Post Reply who do u think would or naruto ***note im talken bout in shippuden
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i think, i dont know i havnt watched shippuden
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If you are talking about in shippuden it would be a tie or if you want to be real in who would win that fight i'd have to say sakura she is in shippuden more powerful and has gained more strength since Naruto series and even thought naruto is the 7th hokagae and very powerful. I still think cause sakura in a med ninja who can heal herself and others she will be the winner. but they are both very skilled ninjas.
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What? Come on guys. Naruto 'one shots' Sakura. He can move at the speed of light copy himself identically 5,000 times and has equal if waaay more power in just sage mode alone. You guys honestly think Sakura would have any chance at all against someone like pain or anyone in the war arch? No.
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