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Crunchyroll's Best of the Best

Posted 11/8/08 , edited 11/9/08

DRO1 wrote:

>Best Buddy
>Best Cam Whore ( male/female) The people in this group maybe.
>Best Drama Queen/King
shandydandy4real... sorry Shandy. lol
>Best Group This one and all 5 of its members.
>Best Mini Moderator
>Best Moderator
I really don't care for them but Edsamac didn't ban me when I used to argue and flame that kyofag. Or... Animoo_X she's cute. LaWLz
>Best Profile
Haven't really been on too many profiles...
>Best Role Model
Michael Jordan... Be like Mike.
>Best Spammer
Raikuga But he gets a laugh here and there.
>Best Thread
>Fastest Typist
I can't tell from where am... or can I?
>Funniest Person
Manzi, h4x0rz, Cuddlebuns, Eudd (I guess he nuked though)
>Most Active Person
KinkyHamster, vittoriano
>Most Forum Post
Probably that Sypris guy
>Most Guest Book Post
>Most Influential Person
n_n303... or uh Kippu I guess?
>Most Posted Thread
>Most Respected
O_oStefferzO-o, xO_Skittles_Ox
>Most Thread Starter
>Most Uploaded Videos
>Most Uploaded Photos
Those people who post thousands or random anime pics.

Damn you DRO!! Lol..

Posted 11/9/08 , edited 11/9/08

Nyarth wrote:
lol Self-proclaimed but I didn't know why I chosed you... Must have been high then...
lolz no one has chosen me yet in any catagories

ah, well, weed is baaaaaad ^.~

Posted 11/9/08 , edited 11/9/08
Best Buddy ↘ ♥ Keroro
Best Cam Whore ( male/female) ↘ ♥ Not sure. :/ maybe agehaxbaka
Best Drama Queen/King ↘ ♥ erm donno * TT___TT
Best Group ↘ ♥ Mines of course "Japanese Hairstyle"
Best Mini Moderator ↘ ♥ I duno XD
Best Moderator↘ ♥ thefinalword
Best Profile↘ ♥ princekakashi03 because im in it *
Best Role Model ↘ ♥ i uno XD
Best Spammer ↘ ♥ people who got banned.
Best Thread ↘ ♥ this one? XD
Fastest Typist ↘ ♥ Not sure. :/
Funniest Person ↘ ♥ achu3
Most Active Person ↘ ♥ zomgbiscuits
Most Addictive Thread ↘ ♥ MM don't know
Most Original Thread/Topic: ↘ ♥ wearing glasses? XD LOL
Most Forum Post ↘ ♥ Post a picture of yourself
Most Guest Book Post ↘ ♥ Shinji
Most Influential Person↘ ♥ Eh, don't know? XD
Most Posted Thread↘ ♥ me =v=;; maybe. lol
Most Respected ↘ ♥ mikomiko123
Most Thread Starter ↘ ♥ YourTypicalFriend
Most Uploaded Videos ↘ ♥ lailo86
Most Uploaded Photos ↘ ♥ I used to add a lot LOL delete some.. but um.. yuki-chu♥♥♥♥
Most Video Comment↘ ♥ Animes videos
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Posted 8/16/09 , edited 8/16/09
This thread needs more looovin'. Only doing the ones I... well, can, lol.

>Best Buddy - We're all awful buddies and we know it.
>Best Moderator - Kippu
>Best Role Model - Kippu
>Best Spammer - bio-rhythm because David Rice.
>Best Thread -
>Funniest Person - TannerB
>Most Active Person - Baka-God?
>Most Original Thread/Topic - Every penis thread we've ever had.
>Most Forum Post - shinji?
>Most Influential Person - KinkyHamster
>Most Respected - choclate28, chrome_mist, holy_may
>Most Thread Starter - That one girl who kept posting all those "Who's your favorite memeber?" threads and no one knew what she was talking about. But -Turbo- starts all the best ones.
Posted 8/16/09 , edited 8/16/09
Oh gawd. This is really hard. D:

>Best Buddy- I have many favorites, I'm not going to say just one person.
>Best Cam Whore ( male/female) - chocuqueen, she's the first person that I thought of. :]
>Best Drama Queen/King - I don't know.
>Best Group - One of my favorite was LOL. But I love my group, WorldDomination!
>Best Mini Moderator - I don't know anymore...
>Best Moderator - Kippu
>Best Profile - There are many worthy profiles out there.
>Best Role Model - I don't have one on CR.
>Best Spammer - I don't know, anyone that got banned for spamming.
>Best Thread - Any thread that I find funny.
>Fastest Typist - slowdanse, because of this thread.
>Funniest Person - KinkyHamster and Eudd, but they're both gone. I'll go with my buddy zannza1, she's so hyper!
>Most Active Person - shinji
>Most Addictive Thread - I don't find any threads addicting.
>Most Original Thread/Topic - Dear (Insert Name)
>Most Forum Post - There are many users that are active in the forums with a lot of posts, I don't know who to list.
>Most Guest Book Post - Any extremely active chatter, I don't know.
>Most Influential Person - I don't know, I guess some of the mods.
>Most Posted Thread - Post Pictures of Yourself.
>Most Respected - There are many users, that I don't feel like listing.
>Most Thread Starter - chinky_sonny and Your_Typical_Friend
>Most Uploaded Videos - User uploaded? I don't know anymore. Publisher? tvtm.
>Most Uploaded Photos - I don't know.
>Most Video Comment - Don't know.
Posted 1/29/11 , edited 1/30/11
Time for some newer members to post in this thread/be mentioned, and to revive it!

>Best Buddy
...If I reeaally had to pick, it would be CK (Suisighd or his older account Mr_Entropy, but he nuked both)
I pick him cause he
1. Was funneh as hell
2. Replied ASAP
3. Shared some hentai wiff me
4. Always puts a smile on my face
5. Conversations never die
6. I never had to type "hey hows it going". He just knows when to talk to meh.
7. Could really be mahself.
8. He's just awesome.

But, if your on my buddeh list, it's most likely that I <3 you!

>Best Cam Whore ( male/female)
iBoxman. She has no pics on CR, but see her facebook...oh my.

>Best Drama Queen/King
Too many. Just too much.

>Best Group
I'll say my favourite: Crunchy Roll Chorus

>Best Mini Moderator
Shohee! She's "sho" cuteeh.

>Best Moderator

I like LosingOrbit and Kippu

>Best Profile


>Best Role Model
Kippu or GheyDeer. Yes GheyDeer. He is everything I would be if I was a troll.

>Best Spammer

The people on the "Quilting" thread. They are bored out of their life.

>Best Thread

>Fastest Typist

I don't know...

>Funniest Person

CK (Suisighd/Mr_Entropy), GheyDeer, or DRO1

>Most Active Person
There's lots.

>Most Addictive Thread
Much of the "Forum Games" section.

>Most Original Thread/Topic
I need to look into that...

>Most Forum Post

>Most Guest Book Post

>Most Influential Person
BK probably...

>Most Posted Thread
AMP...I think

>Most Respected
Lots =)

>Most Thread Starter

>Most Uploaded Videos
Can people even upload anymore

>Most Uploaded Photos


>Most Video Commen

There should be a "Most Missed Person" or something.
For me, that would go to Suisighd/Mr_Entropy, GheyDeer, or ProudAsianKid...
Posted 4/15/11 , edited 4/15/11
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