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(i hate them all....waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh...please read so we cant be like those bad fans they were talking about. please support Johnny's Entertainment artists)

Yabu: These days there are a lot of fans who don't follow the rules.
Hikaru: Please never come to our homes.
Fujigaya: THere're people who wait near our homes till late night.
Arioka: There's a law defining the time till which underaged people can be outside.
Takaki: Also, there are people who stare like perverts and make our neighbors uncomfortable.
Daijiro/Miyata: There're people who throw letters and things into our homes.
Yuto: And litter the entire neighborhood.
Yamada: We have very many complaints from our neighbors.
Ryutaro: Because of this, it makes it hard for us to go home.
Yodogawa: Because of this, some of us even moved.
Chinen: Please never come our schools either.
Yabu: Please never wait for us near our schools.
Hikaru: Wouldn't you hate walking through a place with people staring at you?
Uekusa/Inoo: Some people start running when they find us and don't even apologize when they bump into other students.
Ari: We're not the only ones going to our schools. They're not concert venues!
Takaki/Sanada: You're causing problems for the other students and our friends.
Yuto/Taiga: You're making it hard for us to go to school.
Yamada: And you're causing our friendship with our precious friends to break.
Ryutaro: If you were in this position, how would you feel?
Goseki/Keito: When we're going to work and school on the train and planes as well-
Tama: We're causing trouble to the other passengers.
Chinen/Akun: At the train stations and airports, there are prople who ignore the general public, running and loudly shouting.
Yokoo: Cutting in at the entrances, blocking the ways.
Yabu/Shintaro: There are more people who don't follow the rules now, sometimes we almost fall off the platform.
Fumito/Hikaru: There are people who touch the train even though the doors have closed already-
Fujiie: And people who try to get in and make the trains late.
Junta: On the trains, around the general public-
Yuma: Loitering in the passageways and speaking loudly.
Nikaido: Being warned not to come and swearing.
Tsukada: When there're fans like these, because we don't walk around with guards-
Fujigaya: We have to get angry at the fans whom we should be treasuring.
Yuto: And when we meet fans who don't know the rules, some think that we're hurling abuse.
Yamada: We can't have guards on all of us.
all: If you support us, please stop it!!Keito: So if you follow the rules and don't do these kind of things, please don't come after us even if you see us.
Chinen: Also, please follow the instructions given bYy fans who do follow the rules.
Taipi/Yabu: Because there are lots of people who do follow the rules, there haven't been any accidents yet.
Kitayama: But if things go on like this, it wouldn't be surprising if an accident does happen.
Hikaru: The Jr.s won't be able to go to school or work if things go on like this!
Inoo: Also, people who talk rudely or use curse words are not cool at all!!
Arioka: Fans who don't follow rules like that-
all: We really hate them!!Takaki: Other than these, there are lots of people who put up lies and information that cause confusion on unofficial hompages and email news subscriptions.
Yuto: These people try to gain money and provocate by writing up on what we do-
Ishigaki: They are people trying to stamp us out.
Yamada: Johnnys net and Johnnys web are the only things you can trust.
Kitayama: Please never look at unofficial homepages nor make them!!
all: But the kinds of fans we love are these-
Chinen: People who cheer us on when we're on TV.
Yabu: People who look at and buy magazines.
A.B.C.: People who come see our concerts and stageplays.
Uekusa: People who send in comments to magazines and TV shows.
Arioka: People who enjoy being in the audience for TV shows.
Takaki: People who proudly support us with smiles.
Yuto: People who listen to their parents and support us.
Yamada: People who follow the rules and help each other out.
Daijiro: For these people, we work hard for concerts, events, and TV-
Hashimoto: So that everyone can have fun.
Fumito: Please give us power from where you support us!
all: Please keep supporting from now on too!

(here are the pictures from the video)

(here is the link where i get that info.:
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Posted 4/17/09 , edited 4/18/09
thanks for posting!!! ^_^
I hope their fans would follow the rules...
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