Post Reply What manga are u currently reading right now?
Posted 11/2/08 , edited 11/2/08
well right now im reading Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu which I can wait for the next chp. so whoever is doing the translation, need to hurry it up lolol AND 7 Seeds let me tell u something if u have not read this.... U NEED TO GO RIGHT NOW AND READ IT, ok stop reading this and go read this manga SERIOUSLY, what are u still doing lolol
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Posted 12/6/08 , edited 12/7/08
i normally dont read scans, unless it is something not liscensed here yet cause i prefer to read off a book.

Right now I am reading:

-vampire knight,
-gakuen alice
-ouran highschool host club
-fushigi yuugi: genbu kaiden
-shugo chara
-hana yori dango
-and kitchen princess...

--- seems like a lot but new volumes are not released fast enough so they keep me busy..

i bought all the out-of-print saint tail manga ^o^... but I plan to finish watching the anime series before I read it.
somehow I like the fillers for that particular anime.
but most times i prefer reading manga
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