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Posted 11/3/08 , edited 11/3/08
ok here is a big one a lot of people say love spell are ok what do you think are they ok or are they bad?
well i will say my opinion i think that they are just a waste of time you blind the person to love you but they dont love you you have the flesh but not the soul i know a lot of wiccan sorry dont mean to target anyways im wiccan look for love spells and yet there are other ways yep loop holes like make yourself look iresitible see that will get their attention^^.ok now what do you all think?
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Posted 11/3/08 , edited 11/4/08
Well, I think attraction spells are okay, but anything where your effecting a person's free will is bad. Main rule I follow is don't f*** with people's hearts or minds!!!
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Posted 1/19/09 , edited 1/19/09
Well there are two different love spells:

~Those that are targeted toward a specific person.

~Those that are meant to attract love in general (no one specific).

The first one violates a person's free will. The second one won't go against the Rede, so it's safe to do without giving yourself "bad karma".

Basically, I agree with Lady Death.
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