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Welcome to the Ookami Clan. We are more than just a clan though; we are a family, a pack. We specialize in both assassination and hand-to-hand combat that combines bone crushing Taijutsu and chakra blocking Jyuuken. The Ookami Clan is a natural wind element chakra user. By mastering elemental chakra we have been able to create new and powerful techniques such as are signature jutsu, Wind Style: Shadow Walking Jutsu. This jutsu is the perfect move for assassination mission that can be used either as a stealth attack or a frontal assault. By concentrating a good amount of our chakra to our feet and a small amount around our entire body we are able to cut through the air in a blink of an eye. Survivors of this jutsu have said to only see our shadow on the ground while we are already behind them. Masters of the Shadow Walking Jutsu have been said to only use their hands as kunai just by using their chakra. This may be are signature jutsu but it is not what we are known for. We are best known for our bloodline limit Kiiori Mitsumemasu or Yellow Gaze. Our eyes go completely black and our irises become bright yellow. Our eyes use both Doujutsu and Genjutsu and have been able to rival the Uchiha Clan's Sharingan in both strength and power. These eyes also give us a chakra boost to allow us to successfully perform our signature jutsu with no flaws and give use heighten senses in all the five main senses (touch, smell, see, hear, and taste) make us excellent trackers as well. There is one drawback though that comes with using Kiiori Mitsumemasu, by using these eyes we become prone to relying only on basic instincts and take away our judgment and reasoning skills. Prolonged exposure or continuous use in a short amount of time will eventually turn us into a wild animal unable to come back to our senses, but don't worry this only happens when it is used for a long period of time or turned on and off without a good resting period in between intervals. So come, be a part of our pack.

PM me or just quote me to let me know if u want to be a wolf

Ookami Clan (wolf clan)
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