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Westboro baptist church
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Posted 3/11/10 , edited 3/12/10
Ha! Last year, they came and protested in front of my school, which is known for having a large GSA. At least we got to miss 3 hours of school x_x
Posted 3/12/10 , edited 3/13/10
I saw these videos on youtube not too long ago and I despise these people, to say that kind of stuff at military funerals in front of the deseased soldier's families is beyond messed up, I'm all for free speech but this is just wrong no matter how you look at it, these people are evil and if there is a hell they deserve to burn for eternity!

And to anyone who says these people are acting within their rights of free speech let me offer you this quote "A man's right to swing his fist ends where another man's nose begins" The familys of these soldiers deserve the right to mourn their dead children in peace and gay people have a right to live peacefully, by these crazy fanatics exercising their right to free speech they are treading upon the rights of other people.
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Posted 3/12/10 , edited 3/13/10
I am from Topeka, Kansas, where the Westboro Baptist Church is located. So we often see the Phelpses picketing on the street corners near churches.

To be fair, most people here in town just view Fred Phelps and Shirley Phelps-Roper (the most prominent of Fred's children) as hateful creeps. Although I went to high school with a few of Fred's grandkids, and they were fairly decent people when taken out of their "element."
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Posted 3/12/10 , edited 3/13/10

well, they have the time enough to stand by the thing holding a sign..... i bet theyre rich.....
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Posted 3/13/10 , edited 3/13/10

Hedbrant wrote:

Couldn't find a dup...

And to start with. Before someone asks. NO Im not gay, but I respect people who are.

If you dont know about them read this first:
WBC has been called "the most hated family". They are extreme fundamentalists consisting almost entirely of the Phelps-family.
They are famous for not only their hates towards homosexuals, but also their "everyone is going to hell except us"- theory.
They go out to to funerals (mostly military ones) and scream horrible things towards the families and are holding up signs saying things like "thank god for dead soldiers" and "god hates fags".
Then why military funerals? Thats because "those soldiers are protecting a country that protects gayness"
Even their small children are with them doing this.

There are many clips on youtube about them but here's some you should watch:

What do you think of them?

I think they're horrible. just horrible. If they want to believe in that, they should keep it to themselves.
And they even put their children in harms way. Some people spits, throws rocks and bottles on them and I love them for doing that. But for them to take their kids to such a place.

Heres their website:
Here you can read about how much god hates your country.
Mine is

I too am a Baptist and a folllower of the Lord Jesus Christ but this church has just went to far. Christians like them shouldn't be condemning other people. I mean what right do they have to tell other people to go to hell when it's only God who judges? If God hated this world and hated every country and hated every person then why did He send His only begotten son, our Lord Jesus Christ to come down to this sinful world and to be beaten, spat on, ridiculed and to be put on the cross to die for our sins?

In theory, if we did listen to their advice and took out all the soldiers and with having no soldiers we wouldn't even have a country anymore.
We would probably have gotten nuked. I really hate the fact that were helping other people around the world and they say that this is wrong.

Personally, I believe that not only homosexuality but other sexually immoral sins are wrong. I do respect their choice of homosexuality since everyone is given the freedom by God whether to obey Him or not. But I would never hold up signs condemning them; telling them that they're going to Hell.

We can all relate back to the life of Jesus Christ. Since I am a Christian; one who is a follower of Christ, thus I follow in His footsteps, we can ask the question did Jesus ever protest and post of billboards saying that everyone is going to Hell? I don't think so.
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Posted 3/13/10 , edited 3/13/10
Isaku, I agree with what you said. I hate the concept of homosexuality but know people who are. Heck, I find BL and GL to be worse than real homosexuality.
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