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Posted 11/3/08 , edited 11/3/08
i got this from yuko @ friendster XD

@mods - feel free to delete if this is not correct ^-^!!

read this:

1. Who’s the most hardworking?
Hikaru: Okamoto [even if he's not that experienced, he struggles to catching up]
Yabu: All [All of us work hard, I’m sure]
Inoo: Yamada [in dance sessions, he practices seriously.]
Daiki: Yamada [even at home, he practices his dancing]
Yuya: Yamada [in dance, he is very capable]
Ryuu: Okamoto [even though he's not that good in dancing, he struggles to practice]
Keito: Yaotome [during concerts, he work hard]
Chii: Yamada [dorama and dance, and in study, he does, work hard]
Yuto: Okamoto [in dance sessions, he's the only one who practices repeatedly]
Yamada: Okamoto [in dance, he has many improvements]

2. Who have good luck??
Hikaru: Chinen [he's like a lottery winner, often get things that he wants]
Yabu: Yabu [I am, because I’m the kindest member, so I have good luck (laugh)
Inoo: Yaotome [Luck will come close to person who have good face impression…]
Daiki: Chinen [At “hyakushiki”, he can get “zuubon” with good price]
Yuya: Takaki [That’s it! To get luck in victory, one needs a strong spirit]
Ryuu: Arioka [even though I don’t know the reason, he always gets luck]
Keito: Chinen [when he plays quizzes, he has good luck... at lottery too...]
Chii: Chinen [if there's a quiz, I’m surely the most successful]
Yuto: Yaotome [recently, nothing that he want, but he get valuable goods]
Yamada: Chinen [in jyankenpon games, it is hard to defeat him!]

3. Who the most blubberer?
Hikaru: Morimoto [because he often cries, so he gets that image]
Yabu: Okamoto [during a concert’s break, he said “I’m headache yo” and he begin to cry]
Inoo: Morimoto [when he feels happy, when Japan gets victory, he cries yo]
Daiki: Morimoto [Previously, when playing with Yamada, he would often cry]
Yuya: Morimoto [Remember even before, even if it's because of trivial things, he will cry]
Ryuu: Morimoto [because I’m the youngest, that’s proper ne! moreover, if I often cry ne! (cry)]
Keito: Nakajima [when he gets shock, on top his head seems to be a “namida” character]
Chinen: Morimoto [I don't often cry, (not like him) who cries more]
Yuto: Morimoto [because he's still child ne…]
Yamada: Morimoto [sometimes, he cries when someone advices him]

4. Who is most different from his appearance?
Hikaru: Arioka [although his face is kawaii and pure, the truth is, he is indecent (laugh)]
Yabu: Chinen [he seems kawaii, but in fact, he has abusive language]
Inoo: Takaki [even if he has a scary face, he is kind and gentle]
Daiki: Takaki [even if he appears like an adult, he's a child in the inside ]
Yuya: Takaki [even though he seems like an adult, he talks like a kid]
Ryuu: Yamada [even though he seems cool, he can do saburou’s monomane]
Keito: Yamada [he's surely cool, but he soooo talkative]
Chinen: Okamoto [even if he has a big body, he acts and talks cute]
Yuto: Takaki [although he seems cool in “Gokusen”, but in fact he so annoying person!]
Yamada: Chinen [even though he's soooo kawaiiii, his words are bad…]

5. Who’s the most indecent?
Hikaru: Arioka [he is indecent]
Yabu: Nakajima [if we are joking about “that”, he joins directly]
Inoo: Arioka [he often thinks H (laugh)]
Daiki: Inoo [he's always opening topic about “that” if we're chatting]
Yuya: Arioka [because he often thinks H]
Ryuu: Nakajima [because he often touches anyone’s bottom!]
Keito: Morimoto [because he's still a kid, he wants to know…]
Chinen: Morimoto [because he is the youngest, in fact…he doesnt know yet…]
Yuto: Inoo [between all the members, he is!]
Yamada: Morimoto [because he likes to speak about that]

Oct. 3rd, 2008 01:09 pm (UTC)
6. Who’s the most mysterious?
Hikaru: Inoo [I usually don't understand what he's talking about]
Yabu: Morimoto [he often contacts his mother. So mysterious (laugh)]
Inoo: Okamoto [when I talks to him, I can’t guess what he's thinking of.]
Daiki: Okamoto [he knows many mysterious places]
Yuya: Okamoto [when I first look at him, there's a mysterious feel in him…]
Ryuu: Inoo [he has mysterious behavior, but he seems interesting!]
Keito: Morimoto [generally, everything that he thinks, I can’t guess]
Chinen: Nakajima [Sometimes, his behavior is unpredictable]
Yuto: Yamada [hmmmm, everything that he thinks, I don’t understand yo]
Yamada: Okamoto [everything that he thinks, I can’t read]

7. Who’s the member that you want to be your son?
Hikaru: Chinen [he's so kawaiii. Do we have a resemblance?]
Yabu: Nakajima [because he so popular in school, he will make me proud na~]
Inoo: Okamoto [because he can speaks English, I’m proud yo!]
Daiki: Chinen [because we are so close]
Yuya: Chinen [very kawaii]
Ryuu: Morimoto [because I like obstinate children, I’m very happy yo (laugh)]
Keito: Arioka [because he can stand alone, and I would also like to hold his hands]
Chinen: Yabu [his face when sleeps is so kawaii. I want sleep together with him!]
Yuto: Chinen [he's so kawaii, and he also seems calm]
Yamada: Chinen [because he's so kawaii]

