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Okay, us Amuto fans are going to write a fictional romance story for Ikuto and Amu! (If you are NOT a fan of Amuto, this is not where you need to be.... )

Anyway! You just sort of read what we have so far, and then add a little something of your own! Not hard at all! In fact, its really fun!

Okay, you ARE aloud to make Ikuto and/or Amu a little out of character, but not toooo much, okay? You dont have to, but you can if you want.
So, I guess I'll go first!!

Amu lay sick in her bed on a gloomy Tuesday afternoon.She had stayed home from school that day, since her temperature had been so high that morning. She felt a lot better though. Mama and Papa had left her to watch the house, since she wasnt feeling well.
"Amu-chi ~ How are you feeling now?" Suu asked, after taking away Amu's dirty bowl, that used to hold chicken noodle soup.
"A ton better, Suu! Thanks so much for making that for me!"
"Your welcome ~ desu!"
Amu sighed with contentment and plopped back on the pillows on her bed. She had only lay there a couple of minutes when she heard a knock on her window. Amu sat up, and saw Ikuto. He gave a simple wave.
'Oh no!!' Amu thought 'Ikuto came to see me when I'm sick! I probably look terrible! What do I do? I cant turn him away, since he came out of his way to see me.... I guess I'll just let him in.' So Amu unlocked and opened her window.
"Ikuto! What are you doing here??" she pretended to be annoyed and upset, but she was secretly very happy to see him.
"I watched for you along your route home after school today, and didnt see you, so I was curious."
"Or concerned.....?" Yoru said barely audibly.

Thats all I feel like doing right now....


Add to it, please! Its no fun if nobody else does it.
I really want to read your ideas too!!
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Ikuto grin's.So where were you anyway's?
Eh? You were concerned?
Well of course because who else would I tease then??? Ikuto Laugh's.
Baka!Amu is all red in the face.
Well since I already teased you I think I"ll come back later. Ja-nea
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*juz a min later* Ikuto came back,holding a bag of goods from a convinience store down the street,Well,...Ikuto was feeling a little shy about handing the goods over to Amu,so he hid behind a wall and told Yoru to do it...
Yoru juz handed over the bag to Amu...Yoru:Here's from Ikuto~ngya!...After Yoru went away,with Ikuto still hiding behind the wall,(which Amu DIDN'T notice..)Amu:*Thinking in her mind*(OMG...Ikuto's so sweet! Thinking of me in this time of the day...)
While Miki saw Amu dazing out like that into space...and said:Miki:Hmm..could it be..Ikuto^^(a better chance to get close to Yoru);said Miki in a teasing voice.Amu:*blushes*Stop it you're making me blush!! Meanwhile...Ikuto..(still behind the wall)
Ikuto:*(Thinks)Could it be that...* Yoru:nee~Ikuto~time to go~ngya!! ; favourite!!Taiyaki and chocolates^^

Ur turn...*tired thinking*
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