Vocaloid Story 4!
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“WHAT!!!!?” there eyes widened Len looked down “YOU’RE TRANSFERRING!?” Len nodded “I’m sorry”. “NO WORRIES!” Meiko put her arm around Len's neck, and gave him a noogie. “It’s not like we won’t see each other! We can still visit and have parties!” Meiko smiled. Len looked at Meiko and his eyes became watery. “WHOA! What’s wrong? There’s no need to cry!” Meiko said trying to calm him down. “YEAH! Don’t be sad!” Miku yelled smiling coming near Len. “I-It’s not that! I..I’ll miss everyone so much” Len put his hands to his eyes tears pouring. Everyone else began to have some tears in there eyes as well “LEN WE’LL MISS YOU TO!” everyone hugged Len while crying, saying they would all miss him and that it’s ok since they can still see each other after school.
(Next Day!, at the Kagamines house)
"Bye!" Len waved goodbye while putting on his shoes, and headed out the door. Rin Kagamine and the Tomone twins were still waving and smiling when he left. "So," Rin said turning to face the Tomone Twins "Who's going to go with him?". "I will," Rin Tomone put her shoes on. "Tell me about it when you come back." Rin and Len waved goodbye to Rin Tomone. Rin and Len stopped waving ".....You know..who ever messes with Len," Len Tomone Continued her sentence "Is going to get their ass kicked and sent to hell by her." Rin nodded. Rin Kagamine and Len Tomone got there shoes on as well and left.
Len looked around and smiled cutely. "H-hello everyone! Nice to meet you! My name is Len Kagamine. Please take good care of me" Len bows. People start to whisper, out of all of them, Len managed to hear one of them. He went pale as soon as he heard it. "Hey isn't he cute? I bet he's easy to get Laid on" is what he heard. The teacher directed him to go sit by "Zero Namizawa". It just so happened that Len heard that whisper from him. Len walked over to his seat and tried not to make eye contact with Zero. "Zero, Make sure you show Len around alright?" the teacher asked. Zero didn't reply. Len started shaking "I-I'M DOOMED!" Len screamed in his head. A little Chibi Len inside his head fell to his knees and cried.
“DING DONG!” the bell rang and Len forgot about Zero and was humming a happy song and packing his stuff to go to lunch. As Len left the classroom and no one was watching someone grabbed Lens arm and Len panicked “NO, NO! DON’T TOUCH ME PERVERT!” Len wacked his arm around like a wild animal and turned to see someone he didn’t know. “I’m a…Pervert?” the man had messy black hair like he just got out of bed with some blue pants and a white shirt and black circle stuff under his eyes. He had one of his fingers up against his lip. “I-I’M SO SORRY!” Len bowed a million times to apologize. “It’s ok I couldn’t help but noticed you had a sign on your back” the guy points to the sign on Lens back. Len removes the sign and looks at it speechless.”Anyway I better be going” the guy starts walking away slouching with his hands in his pockets (Sorry! Forgot to mention he wears SLIPPERS!). “W-wait!” Len turned around and the guy looked back “U-um what is your name? And could I eat lunch with you?” Len asked. “I am L but just call me Ryuzaki and sure I don’t mind” L started walking away again and Len tried to catch up with him.
“Where….am i?” Rin is standing in the schools baseball field “BING!” A ball is hit and hit Rin in the head. Rin Tomone gets dizzy then shakes her head and gets pissed “WHO DID THAT” Rin picks up the ball with flames around her almost breaking the ball. The Baseball team draws back in dear.
The janitor of the school opens one of his brake rooms (Which no one enters) the janitors eyes spread WIDE. The 2 boys looked at the janitor the boy all the way naked blushing and a guy half naked just staring. “Um..sorry to disturb” the janitor closed the door and left. Len blushed and suddenly L started kissing him again. For some reason Len couldn’t resist.
“NO!, NO!, NO! GET AWAY FROM ME!” Len swings his head back and forth closing his eyes and trying to get away. Len looked over to L and just saw him standing there! Doing nothing! With his eyes wide “Maybe... he’s in shock!” Len thought. These 2 guys tried to kiss us when someone broke down the wall And kicked both of them in the face making them land on the floor with broken jaws. Rin Tomone looked down on them evily “Don’t you DARE! Lay a finger on MY LEN and his new FRIEND!” Rin cracked her knuckles and beat the 2 guys up some more then they ran away with the last of there strength. “R-RIN!” Lens eyes got big and cute. Len ran to Rin hugging her. She hugged him like a mother who just lost her child! (XD). L walked over to where Rin and Len were and whispered in Lens ear “Remind me to never get on her bad side” Len smiled at L and nodded.
(5 minutes later!)
“Everyone this is Rin Tomone, and, from now on she will be staying with us” Rin smiles sweetly and cutely “Please take good care of me! But!” Rin suddenly goes evil “Lay a Finger on Len Kagamine and your dead” everyone drew back in fear except Zero who was listening to his favorite music with headphones on. Rin smiled again and flowers went around her everyone was freaked out (Cept Zero,L, Len…….WAIT! L IS IN HIS CLASS TO!) *makes close up on L* (WTF! HE’S EATING ICE-CREAM IN CLASS! XD*jaw drops*LUCKYYY! TT^TT)

Next time on Vocaloid Story!
Rin TOMONE FALLS IN LOVE! but with who? find out next time on
Vocaloid Story 5-Rin Tomone falls in love
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LOL Everyone's scared of Rin! I love it! I can't wait till the next chapter!!!
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????? ?????
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lmao!!chibi len sounds adorable!!X3
feel the wrath of evil rin~ >XD mwahahaha!
i want to eat ice-cream in class OqO
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