8. Who’s the member that you want to be your father?
Hikaru: Chinen [he can do bakuten and akrobat, he surely make me proud (laugh)]
Yabu: Inoo [he often says, “brush your teeth before you sleep yo~”, his words are like of an old man (laugh)]
Inoo: Chinen [he will be a good Papa that educates his child…]
Daiki: Yaotome [when we play together, it would really make me feel happy]
Yuya: Okamoto [he is discipline person, really ideal for to be parents]
Ryuu: Yabu [everything that I do not understand, he awould teach me kindly]****
****Keito: Yaotome [he agains children, he consider them like noise]
Chinen: Morimoto [if you get bad marks, he will scold you]
Yuto: Arioka [he likes to play with kids]
Yamada: Yabu [he is so reliable]

9. Who’s the member that you want to be your friend?
Hikaru: Yamada [we have the same hobby]
Yabu: Takaki [we often talk about the same things]
Inoo: Arioka [his eyes are like saying “be my friend” (laugh)]
Daiki: Yamada [besides the fact that we have the same hobby, he is very kind, too]
Yuya: Yabu [recently, he often invites me to go out together]
Ryuu: Chinen [recently, we often go to amusement park together]
Keito: Yamada [shopping together is a happy thing]
Chinen: Takaki [he is a kid-lover, playing together with him makes me happy]
Yuto: Nakajima [if you will talk to yourself, we will understand ourself ne!]
Yamada: Yaotome [because he is very interesting!]

10. Who’s the member that you want to be your girlfriend?
Hikaru: Okamoto [because he can speaks English well ne. therefore we can make date in abroad(laugh)]
Yabu: Yamada [his smile makes me healed]
Inoo: Yabu [he gives attention to his girlfriend, good boy]
Daiki: Yabu [he is so kind, I like to have a date with an adult like him]
Yuya: Yamada [because he is so cool, I can show him off to my friends]
Ryuu: Yamada [as far I know him , he is so kind]
Keito: Chinen [when I’m with him, I always feel protected]
Chinen: Yaotome [when he does a mistake in a quiz, his smile when he's shy is soooo kawaii]
Yuto: Okamoto [when we watch sumo tournament together, he is very kind.]
Yamada: Arioka [sometimes he give me juice and candy, really kind]
*Saburou is Ryuu's hamster name
*H means Hentai (porn)
*i don't know zuubon..anyone can help me?
*hyakushiki : tv live show
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Posted 11/3/08 , edited 11/3/08
I saw this so long ago XD
aaaaandddd, I love the Who’s the most indecent question the most XD
daiki's a hentai! <3
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Posted 11/3/08 , edited 11/3/08
hhahha... they are very funny
Posted 11/3/08 , edited 11/3/08
WAAAAAIIIIII.....naughty!! lol
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24 / F / My new account :3
Posted 11/3/08 , edited 11/3/08
Haha. I made a diagram of the last question~ there's two love triangles! xDD 'Cause Hikaru <3 Keito <3 Chii <3 Hikaru and Yamada <3 Daiki <3 Yabu <3 Yamada ^O^ XD So funny, I love the who's least like their appearance one tooooo ^3^
Posted 11/3/08 , edited 11/3/08
btw, no one wants to be takaki as his girlfriend lol i though someone would want at last HIM..........well, as a
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Posted 11/3/08 , edited 11/3/08
Or Yuto. I thought someone would choose him. Ryutaro and Kei.... I'd like someone to choose them.... aww.... T^T
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Posted 11/3/08 , edited 11/4/08
that is so ROFL

yama-chan is pretty popular amng the guys XDD

@animcatlove...-I suppose most people would want takaki as a boyfriend XD the manliness *shot* just bubbles out o him

I see OTP's here! D:
TakaYama, InnoBu(? whats this?). ArioTome/DaiKaru
*rambles more pairings that make no sense*
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F / Wishing to be in...
Posted 11/3/08 , edited 11/4/08
hahaha how cuteee :]]
Yama-chan is very popular ne~?
lol Dai-chan is a hentai XD!
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23 / F / Indonesia
Posted 11/4/08 , edited 11/4/08

mori .. always crying when he played with yamada ??
so yamada always disturbing mori when played with he..

yama.. mori .. hahahaa...
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24 / F / wanna guess? ^_^
Posted 11/7/08 , edited 11/7/08
indecent, huh? that made me laugh!
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23 / F / somewhere out there
Posted 11/7/08 , edited 11/8/08
i love to ba yamadas GF hahah
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118 / F / :]
Posted 11/7/08 , edited 11/8/08
I enjoyed reading it!!
now I know..
daiki's H!! xDD
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25 / F / aT tHe EnD oF tHe...
Posted 11/8/08 , edited 11/9/08
ahahahaha!!! daiki's an H!!! lol ^^)
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33 / M / Few kilometres fr...
Posted 11/8/08 , edited 11/9/08
zuu bon. i dont recall that there's in the show. it's probably zoom-on, the guessing games?
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