Amu almost panics to find words.....

Okay, okay, okay. Thats about all that I have time for, so surprise me, and add on okay?
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F / My Pillow.
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Amu:Um...eto?? Ikuto do you have the key?*finally thought of somthing to talk about*
Amu:Just wanted to know. You still work for Easter right?
Ikuto:*sigh* Yea-trying to go free
Amu:*stare's at Ikuto*
Ikuto:*look's* Why r u worried about me?
Amu:*blush* Besani!
Ikuto:hm? Honto?
Amu:Yoru-You like Miki?
Ikuto:why would you want to know?
Amu:Ikuto I"m not talkin to you!
Yoru:eh-eh-um.. Nya!!
*To be continued....... I'll write more.*
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20 / F / in my dreams with...
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miki:*giggles* i like you to yoru.....
yoru:REALLY .....i mean thats cool
miki:*laughes* your funny thats one thing i like about you
amu and ikuto: well that was.........something
yoru and miky are in a conversation about what they like about eachother and soon flew off without anyone notising.
ikuto:hey where is yoru?
amu:and miki?
suu:hey since yoru and miki are toghther now maybe you and ikuto should be together to
amu:n-no way!!
ikuto:i think shes right *smirk*
amu:of cource you do
ran:well im gonna look for miki and yotu so.........bye come on suu, lets leave thes love-birds alon*flies off with suu*
ikuto:well they are right *smirks*
amu:how are th-
ikuto cuts her off by kissing her. after some seconds she realized and broked the kiss blushing like mad.
amu:what was that for?
ikuto:let me walk you home.
minutes after...... still didnt answer my question,what was the kiss for?
ikuto:well...first off i wanted to do that a long time ago but i think its cus you were just so cute wen your angry
amu:o ok .........well this is my stop
ikuto: well see you in your room
amu goes throw the frunt dor and ran to her room and to her surprise she saw yoru and miki kissing on her bed.
ikuto:we should do that

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24 / F / Wonderland
Posted 9/19/11 , edited 9/21/11
Amu:How about...No!
Ikuto: pretty please
*Amu turns around*
Amu:Wow you gave-
*Ikuto kissed her before she could finished*
Ikuto:I win
Amu: no fair!
Ikuto:I find it fair.
Amu:Maybe for you!
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