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Posted 11/3/08 , edited 11/6/08
i just post those that has a lot of Tegoshi in it...

ne hontou ni...i miss our innocent this is HOT!!!

Tego's over-exposure:(my fav!)

K_Tegoshi, will you stop wearing a bathrobe without putting your

underwear on?

S_ Right! Just like today, when I was eating abura-age (fried bean curd),

there’s your abura-age in front of my eyes, I mean your ‘frank and

beans’. (T/N: In the Japanese text, Shige directly said “chinchin” and

“balls”, but I substituted ‘frank and beans’ instead.)

In the shower room too, Tegoshi danced to me like “wow wow wow

wow” (“Love Revolution” Morning-Musume), and his privates shook as

well. “wow wow wow wow”

(Audience screamed “Kya~~~~~!!!”)

K_ What do you guys “Kya~~~!!!” about!?

S_ Then Tegoshi disappeared to go to the bathroom, and I started feeling

that I didn’t want to lose to him, so I waited for him as I stood straight

like a naked king. But somehow Massu came in. He took a look at me

and said “Oh, sorry”, then he just closed the door.

P_ The dressing room is mirrored, isn’t it? So we could see Tego’s ‘thing’
through the mirror. I had to see it when I was eating udon noodles. I was
almost going to throw up.

T_ Ima ha~ (Tego started dancing “Ai no Matador”)

K_ I’ve seen many uchiwas printed with the pose, the “EMERGENCY
EXIT” sign ones.

S_ I was so glad that there’re no more Kojima Yoshio’s uchiwas anymore.

P_ Guess what’s next? No underwear prince?

T_ That's supposed to be me, isn't that?

Gods And Beds:

S_There was once a collection of Tegoshi's wise remarks in a magazine, wasn't there?

T_There was!

S_"Someday I'll be a God".

T_I said that...did I?

S_He also said something like, "The bed is the only place that accepts me".

T_That I said! But the God one...

S_You say things without any hesitation!

K_He says, he says!

T_I said bed! But the way of writing it is something like "Beds are special...because they are the only place that accepts me".

K_There was a "..." (lol)

P_Gods don't sleep in beds!

T_There are uchiwas with gods on them, right? Are they me?

R_They are me!

K_When I thought he'd finally talk...(lol)

R_I just wanted to say that. That they are me. (puts down the mike)

S_Is that all?

u cn read all of it here:

part 1:
part 2:

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=D Thank you.
OMG LOL I went total Kyaaa mood. LOL KOYAMA'S SO INCH!!

omgg LOL no underwear prince LOL HAHAAH
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OHHHH so this was the Chinese journal thing I was reading that jiajia showed me!! xD
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28 / F / In Eunhyuk's hear...
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@yanyan, thank u so much xDDD

@kuri, me also went to my KYAAA~ mood when i read it :lol:

o_O tegoshi??! in the shower room case *drools*
Posted 11/3/08 , edited 11/3/08
hahaxxx.....ur welcome...i tink everyone will be going KYAA~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

after reading these.....i almost died....i couldn't breathe properly...
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oh lol im glad when i translated the jap, i got it right here lol.. some other person sent me the jap and chinese translations.. but being jiajia, i went to read the jap one 1st lol. XD
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OMG THE UNDERWEAR ONE WAS SOOO FUNNY omg i cracked up...i can imagine Pi eating noodles and then he sees a disturbing sight and he closes his eyes >< omg these were funny as THANKS
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uwai!!!! tegonyan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >w<
P said: Gods don't sleep in beds!
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27 / F / the heart of tego...
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kyaaaa moood~~!!!!
tesshi is such an ero-ouji ahahaha
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arienaiii~! xDDD
kedo baka janai :3

but he was right - i mean, he did become our kami-sama right?
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xDDD hahaha, if only he knew... if only he knew...
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Arigatou~!!! these are soooo hot!
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hey!!! i noe im on hiatus...but since i get the chance to use my cousin's computer here in malaysia....i might as well post this...


Tego's Kissing scene.....

K_What about Tego?

T_I did it twice!

K_How was it? Was it a "chick-kiss"?

S_What's a "chick-kiss"? It's a French kiss, right?

T_It was a French kiss!

S_And in Tegoshi's case, he didn't even have to do it...

T_Right!! When I saw it on air, I realized I didn't have to do it at all! It was a kiss scene inside a car and the camera was behind my partner, so I actually thought it wasn't necessary to really kiss, but there was also a camera from the front side, so I kissed for real. But in the end they didn't even use the images taken by the camera in the front side...

S_And then he soon came to complain to me.

T_Right! "What was that for? I didn't have to actually kiss", I told Shige immediately.

M_Why didn't you come to consult me? We were in the same drama!!

T_No, but, when we are in the same drama, it gets too real, doesn't it? So I went to Shige...


R_You haven't convinced him at all! (lol)

aww massu....
more here <-----part 1

Ryo-chan's tension max

K_ By the way, tomorrow is Ryo-chan’s birthday.

R_ Yes! It’s my birthday, why don’t any of you give me a birthday chu~?


K_ Massu, go ahead.

(Massu makes a refusal gesture)

R_ Don’t you refuse me!!

P_ Wait. Chu~ between men? That’s sick.

(Audience……Chu! Chu! Chu!)

P_ Why don’t we stop now? It’s his birthday. Why do we have to kiss each other for a day like that? We want to be cele…celebra (he couldn’t pronounce the word “iwawaretai” clearly) celebrated. WE WANT TO BE CELEBRATED. Stop making chu~ calls. We don’t want to kiss men.

(Audience…… Chu! Chu! Chu!)

S_ OK, then between the two, November-borns.


T_ -------(one second) Ah? Me?

S_ You’re too slow!!

R_ (Cynically) You guys don’t want to hear our kissing story in a drama, but yet love to watch chu~ between us? That’s called twisted love, folks.

K_ Just imagining, OK?

P_ Imagining is disgusting enough though.

hahaxx...this only half of it...i only posted the part where tegoshi is...he's so slow...cho cute!!! ne yamapi...relax...
more here:
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Hontoni arigatou yan-chan! :D

Damn. Aragaki Yui's too pretty T__T
Posted 11/19/08 , edited 11/20/08
as usual, i only post where there are a lot of tegoshi's part...since it's tegoism...jaa~~


Tegoshi's Birthday

Shige: “About Tegoshi’s birthday? What did you do?”

Yuya: “On 11th my soccer friends made me a surprise party in a decorated room. On 10th …. I had to work…”

Shige: “Then, they gave you a write jointly?”

Yuya: “Yeah, yeah! Because of soccer, they gave me a soccer ball writing on it a simple message as ‘we are connected with you by this ball’. I was deeply moved and I cried aloud for about 2 hours.”

Massu: “Wait…we also made you a surprise, but you didn’t cry!”

Kato: “When we gave you a write jointly, you hid your embarrassment…”

Kei: “Come to think of Tegoshi’s birthday, I and Shige were together and when we sent you a message, we received in the same time a “Thank you” reply!”

Shige: “You used Bcc right? Because we received the reply in the same time we immediately understood!! How much were you bothersome!?!!”

Yuya: *laughs*

more here:
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