What does your favorite anime character namemean?And Why do you think there name is that?

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Posted 11/1/08 , edited 11/2/08
Just asking. my two favorite charaters are Yuuki(Vampire Knight) and Utau(shugo Chara)
I think why in the series they named her that because she was attack by a vampire during the snow
In the series they probably named here that because Utau love to sing
Posted 11/7/08 , edited 11/8/08
Yuuki does not equal snow. Yuki is snow.

Haibara Ai (Detective Conan) was the name she chose, but the Japanese characters mean "sad" because she's sad, and "gray" for a famous detective... i think. she's my fave!
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Posted 11/8/08 , edited 11/8/08
Anko Mitarashi from Naruto

she loves to eat dango Anko is an ingredient in dango and mitarashi is a type of sauce on dango
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Posted 11/8/08 , edited 11/8/08
Mido Ban from Get Backers
Ban means final like as in the final witch
and this is just a list of some other random name meanings that i found out
sakura (preaty common meaning charry blossoms)
ichigo (from bleach meaning strawberry)
recca (from flame of recca it means raging flame)
sarutobi (form naruto the 3rd hokage and gintama sa-chan real name is ayame sarutobi sarutobi means flying monkey and is a famous ninja name)
naruto (from naruto i think it means the white round things with pink sweal in the center that is used in roman)
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Posted 12/2/08 , edited 12/3/08
She always thinks about others and she's always so cheerful that when you see her smile,it gives you energy!
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Posted 12/3/08 , edited 12/3/08
errr... I currently LOve the ongoing anime, Kuroshitsuji!

My favorite charater is ciel which means heaven but ironically he made a deal with the devil and now have a demon butler!
This is not a yaoi anime! It's so funny with morbid, gothic storyline and magnificent BGM!

I love it!
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Posted 12/11/10 , edited 12/11/10
For your information,

Here, Yuuki doesn't mean "snow" - based on the kanji, it means "tender princess". The kanji for snow, courage and many others can also be pronounced as "Yuuki".
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Posted 12/12/10 , edited 12/12/10
sakura means cherry blossoms
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