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Posted 11/3/08 , edited 11/4/08
Okay, so everyone here(I think) knows about Code Geass being released in the US... So what do you think about the English dub? Honestly, I think it's irritating... Like most other animes in English.. But this one it just horrible. I watched the first few episodes when they came out on tv, because it was on and I didn't have to use any effort to watch (lol), but I got headaches... I was actually suprised because they got a lot of good voice actors, but it just... failed.

And when I watched the last episode on Adult Swim just a while ago, it was soo funny because Orenji said,"Coward! Behind from back!" Does that make sense? I just... had to laugh... And play it over to make sure that was what I heard.

So anyway, what are your thoughts? And btw, R2 is out in English now..

And sorry if there's a post of this already. I checked and couldn't find any.. Unless I didn't look hard enough :x
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